How to get strong as hell in only 3 hours a week [guest article]

You WANT to get stronger …

But you’re afraid that you don’t have the time.

And it’s true … many strength training routines can be time consuming.  But they don’t have to be.

Today, I’ve got a guest article from Mike Samuels – co-creator of the DUP Method – that’ll show you exactly how to design your training plan to get strong as hell, in only 3 hours a week!

Enjoy -

- Forest


How to Get Strong as Hell in Only 3 Hours A Week
By Mike Samuels – Co-Creator of The DUP Method

Mastering the Basics

A finely-tuned strength routine needs only a few exercises.

We’ve got the “Big 3” –

– Squats
– Bench Presses
– Deadlifts

These alone are awesome, but not quite enough to get optimal results, so we also need:
– Squat accessories
– Bench press accessories
– Deadlift accessories

Go with these six and you’re nearly there. There’s just one final component that you need:

– Prehab work

Between these 7 categories, you have EVERYTHING you need for the perfect strength routine. Let’s take it a bit further –

Breaking Down the Categories

The Big 3

The big 3 are fairly straightforward.

Squats, bench presses and deadlifts – there’s not much more to it.

You can squat high bar or low bar, deadlift with a conventional or sumo stance and bench with whatever grip you find most comfortable. However you do them, the big 3
are the big 3.


Accessories aid with your strength on the big 3. Your best options are:

– Squat
– Paused Squats (with a 2 second count in the hole)
– Front squats
– Box squats
– Safety bar squats
– Bench Press
– Paused bench press
– Close-grip bench press
– Board press
– Incline bench press
– Deadlift
– Deficit deadlift
– Paused deadlift
– Snatch-grip deadlift
– Block pull

(Other exercises can be used, of course. Above are the ones I’ve found to be most beneficial because they have the most carryover to strength gains.)


Prehab work covers a number of different exercises which aid injury prevention, and target areas that the big 3 and the accessories miss.

– Direct hamstring/ lower-back work – back extensions, glute ham raises, barbell hip thrusts, heavy kettlebell swings.
– Upper-back work – any row variation (dumbbell, barbell, machine, chest-supported) any vertical pull (chin-ups, pull-ups or pull-downs.)
– Core work – rollouts, planks, leg raises.

The Format for How to Get Strong

That’s enough exercise chat. Here’s how your 3-hour week will run down:

– You’ll do 3 one-hour sessions each week.
– Every session will have one main lift, two accessories, and two prehab exercises.
– You’ll hit each main lift once a week.
– The big 3 lift will always come first and be the focus of your session.
– Your two accessories will be for the other 2 of the big 3.
– The two accessory and two prehab exercises can be any that you choose, but aim to vary them as much as possible.
– You’ll work in 4-week periodised cycles, with volume increasing each week.

Sample Session

Here’s a sample week of workouts to give an idea of how a session might look.

For instance, you may decide that your first workout of the week will be –

– Big 3 – Squat
– Accessory #1 (Deadlift) – Deficit Deadlift
– Accessory #2 (Bench Press) – Paused Bench Press
– Prehab #1 (Upper back) – Wide Grip Pull-ups
– Prehab #2 (Core) – Weighted vest ab wheel rollouts

After a day or two for rest, your second session would be –

– Big 3 – Bench Press
– Accessory #1 (Squat) – Front Squat
– Accessory #2 (Deadlift) – Paused Deadlift
– Prehab #1 (Upper back) – Chest supported dumbbell rows
– Prehab #2 (Glutes/hams) – Heavy kettlebell swings

Your final session of the week would then be –

– Big 3 – Deadlift
– Accessory #1 (Bench Press) – Incline Bench Press
– Accessory #2 (Squat) – Safety Bar Squat
– Prehab #1 (Glutes/Hams) – Glute-ham raise
– Prehab #2 (Core) – Hanging leg raises

Programming the Big 3

The foundation of this program, and the key to success, is properly programming your big 3.

Each week, the goal with the big 3 exercises is to increase the intensity from the week before. Week 1 should be relatively straightforward, week 2 is a little more
challenging, week 3 gets serious, and week 4 is where things are tough.

Take a look at the loading guidelines for each lift –

Week 1 – 5 sets of 4 at 80% 1RM
Week 2 – 5 sets of 6 at 80% 1RM
Week 3 – 5 sets of 3 at 85% 1RM
Week 4 – 3 sets of 3 at 90% 1RM

If you picked your loads correctly, you should hit every single rep of every set in every week.

Programming the Accessory and Prehab Work

For the accessory and prehab work, you’ll use the RPE scale, as outlined earlier.

Be smart about this – the accessory and prehab exercises should be tough, but not brutal. They are there to assist you, build strength, hit weak parts and increase
your main lifts. If you’re going all out on them, it will negatively impact recovery, you’ll miss lifts, and strength will start going backwards.

I encourage choosing different exercises throughout a cycle, and aiming to beat your previous reps or weight on an exercise each time you perform it.

This is similar to the method used for main lifts at Westside Barbell, wherein you don’t train a lift too frequently, but each time you do perform it, you beat your
previous performance.

For example, we’ll look at your accessory work for the bench press. Here are two 4-week cycles, utilizing 4 exercises, and sticking to an RPE of around 9 –

Week 1

Paused Bench Press – 185lbs – 4 sets of 6
Incline Bench Press – 195lbs – 4 sets of 6

Week 2

Flat Dumbbell Press – 70lbs – 4 sets of 8
Board Press – 225lbs – 4 sets of 8

Week 3

Paused Bench Press – 185lbs – 2 sets of 8, 2 sets of 7
Incline Bench Press – 195lbs – 2 sets of 8, 2 sets of 7

Week 4

Flat Dumbbell Press – 75lbs – 4 sets of 6
Board Press – 235lbs – 4 sets of 6

Week 5

Paused Bench Press – 185lbs – 4 sets of 8
Incline Bench Press – 195lbs – 4 sets of 8

Week 6

Flat Dumbbell Press – 75lbs – 4 sets of 8
Board Press – 235lbs – 4 sets of 8

Week 7

Paused Bench Press – 195lbs – 4 sets of 6
Incline Bench Press – 205lbs – 4 sets of 6

Week 8

Flat Dumbbell Press – 80lbs – 4 sets of 6
Board Press – 245lbs – 4 sets of 6
This gives an idea of how you can increase a lift fairly substantially in just a few weeks, while remaining in your given set and rep range and incorporating the RPE

The same method can be used for the prehab exercises, though these require an RPE of 8.

Should you stall or plateau on an exercise two times in a row, switch it out for something different. On the above example, this could mean changing to incline
dumbbell presses, pin presses, chain bench presses and decline bench presses.

Cycle to Cycle Adjustments

Progressing on the accessory and prehab work from one 4-week cycle to the next is incredibly easy using the above guidelines, but the big 3 exercises take a little
more planning.

The idea is to increase your 1 rep max weight each 4-week cycle, then use the same percentages (80, 80, 85 and 90) so that you’re lifting a little heavier than the
previous cycle each time.

How much you increase your max depends on how you found the previous cycle –

- Hit every rep and found the program “easy” – add 15lbs to your squat and deadlift max and 10lbs to your bench press

- Got all the reps and found it do-able – add 10lbs to your squat and deadlift max and 5lbs to your bench press.

- Really struggled and only just about got every rep, or missed the odd one here and there – keep your maxes the same.

- Missed more than 1 rep, or had some poor sessions – reduce your maxes by 10-15lbs for the squat and deadlift and 5-10lbs on the bench.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Not much really.

If you stick to the given rep ranges, sets, RPE guidelines and choose your exercises wisely, you’ll make better gains in strength than ever before, all in just 3 hours
per week.

I’d advise deloading after two 4-week cycles, though you can deload more or less frequently should you feel the need. On a deload week, the easiest template is to
simply pick exercises as you usually would, but perform just three sets of eight to 10 reps on everything at an RPE of 6 or 7.

Eat big, train wisely and get strong as hell in only 3 hours per week!


Got all that?

Now in case you’re busy like me and not interested in designing your own strength training program, I have good news.

You can automate long-lasting muscle and strength by grabbing a copy of the newly released DUP Method to get you stronger in less time:

==> Get your copy of the DUP method (on sale this week)

Thanks again, hope you enjoyed today’s article, and talk soon!

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Level 2 Russian Kettlebell Instructor
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor

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17 Minute 5×5 BB/KB Workout

double kettlebell complex

Yesterday was a particularly busy day.

Had all kinds of stuff going on, fires to put out, etc.

Could have very easily said to myself “I’m too busy to train today – I’ll just skip it, and get it done tomorrow.”

But this is a slippery slope. Skipping one workout makes it a lot easier to skip another one, and before you know it, you’re off your program, and your progress is derailed.

And part of the Invincible Body philosophy is to get it done, no matter what – no excuses!

So I sucked it up and cranked out the workout below – it took me exactly 17 minutes, start to finish … I stayed on track with what I’m working on at the moment (scheduled strength day) … and worked pretty much every major muscle group in the process:


17 Minute 5×5 BB/KB Workout
in the style of the Invincible Body workout

(warm up)

easy jog – 20 sec
squat hold – 20 sec
high plank hold – 20 sec
arm cross – 20 sec
leg swing – 20 sec

repeat 2x


barbell deadlift – 5×5; 1×10

– paired with –

double KB press – 5×5; 1×10

(to finish)

DB curls – 2×20


So there you have a simple strength workout that will work every muscle group in your body, and will take you 17 minutes (or less) to complete, start to finish.

If you want to learn more about my new Invincible Body program, click HERE.

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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3 Simple Foam Roll Exercises

I personally foam roll every day, and it’s a very important part of my training program.

Since starting to do it regularly several years ago, I have noticed:

– improved flexibility
– reduced inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress
– improved circulation

And much more.

It’s one of the easiest things you can incorporate into your daily routine to start moving better, feeling better, and performing better … so if you’re not doing it already, start ASAP – you’ll be AMAZED at the difference it makes!

Here are three simple foam roll exercises you can start with. Perform each of these foam roll exercises every day – first thing in the morning, before your workout, after your workout, or any time you feel like it really:

** These foam rolling exercises are from my Invincible Body program, on sale this week. Click the link below:

=> How to Get an Invincible Body

To learn more about it, and how you can gain strength, lose fat, perform better and feel great at ANY age **

Roll each muscle group for a good 30-60 seconds; when you find a tender spot, hold for a few seconds on that spot until you feel the discomfort go down a bit:

– quads / IT bands
– piriformis
– upper back

Foam rolling is one of the easiest things you can incorporate into your daily routine to start moving better, feeling better, and performing better … so if you’re not doing it already, start ASAP – you’ll be AMAZED at the difference it makes!

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

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How to Burn the MOST Fat During Your Workouts – 3 Unusual Tips

kb snatch no shirt

You want to get strong, get lean, and feel great – in as little training time possible.

In short – train, look, and feel like an athlete – in 20-30 mins per day, 3-4 training sessions per week.

Sound about right?

Well, recently I was able to chat with fitness instructor creator of “Metabolic Explosion” Coach Dan Faggella, and I wanted to share 3 of Dan’s biggest take-aways on enhancing Metabolism with every workout.

These tips will help you burn the MOST amount of fat, get strong, and feel great … in the LEAST amount of time!

How to Burn the MOST Fat During Your Workouts – 3 Unusual Tips

1 – “Rotate Your Recovery” and Burn Calories Faster

This is a simple principle that Dan uses often in the full Metabolic Explosion course (click the link below if you haven’t seen his short, unique, low-impact fat-burners).

=> 9-Minute Metabolic Fat-Burning Workouts for “Non-Athletic” People

To “rotate your recovery,” you simply rest one muscle group while working out another – which allows you to exercise continuously after you begin to fatigue during your session. Here’s some simple “rotated recovery” sequences you can use today:

After a fast set of 30 jumping jacks (cardiovascular / aerobic energy system, legs bare most of the strain), switch into a set of 10 explosive pushups (anaerobic energy system, chest and shoulders bare most of the strain). Repeat for 4 minutes at the end of your workout.

After 30 seconds of wall sit exercise (isometric, mostly glutes and quadriceps), switch into 30 seconds of controlled leg lifts (also somewhat isometric, mostly impacts the lower abs).

In both the examples above, you give your recently used muscles a rest while actively engaging other muscle groups in the process.

2 – “Occupy Your Lazy Limbs” in Any Workout Movement

Some exercise movements require all of your body at once, but other exercises leave some of your limbs doing nothing – and contributing nothing to your calorie burn.

Adding additional movement and resistance can boost your workout effectiveness immediately, here’s a few easy examples:

If you’re doing squats or lunges in place, you can use a set of light dumbbells to do bicep curls or shoulder raises at the same time, engaging your upper body in the
exercise, too.

If you’re doing a static abdominal plank workout, you can add additional muscle involvement by reaching forward with alternating arms to force your shoulders and abs to stabilize even more than when you’re on both elbows.

3 – “Don’t Stop When You Rest” and Chip in Extra Fat-Burning Bonus Points on Your Workout

Between exercises or between sets, there is a hidden opportunity to burn additional fat. Instead of standing around waiting for your next workout, or waiting for someone else to finish using a particular piece of workout equipment – fill your “rest” time by jogging in place, doing an isometric wall-sit, or even holding a plank position until it’s time for your next set of another exercise.

By “chipping in” additional workouts like this, you can burn calories and keep your metabolism buzzing from the start to the finish of your exercise session – without adding “extra” workout time.

If you’re interested in simple and easy-to-use workout sequences designed to burn more calories per workout session – I recommend you get in on Dan’s Metabolic

Explosion course for yourself while he’s offering a massive discount for my readers:

=> 9-Minute Metabolic Fat-Burning Workouts for “Non-Athletic” People

Train hard, train smart, and burn MORE fat in LESS time!

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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9 Minute Home Ab Workout – NO Equipment Needed!

Got a new 9 minute home ab workout for you to try.

The best part about this one, is that involves ZERO crunches / sit ups – so it’s easy on your back, and it’s also the BEST way to train your abs for a lean, strong midsection!

These are just like the ab workouts we do every day at our boot camps at FVT in Sacramento, CA.

9 Minute Home Ab Workout
from the Metabolic Explosion program

Here’s how it goes:

– set your timer for 9 rounds of 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off
– we’ll rotate through 3 exercises, circuit-style, and will end up doing three sets of each move

The exercises are:

– knee-to-elbow mountain climber
– opposite arm / opposite leg raise
– high plank / low plank / plank-to-push up

Hope you enjoyed that 9 minute home ab workout! Try it today, and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading / watching, and see you next time -

- Forest Vance

PS - This workout is from the Metabolic Explosion program … click HERE to learn more about it, and how you can use short, effective, low-impact training methods like this to burn fat, gain lean muscle and get into GREAT shape … with ZERO equipment, and absolutely anywhere!

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Diet Free Weekends – Overview + Sample Week

You’ve probably been hearing all about the “Diet Free Weekends” program this week, newly created by my friend Mike Whitfield.

I thought I’d give you my take on the program, plus give a very basic overview of how it works.

The overall concept behind the program is that you eat great during the week, and then plan ahead for and have your cheat meals – on purpose – over the weekend.

If you are the type of person that tends to eat well during the week, but likes to enjoy yourself during the weekends, this plan could be JUST the thing you need to kick your fat loss into high gear, and still have all of your favoite foods!

So, for example, here’s what a week might look like:


– Monday – Thursday – eat clean
– Friday – fast + cheat meal
– Saturday – fast + 2 cheat meals
– Sunday – fast + cheat meal


Again – that’s a VERY basic overview of how the program works. All the details, sample meal plans, even “work-arounds” for the fasting if it just doesn’t work for you, and MUCH more you can find inside the program.

If this sounds interesting to you, click HERE to learn more about the full program.

And, if you decide to pick up a copy through MY recommendation, I am going to sweeten the deal for you. I’m going to hook you up with a FREE copy of MY latest and greatest diet program, the Performance Nutrition Diet:

The underlying principles behind the Performance Nutrition Diet are very similar, it’s just structured in a somewhat different way. And I thought it would be a cool bonus for you to get my take and philosophy on clean eating, if you end up getting Diet Free Weekends.

HOWEVER – and this is important! – IF you want to get the Performance Nutrition Diet from me, here’s what you gotta do:

1 - Order Diet Free Weekends through THIS link (or the one at the top of this message) – and make sure it’s the LAST link you click before you order!

2 - Forward your email receipt to my assistant at fvtraininfo (at) gmail (dot) com as your proof of purchase

3 - We will send over your bonus

If you are the type of person that tends to eat well during the week, but likes to enjoy yourself during the weekends, “Diet Free Weekends” could be JUST the thing you need to kick your fat loss into high gear, and still have all of your favoite foods!

Thanks for reading, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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4 Exercise Ab Workout for a Shredded Six Pack


I KNOW you love ab workouts.

Here’s one that you can use as a stand-alone session at any time – OR add right on to the end of one of your current workouts.

It’s going to be tough – but I think you’ll really enjoy it!


4 Exercise Ab Workout for a Shredded Six Pack
from the “Superhero Abs – 51 Hybrid Ab Training Workouts” program

20 Seconds WORK for each exercise / 10 Seconds REST between moves
Repeat circuit for a total of FOUR rounds

– spiderman push up (or regular / knee push ups)
– squat jump (or squat to toes / total body extension)
– outside mountain climber
– burpee + cross – body moutain climbers combo


Your abs have GOT to be burning after that one … plus it hits your cardio quite hard too!

That’s why Dennis Heenan – creator of the Superhero Abs program – calls a “Core Cardio Crusher”.

Just like we touched on yesterday, this workout is hitting your abs from DIFFERENT ANGLES – which is how you need to be training your core if you want a lean and strong midsection.

Plus, it incorporates a strong cardio element … I mean, you could almost feel the fat burning off your body as you did the workout, right? :)

For 51 more ab workouts like this one, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Dennis’ Superhero Abs system, which uses the power of Hybrid Ab Training.

Dennis uses these workouts with his training clients – and with himself – to bring the best and fastest results.

The program is currently on sale at a huge discount, as his goal is to help as many people as possible with these workouts to build a lean, strong midsection – click here to check it out now.

So – try that ab workout, as a stand-alone session, OR as an “add-on” to your current routine, and get ready for a shredded six pack just in time for summer!

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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A Personal Message from Mike Gillette

Yesterday, we talked about mental toughness … and how I believe it’s THE thing you need to succeed in LIFE … whether it’s in your workouts, or any other endeavor

I also told you about one of the toughest guys you’ll EVER meet, Mike Gillette.

Now you might have looked at Mike Gillette’s experience and thought -

“I can’t relate to this guy – he’s like a real-world Liam Neeson from the movie Taken!”

But what’s more impressive than what Mike has personally accomplished is what he has been through.  He used to be small and weak and his personal story is one of
weakness transformed into strength.

I want you to read this personal message from Mike Gillette so that you can be inspired to know that no matter what you’re going through, you can choose how you deal
with your circumstances.

**I have a FREE surprise bonus for you today … so be sure to read ALL the way to the end of this message**

Okay, take it away Mike -

Author, Psychology of Strength

Critical Bench's photo.

I live an unusual life. It’s been an amazing life. I’ve dreamt big, worked hard and done my best to make strong decisions.

Decisions that have helped me get to those dreams. But the truth is I never expected to have this life. This is my story.

I had a tough childhood. I was the result of an unintended pregnancy and my parents split-up when I was three. My mother was left with me, no money and a lot of anger.
She pursued bad relationships with bad men. Men who would abuse her.

Eventually she settled on one relationship. A relationship which would suck the life from her. And from me.

Growing up, I saw my mother get punched, kicked and choked. One night she was thrown down a flight of stairs.

Sometimes we would leave. But we always went back.

I was often left alone. Some days there was no food in the house. I remember being eight or nine years old and putting myself to bed. Or boiling beef bouillon cubes
for my dinner.

But the one thing we never seemed to lack was alcohol. It was everywhere. If you’ve ever watched that TV show Cops you’ll notice that wherever the cops go, inside
every house they respond to looks the same: chaos. That was how we lived.

As I grew older the violence got worse. One night, after having her head beaten against the living room wall, my mother went to the doctor. A brain tumor was

After a year of treatment, she died. I was fifteen.

My life became a mess. I descended into drugs and alcohol. As much and as often as I could. In February 1981, at the age of 18, I decided I’d had enough. I checked
into a motel, consumed a ridiculous amount of booze and pain killers and lay down on the bed waiting to die.

Much to my surprise, I woke up the next day, very much alive. Which led me to conclude two things.

1 – I must be hard to kill

2 – Since I was still alive, then maybe there was a reason that I had been given a second chance.

A few months later I reconnected with a girl I dated in high school a couple years earlier. Although we had nothing in common, I had always been drawn to her. She was
a good person, the kind of person I would have liked to have been.

We began doing things together. One of those things was going to church.

Later that year – the same year my life almost ended – was also the year that my life really began, as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Now, I’m not here to discuss religion; I’m just telling my story. And it would be dishonest if I were to leave out what I consider to be the most important part of
that story.

So what happened next?

I wanted to live as differently as I possibly could from who I used to be. I wanted to help people. I was too young to become a cop and college was too expensive, so I
joined the Army.

Things clicked. The harder I worked, the more I was rewarded. The Army was the first place I’d ever experienced this dynamic and it was the place where I started to
dream big. Through my service, I became eligible for an ROTC scholarship, allowing me to pursue my military career as an officer. In 1984, I started college at the
University of Arizona.

On the last day of my first semester, I went on a climbing trip with some friends. A day which started pleasantly enough.

We were to rappel from a railway bridge into a canyon and climb back out. The leader of the group had loaned me some rappelling gear that I had not used before so I
had to rely on him to set it up for me.

As soon as I stepped off the bridge I immediately knew something was wrong. The equipment had not engaged and I was rocketing towards the canyon floor. The only thing
I could do to avoid certain death was to wrap myself around my rope. I wrapped every limb around that rope … and experienced the worst pain I’d ever felt as it
burnedthrough my gloves, trousers, shirt … and skin.

It was the most intense pain I’ve ever experienced .. that is, until I slammed into the canyon floor, breaking my back and ankles.

Later that day in the emergency room my orthopedic surgeon told me the ‘good’ news: I would walk again … but I would never run or jump out of airplanes any more.

I had, in one day, lost the life I’d wanted and worked so hard for.

I spent the next four and a half years working to reclaim my physical self. With more setbacks than successes, it was a dark and painful period.

What was hard for me to keep in perspective during those years of pain and frustration was that I should not have survived that fall. I had actually been given a
second chance. For a second time.

So how does this story turn out?

Well, hard work got me back to where I wanted to be physically. And once that happened I was able to go back to dreaming big.

Over the years I’ve continued to work hard and my dreams have gotten bigger. Even today, I’m accomplishing goals that just a few years ago, would have seemed
impossible to me.

I went from a scared person to this person.

I went from a weak person to the person I am now.

I’ve been given the strength to live an amazing life, to do amazing things, things that people who knew me way back when would never believe.


So how did Mike Gillette overcome catastrophe after catastrophe and still pull himself together to become one of the world’s most deadly renowned tactical trainers?

Most people would have been crushed by those experiences, but not Mike. What was his ‘secret’ to bouncing back from adversity?


You’re not born with toughness … it has to be developed.

In life you’re either the hammer or the nail. Which one depends on how you choose to deal with your circumstances.

Click here to strengthen your mind against doubt, fear and worry so that circumstances never keep you from achieving the success you dream of.


I am SO impressed by Mike’s program, that I’m going to hook you up with a free copy of what I think is one of the toughest training programs I’ve created – “Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning”   when you order Psychology of Strength on my recommendation:

With this program, in 42 days, you’ll progressively and systematically build your strength and cardio endurance with kettlebell and body weight – based movements.

These workouts are short – under 30 minutes, some under 20 – and INTENSE.

And you will get it FREE when you order Psychology of Strength on my recommendation before this Friday at 12 midnight EST.

To get your free copy of my Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Conditioning program:

1 - Order Mike’s “Psychology of Strength” program through THIS LINK (or any other one in this message)

2 - Email your Clickbank receipt to my assistant at fvtraininfo (at) gmail (dot) com

3 - She will check your receipt and make sure that you have indeed ordered it on MY recommendation (you must click MY link LAST before you order to give FVT proper credit, and for you to qualify for the bonus!) … and will send Extreme KB Cardio Conditioning your way!

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#1 Quality of Elite – Level Athletes (NOT what you think!)

I played football at a high level for over 10 years … I was a three-time All-American at the college level, and had short stints with a couple of different teams in the NFL …

I often get questions about what I think was the #1 aspect that set apart elite-level athletes.

In my opinion, it’s not natural ability …

It’s not training and preparation …

I believe that it is the mental aspect.

A strong MIND is what allows you to perform at a peak level at all times, and deal with any situation that is thrown your way.

And I believe that this is KEY to work on, develop, and continually get better throughout your lifetime … whether you are playing sports at an elite level, or you are just trying to become the “strongest version of yourself”.

So that is the message for today … get your MIND right to succeed in athletics, your workouts and your LIFE!

Now if you are looking to get as tough as nails, but you aren’t sure where to get started, check this out:

=> “Psychology of Strength” program from World-Renowned US Tactical Trainer Mike Gillette

See, in my football days, I actually did do a good amount of training on the topic.  My coaches throughout the years focused and taught on being mentally tough in varying degrees throughout the years … I also read books on the topic, listened to audio tapes, etc …

But I would say that there was not a lot of great material I could find on the specific topic, as it related to my specific situation.

I am personally excited about Mike’s program and am currently going through it myself, and loving it.  This is a program that is filling a unique space in the market, and there is not really anything else like it out there, that I have seen.

If you want to get a stronger mind, I highly recommend you check it out, HERE.

That’s it for now … stay tuned, we’ll be digging into this topic more later this week!

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance

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[MEN] Muscle Camp TV – New FREE Video Series

I met best-selling author and muscle-building expert Vince Del Monte at a fitness business event at the beginning of last year, and we recently re-connected through a mutual friend …

He’s got what I think is a REALLY cool new project going, and I wanted to share it with you.

muscle camp

=> [MEN] Muscle Camp TV – New FREE Video Series – watch it here

Now this is a little different pace than the content I normally share, so heads up in advance … but his Muscle Camp TV Series is really, really well done, and is some very inspiring stuff.

It’s geared towards 1) men and 2) those who want to build muscle, lose fat and transform their bodies through what you might call more “traditional” bodybuilding-style training methods.

But it’s free, the production of the show is OUTSTANDING, and the content is rock solid. I gotta tell you … I got FIRED up when I watched the first epiosde!

Your chance to get the series free is for this weekend only though, so click the link below to get access while it’s up:

=> [MEN] Muscle Camp TV – New FREE Video Series – watch it here


- Forest

PS - You’ll also get three surprise bonuses when you register to watch the show … they aren’t mentioned on the next page, but because I don’t want you to miss out, I’m going to spoil the surprise:

1 – Bonus Interview with University of Tampa researcher Ryan Lowery who drops crazy muscle-building and fat-loss strategies based on the latest science.

2 – Bonus Interview with IFBB Pro’s Ben Pakulski’s physique coach, Kassem Hanson, who reveals high-level strategies to achieve extreme muscularity and leanness at the top level in bodybuilding.

3 – No Fluff 15 Page REPORT called 3 Advanced Training Techniques Revealed. This is where Vince explains the 3 mechanisms of muscle growth and how to apply them in a cyclical fashion for max gains and an eye-popping transformation.

Get free instant access through the link below:

=> FREE New TV Series + bonuses (this weekend only)

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