“Myofibril Zone” Bicep Curls (new video)

Some “gurus” will tell you to NOT train arms directly, that they get plenty of work from things like pressing, pull ups, etc.

This is fine in theory. But in the real world, for most folks, if getting bigger and/or more defined arms is a goal, you need some direct work.

I’ve tried laying off the direct arm work myself, and frankly did not like the results. I want to be in great shape and feel great and feel healthy and all of that, of course.  But I also want to look like I work out.  And part of that, for me, is having arms that are relatively lean and muscular.

I think you should be doing a bit of direct arm work, too.  So I put together a video for you that shows how to do “Myofibril Zone” bicep curls.

These will HURT – just a fair warning – but they are awesome for creating some serious muscle damage and sparking new growth.

Check out the video here:


If you like the video, make sure to take a peek at the full 14-Day Muscle Mass program. The technique I use in the video above is actually directly from one of the workouts.

The full program is based around a little-known method for gaining LOADS of mass in a 14 day period. I did this program myself actually about 15 years ago and it rocked – I think I gained 6 pounds in 14 days. It was crazy.

It includes the workout, meal plan, supplement guide and everything else you need to get “huge in a hurry” ;)

Check out 14-Day Muscle Mass here (1/2 off discount expires tonight)

That’s it for now. Train hard, and talk soon -

Forest Vance

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Onion Rings for Fat Loss

Wrapping things up here at the training studio, and getting ready to relax for the rest of the weekend.  Looking forward to it, things have been hectic for the last few weeks!

I’m planning on catching some football tomorrow with friends – and no doubt, there will be lots of opportunity for indulging and going WAY off the meal plan.

I’m determined though.  I’m going to eat healthy and stay on track.  I’ve been making some awesome progress with my training and I don’t want to mess it up :)

Here’s the recipe I plan on making and bringing over (from my new friend Daniel Woodrum’s Home Cooking for Fat Loss recipe book):

Oven Baked Onion Rings

Coconut Oil Cooking Spray
1 Yellow Onion
1 cup Pecans
½ tsp Garlic, minced
½ cup Coconut Milk
½ cup Gluten Free All Purpose Flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
1 Egg, beaten slightly

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly spray a foil lined baking pan with coconut oil ooking spray. Cut onion into 1/2-inch-thick slices and separate into rings. Chop pecans in food processor until finely chopped and set aside in a shallow dish.

In a small bowl, combine milk, garlic, flour, and egg. Dip each onion ring into egg mixture, roll in chopped pecans, and arrange them on baking pan. Make sure each onion ring is completely covered with pecans.

Bake for 20-25 minutes, carefully flipping over halfway through.

Looking forward to trying this one out.  And if you decide to give it a try, let me know how you like it!

Also – if you’d like 134 more healthy recipes like the one above, check out my new friend Daniel Woodrum’s Home Cooking for Fat Loss recipe book:

=> Get 134 more fat loss comfort food recipes here

I met Daniel a couple of weeks ago at a business event in Miami, and got to chatting with him about his approach to cooking for fat loss … he shared his meal planning strategies and recipes with me, and I am personally implementing and LOVING them.  So I wanted to point you in the direction of his stuff.

=> Get 134 more fat loss comfort food recipes here

He also just added 15 new Super Bowl recipes like the one above to the collection – very cool.  If you’re looking for new healthy recipe ideas, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

That’s it for now.  Enjoy your weekend, have fun, and eat smart -

Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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How I Lost 64 Pounds in 7 Months

Today I want to talk to you about the diet approach I took to lose 64 pounds in 7 months – and KEEP the weight off for now almost 10 years.

My belief is that eating for fat loss is one of those things that gets VERY over-complicated.

And with so many different view points and so much conflicting info out there, it truly is difficult to sort out the good information from the bad.

At the end of the day, the truth is, MANY different approaches can work.

However, there are some core principles that any successful fat loss eating plan is going to follow. And that’s what I want to share with you today.

How I Lost 64 Pounds in 7 Months

In the video, I cover:

- how to figure out how many calories YOU need per day for weight loss
- how many meals/snacks you should be eating per day
- what type of foods you should focus on for best results
- a simple rule to follow to figure out if a food is heathy or not
- a super easy way to build your meals in a balanced way
- and much more!

Watch the video, and let me know what you think!

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

Forest Vance
MS, Human Movement
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

PS - When you grab a copy of my Kettlebells Fat Loss package (on sale this week), you’ll get both my Easiest, Fastest Fat Loss Diet plan and a copy of the FVT Community Cookbook. More details here:

=> Kettlebells for Fat Loss special

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Lean Body Revolution Sample Workout

2014 is just hours away – or maybe it’s already here, depending on where you are in the world :)

I have a great 15 minute body workout for you today that you can knock out before you get on with tonight’s festivities.

This workout is from my friend Jason Klein’s Lean Body Revolution program … he’s got some interesting exercises for you to try, like:

- Lumberjacks
- Mountain Ab Climbers
- Sticky Squats

And more.

Best part, this workout is 100% equipment free … so you can do it literally anywhere. No excuses! :)

See the workout below:

Lean Body Revolution Sample Workout


Train hard, and Happy New Year!

- Forest

PS - Jason has his Lean Body Revolution program on sale until midnight tonight – if you enjoy the workout above, you can learn more about the full program here

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Better Than HIIT For Fat Loss (new method: ICRT)

I am all about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  I think it is THE way to go when structuring your “cardio” programming for fat loss.

BUT – there’s one big problem with it that I see ALL the time – and that is OVERUSE.

People see results from something that works – like HIIT … they start doing TOO much of it … and the results stop coming.

You do not want to fall into this trap.  My friend and former Navy Seal instructor Jason Klein has an article for you today that goes into further detail on and gives you some great insight into this problem – and what to do about it.

Enjoy, and keep up the workouts -

- Forest


BETTER Than HIIT For Fat Loss (new method: ICRT)

by Jason Klein, author, Lean Body Revolution

I’ll never forget the day I learned about high intensity
interval training (HIIT). It literally changed my life almost

I had been using steady state cardio five or six days of
the week for a few years straight, but was still carrying
a lot of belly fat.

Even with strict nutrition I still couldn’t get my love handles
or the fat around my waist to shrink past a certain point.

I wasn’t really “fat”…but I sure wasn’t happy with the way
I looked when I took off my shirt either.

Then I came across an article by Bill Phillips, creator of
the once famous Body-for-LIFE™ body transformation

Bill cited a few studies that showed how HIIT could increase
your body’s ability to access fat as fuel over 300% faster than
normal exercise or cardio.

Then he proceeded to elaborate on how you could get
more fat loss results from one 20 minutes session than
you could in a FULL hour of traditional, boring cardio.

NOW he had my attention.

In fact, the very next morning I dove into this original HIIT
workout you see below and sweated more bullets during
that 20 minute session than a full hour of slow-go cardio.

After consistently using this method just a few times a week
in conjunction with resistance training and proper nutrition,
three things happened:

1: I went from almost 20% body fat all the way down to 5% in only 12 weeks and had “abs” for the first time in my life.

2: After exercising consistently for 8 years straight, I cut my exercise time in HALF – from 10 to 12 hours a week all the way down to just 4 or 5 hours a week.

3: I gained unstoppable confidence to tackle other obstacles in my life.

As you can clearly see, there are immediate benefits to
using this type of approach.

Believe it or not, this was well over 15 years ago before
the mainstream had ANY clue about intervals or high
intensity cardio for fat-loss.

And since that time science has come leaps and bounds
to greatly “enhance” this type of approach (as you’re about
ready to discover below).

But then it happened again just like it happens to EVERY
legit fat-loss technique.


People started using this type of training five…six…seven
times a week. Sometimes more.

BIG mistake.

In fact, too much HIIT will actually force your body to release
cortisol, a hormone that actually promotes fat-storage and
muscle loss at the same time.

Ya — the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

So over time your body just adapts to the stimuli and you could
start burning up precious calorie burning muscle.

That’s why it’s vitally important for your metabolic health and
long term results to avoid overdoing it with intervals or you’ll
just BLOCK fat-burning altogether.

Today I have a Brand New 15 minute workout solution that will

automatically “shift” your hormones into fat-burning mode WITHOUT
the negative side-effects of adaptation OR cortisol release…

…And it has nothing to do with just shortening your workouts.

It’s a science based breakthrough called Interval Cardio
Resistance Training or ICRT™.

This extreme fat-burning method strategically “spares” hormones,
like growth hormone, by using a specific combination of strength
training and “just enough” high intensity interval training to hit the
SWEET SPOT of fat-burning.

15 minute EXTREME fat-burning breakthrough [ICRT™] <—— click here

Now you can discover exactly how, rep-by-rep, step-by-step
to work out LESS, while optimizing the RIGHT hormones to
ensure you’re burning the most fat possible from every workout.

==> New Method: ICRT™ – BETTER than HIIT (melts fat in only 15 minutes)

Enjoy the new results and keep going strong.

- Jason

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Top 10 BIGGEST Mistakes Trainers Make


I remember when I first started working as a personal trainer in a big box gym about 10 years ago.

I was SO excited to get going and start training people because I had (and still have more than ever) a passion for fitness.

Looking back now, I feel sorry for the first clients I took on :)

Not really – but I can tell you my approach to training has changed BIG time.

One big thing that was missing in the beginning was addressing muscle imbalances.

All I used to do was stretch and strengthen. I quickly realized that that I need to do more than just that.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should care about improving your knowledge towards muscle imbalances.

10. Causes of Most Aches and Pains

If your client reports aches and pain in their shoulder, elbow and neck, it’s probably is due to muscle imbalances.

Muscle imbalances push and pull the body out of alignment … which leads to less and greater stress of different parts of the body … which leads to the aches and pains.

9. Prevents Injuries

Plain and simple. If you’re client gets injured they don’t train with you and you lose the income.

A minor muscle pull could cause a client to take 2 weeks off of training. Let’s do the math:

2 weeks @ $75/hr @ 2 sessions a week = $300. One clients muscle pull will cost you a heck of a lot more than a copy of Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

You need to keep your clients injury-free and addressing muscle imbalances will do that.

8. Get Better Client Results

Address muscle imbalances will lead to your client getting better fitness and performance results.

Muscle imbalances are limiting the range of motion, stability and strength of your clients.

Addressing muscle imbalances will improve these three things and lead to better results when it comes to weight loss and strength. Better results = more money in your pocket

7. Speeding Up Recovery from Workouts

Being ready for the next workout is an important thing. Taking a few minutes to address muscle imbalances will help your client recover from your workouts faster.

This will allow them to get more training volume in and push harder in the their next session.

6. Faster injury Recovery

When clients do get injured, one result that happens is everything gets tight around the injury. This tightness needs to be addressed to have recovery occur faster and get your clients back training faster. it’s imperative to know how to address client injuries if you want to be successful.

5. Improves Movements

An example of this is the hips.

If you address muscle imbalances in the hips, better movement results which will lead to improved performance in the squat and lunge.

Better performance = more successful clients = more money for you.

4. Increases Energy

The body has to battle the issues of muscle imbalances.

In many ways it is like a minor injury to the body. If you get rid of those muscle imbalances, it will take that stress away from the body and allow it to conserve that energy and use if for fun.

3. Higher Level of Understanding

Being able to identify and address muscle imbalances is a higher level of understanding in fitness.

You don’t get it during your initial training because it is complicated and it is easier to teach the FITT principles. Learning the higher level of learning of muscle imbalances, opens up better understanding, greater satisfaction of knowing what to do and better results.

2. Differentiates you from Other Trainers

Most other trainers are doing what everyone else is doing and what they learned during their certification. Clients are looking for something different and trainers that have a higher level of knowledge to get them the results they want.

In this day and age personal trainers are a dime a dozen. You must set yourself apart if you want to be successful.

1. Most Can Talk About it but Few Can Do it Right

Since Muscle Imbalances Revealed, and its four editions, have been out for a few years and has helped 2,608 exercise enthusiasts and health & fitness professionals from around the world. More and more people are starting to talk about muscle imbalances. The thing is, you can see who is doing it right and who is not. The ones that have got Muscle Imbalances Revealed are doing it right and getting the results the want.

Right now, for Boxing Day (Canada’s version of Black Friday), all four editions of Muscle Imbalances Revealed are on sale for 60% OFF.

==> CLICK HERE to check out Muscle Imbalances Revealed

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and talk soon -


PS - When you pick up a copy of Muscle Imbalances Revealed through my link I am going to send you a copy of my top secret 21 Tips for a Rockin’ Fitness Business report FREE.

In this report you’ll get my core tips and strategies that I have personally used to grow a successful group training and boot camp business over the last five years.

The info in this report could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you if you take it and apply it to your business.  And I am going to give it to you FREE when you grab a copy of Muscle Imbalances Revealed this weekend.

Here are the steps to get your free report:

1 – Purchase Muscle Imbalances Revealed HERE or through any link in this article before this Sunday night, December the 29th at 11:59 pst

2 – Forward me a copy of your receipt via email and I’ll send you your bonus report!

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Barbell Complex Challenge Workout

Barbell and dumbell complexes were a big part of my training routine in my pro football days.

I have gotten away from them over the last few years, but a fitness expert friend of mine (Shawna Kaminski – you remember her, right?) came out with a new program that has given me a ton of new ideas to use in both my own workouts, and with my boot campers.

Here is a sample barbell complex workout from the Challenge Complex program for you to try:


Choose a weight that you can use for ALL exercises. Try not to put the bar down throughout the set. Rest up to one minute between sets.

6 reps of each:

- Bent over row (hinge at the hips, keep that back flat!!)
- RDL (stands for Romanian Deadlift – back flat again, drive the butt back and load up those hamstrings)
- High pull (same hip hinge motion but make sure to keep the bar close to the body and snap the hips to get it up)
- Front squat (elbows up!!)
- Push press (hip drive to get that bar off the collar bone – you shouldn’t have to start pressing ’till the bar is past your eyes!)
- Burpee with push up (hands on OR off the bar for this one)

Do 4 to 6 rounds total.


A barbell complex like that can be used:

- to replace HIIT with amazing strength building workouts
- to perfect lifting technique while burning fat
- to maintain and improve your strength
- as a stand-alone workout OR to incorporate into your program as “cardio” on your day off

AND another thing I like about the sample complex above – and all of the complexes in Shawna’s program for that matter- is that they do NOT rely on Olympic lifts.

The Olympic lifts are great, but they are relatively hard to learn. And if you try and go at them at a high intensity too quickly, you risk injury.

SO complexes like the one above keep it fairly basic but give you many of the same benefits.

Great stuff.  I hope you liked that sample barbell complex challenge workout.  Try it yourself and let me know how it goes!

Keep training hard, and talk soon -


PS - Learn more about Shawna’s Challenge Complexes program and grab your copy (on sale this week) HERE

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Cyber Monday Ab Workout

Ah it’s “Cyber Monday”.

Reportedly the #1 day of the year for online sales.

While I DO have a special for you (it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t hook you up with a deal today would it?) … FIRST I got a special Cyber Monday Ab Workout for you to try.

This puppy will get you that lean, defined, and strong midsection you’re after, WITHOUT doing a single crunch or sit it:

“Fast Track to Flat Abs”
(from the Ab Accelerators program)

A) Plank w Pulldown x 12 each side

This one is a killer – watch this quick video that shows you how to do it:

- no rest
B) KB swing x 30s (YES kettlebell swings can be part of a total-body ab circuit)
-no rest
C) Cross body mountain climber x 15 reps

Rest for 30 seconds at the end of the circuit and repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds.

You can do that one on its own OR tack it on at the end of your workout today for some extra ab work.

Now – for today’s special deal … you can grab the new Ab Accelerators program from my friend Kate Vidulich at over 50% off:

=> Get Ab Accelerators here at over 50% off (expires tonight)

This is THE program to pick up if:

- Getting a flat stomach and a lean, defined, strong midsection is on your goal list
- You know you shouldn’t be doing traditional ab moves like crunches and sit ups … but you’re not exactly sure what to do instead
- You want some new, fresh and fun ab workouts to use in your personal sessions and/or with your training clients

=> Get Ab Accelerators here at over 50% off (expires tonight)

You get a crazy amount of bonuses with this offer as well – in addition to the Ab Accelerators main manual, a 21 day “rapid results” plan, an 8 week step-by-step workout guide, and the Body Weight Density Accelerators manual, just to name a few …. click the link above to see everything you get (for less than twenty bucks).

Okay! Enjoy that ab workout. Enjoy this special Cyber Monday deal. And enjoy the rest of your day! I’m off to hit a kettlebell workout -

Forest Vance, MS, RKC

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The SCIENCE Behind Breaking Bad Habits


Today we’re going to shift gears a bit, and get into the science behind breaking bad habits.

See, access to information today is easier than it has ever been. So if your goals are, for example, fat loss and lean muscle gain … chances are you know (at least mostly) HOW and WHAT you should be doing to make it happen.

It’s just your “bad habits” that stand between where you are now and your ultimate fitness goals.

My friend Tyler Bramlett (you remember him, right? The Garage Warrior? Fellow kettlebell expert and NorCal resident?) has an article for you today that contains some GREAT info on the SCIENCE of bad habits.


- Forest


The SCIENCE Behind Breaking Bad Habits
by Tyler Bramlett, author, 27 Body Transformation Habits YOU Can’t Ignore

I remember a client I had a few years back. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get her to change her habits.

I literally taught her EXACTLY what she needed to do in order to completely transform her body … but NOTHING seemed to get through to her. I asked myself, “why is it that she can’t change?”

I dug into the research about behavior and this what I found…

Donald Hebb, was a controversial and world renowned expert and researcher in the fields of psychology, behavior and habit change. In his groundbreaking book The Organization Of Behavior, Hebb says, “nerves that fire together, wire together.”

This statement and the supporting scientific evidence to back this up over the years has changed the way people approached behavioral change.

What this statement means, is that the more you do something, the easier it is to do.

Every time you break your diet, or decide to avoid the gym you are making it easier for you to do this. Eventually you bad decisions become a subconscious habit.

These subconscious habits, whether you realize it or not are what made you into who you are today and will shape who you will become in the days, weeks and months to come.

This is the very reason why people get fatter and fatter throughout their lives. You make one bad choice, then another and eventually…

These bad decisions make it nearly impossible for you to change.

But… There’s good news!

Since we now know for a fact that you become what you repeatedly do, doesn’t that mean if you make enough of the right decisions then your old BAD habits will die and your NEW GOOD habits will become the new normal?

Imagine, developing new and powerful good subconscious habits that support a healthier, happier and better looking version of you.

Wouldn’t that be great? To always make good decisions without even having to think about it.

These GOOD subconscious habits, are usually the difference between people who have the body they desire and live the lives they want and people, who like my client, couldn’t seem to change.

The secret to permanently changing these BAD habits and turn them into good ones is this -

We must identify the most critical habits EVERYONE NEEDS if they want to look, feel and perform their best. Then, instead of just telling ourselves what we need to do, we make sure that the habits are rebuilt through a system of consistent subconscious conditioning.

Basically, for 30 days, one would carry around a checklist of the habits they needed to develop. If after 30 days they were succeeding with these habits, more would be added … if they weren’t succeeding, some would be taken away.

The focus would be to CONSISTENTLY work on these small habit changes to “rewire” one’s brain … to permanently eliminate BAD habits and replace them with good ones.

You can do this too! Simply identify a few habits that you want to make a permanent part of your life. Things like sleeping more, exercising 3 days a week, eating more veggies, etc. And then create a checklist to make sure you do them.

Once you have CONSISTENTLY performed these habits for 30 days, add in another one and keep on going!

At the link below, I share my whole experience and everything I have learned along the way to make a permanent transformation in peoples bodies and lives. Check it out…

=> How To Transform BAD Habits To Good Ones

I have used these principals on over 500 people in my local community and had some pretty FAST and AWESOME transformations. Plus, unlike other diet and exercise “gurus”, my main focus is permanent transformation.

Say goodbye to the days of slipping off your diet or avoiding the gym. Say hello to a new version of you who makes great decisions every single day without having to think about it!

=> Learn More About Permanent Habit Transformation Secrets HERE


Awesome article, Tyler!  Thanks for sharing.

To learn more about Tyler’s new 27 Body Transformation Habits YOU Can’t Ignore program, click HERE

Have a great weekend, and talk soon -


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#22 – Lunge ‘n’ Bears KB/BW/Resistance Band Workout


Got a sample workout for you today from my new Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts program. Enjoy!

- Forest


#22 – Lunge ‘n’ Bears KB/BW/Resistance Band Workout

You’ll need a little extra space to get this one done … it’s a great workout to do outdoors …

TWO different pairs of exercises to start – push ups (15) and KB swings (20) … burpees (7) and bicep curls with a heavy resistance band (20).

Complete pair one (push ups and KB swings) of exercises back-to-back, without rest, ONE time.

Do walking lunges for about 25 yards.

When you arrive at your destination, complete exercise pair two (burpees and band curls).

Lunge back to where you started.

Repeat for TWO rounds of each exercise pair, FOUR sets total of lunges.

take a short break, then -

Second pairs of exercises are:

close grip push ups (12) and KB goblet squats (10), bear crawl between stations, pull ups/inverted rows (4-10, depending on fitness level) and squat jumps (12).

Finish off by performing the following total body ab circuit three times:

1/2 Turkish get ups (3 each side)
side plank (:20 hold each side)
mountain climbers (15 each side)


Whew! ;) That’s a fun – AND tough – one for you to try this week.

And if you liked this Lunge ‘n’ Bears KB/BW/Resistance Band workout, you can get 98 more like it at the link below:

=> Grab 99 Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts (58% off this week only)

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