9 Squat Variations You Should Be Doing [video]

In today’s video, my friend Kate Vidulich, author of 1000 Calorie Accelerators, is going to show you 9 squat variations you should be doing.

The squat is a fantastic exercise, and a staple in most workouts … but once you can do it with good form, you want to make it more challenging by either 1) adding more reps, OR 2) doing more advanced variations on the move … which is where today’s video comes in!

Check out the video below:

9 Squat Variations You Should Be Doing

1 – Prisoner Squat
2 – Sumo Squat
3 – Frog Squat
4 – Curtsey Squat
5 – Goblet Squat
6 – Off-set Squat
7 – Bulgarian Split Squat
8 – Overhead Squat
9 – Pistol Squat

Kate’s new 1000 Calorie Accelerators program has got beginner level, intermediate level, and even elite 1000 calorie workouts to help you boost your metabolism, skyrocket your “afterburn” and accelerate your results … check it out at the link below:

=> 1000 Calorie Accelerators

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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The Fat Darrel

We went to the California State Fair last Saturday, and I had one of my all-time FAVORITE sandwiches.  It’s called a “Fat Darrel”:

fat darrel

It’s chicken strips, mozzarella sticks, and french fries on a hoagie roll … and it’s delicious!! :)

Now clearly this is a “cheat” meal … and the reason I manage to stay relatively lean is because I eat clean at least 90% of the time …

AND I also train, pretty hard, 5-6 days a week, week in and week out, without fail.

30 day perf nutr chall 5

They said “you can’t out-train a bad diet” … and I agree … HOWEVER, I think that you CAN out-train an “okay” diet.

And there is a new program called “1000 Calorie Accelerators”, that will help you do just that:

=> 1000 Calorie Accelerators

This program contains workouts that will burn up to 1000 calories in a single shot – so that you can eat a Fat Darrel every once in a while, and feel okay about it.

And the workouts are set up in a specific way, so that you not only burn calories DURING your workout … but you’ll also ignite your metabolism, so you’ll be burning more, even when you’re at rest.

=> These workouts burn up to 1000 calories each

Look – I DO agree that you can’t out-train a bad diet. BUT, I think that with consistent, hard training … done RIGHT … that you can probably enjoy yourself MORE than you think you can – and still get, and stay, pretty darn lean!

=> Learn how to burn up to 1000 calories in a single workout here

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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Suffering from Estrogen Dominance? (here’s why it’s almost UNAVOIDABLE today!)

If you want to be healthy and get great results in the gym, it comes down to one thing – hormones.

Everything you do – from what you eat, how you sleep, your training itself, and more – will affect your hormones.

If your hormones are in the toilet, you don’t have much hope for ANY of the above. Try as hard as you might, you won’t be able to get stronger.

Any attempts at fat loss will be stalled, as your body can’t let it go.

Your sex drive is diminished, and in many cases for men you’ll suffer from impotence.

ALL from hormone problems.

But if your hormones are optimized, you’ll feel great, have abundant health and energy, enjoy a healthy sex life, and get phenomenal gains from your workouts.

And you see there is a problem today, that’s LEADING to these problems … and that is … estrogen dominance.

Although estrogen is thought of as a woman’s hormone, men have it too – just in smaller quantities. But in both cases, because of the environment we live in, we’re
bombarded with excess estrogen.

Xeno-estrogens from pesticides, chemicals and plastics … phyto-estrogens from soy, hops and flax … metallo-estrogens from heavy metals (like those found in fresh
fish or most tap waters) … and myco-toxins from various funguses that contaminant many foods.

That’s an overload of estrogen!

Made even worse, because it’s the BAD kind of estrogen.

Although you can do your best to eliminate these … and you should … but because its so difficult in the modern age we live in to to do this on a consistent basis,
everyone could use some help.

And there is something that has become popular in the West over the last couple of years – even though its been known about in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

It’s the pollen of the pine tree.

The amazing thing about Pine Pollen is it contains phyto-androgens.

Learn more about Pine Pollen here

These substances act like testosterone, DHEA and more within our body. And they work intelligently in helping to support the optimization of hormones within our body.

This has been called THE Superfood of the 21st century, as it can help so many people to work back towards that optimal state of hormones.

Check out the benefits you can get from taking the pine pollen supplement here

Some people may need to go to their doctors and get on hormone replacement therapy.

But that’s expensive and time consuming. Plus, why not try out a natural solution first?

This is an inexpensive and quality source of pine pollen that my friend Logan Christopher of Super Man Herbs hooked me up with.

pine pollen

It’s so awesome I just had to share it with you. For more details on what pine pollen can do for you, go here:

More details on what pine pollen can do for you here

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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20­10 Tabata Ab Workout [VIDEO]

Got a new “HIITBURN” 20-10 Tabata ab workout for you to try today …

This one will help you both lean out AND strengthen your abs.

You’ll be using some unique exercises like the mountain climber + push up combo, sit – throughs, and Russain twists.

Moves like this are designed to hit all “3 dimentions” of your abs, which leads to:

– Burning more calories in less time
– A stronger core (which leads to a reduced risk of injury)
– A flatter, leaner, stomach
– Reduction of back pain
– Increased confidence

If any of those things sounds like something you’d like to do, try this workout!

It’s a tough one … but it’ll hit all areas of your abs, which will lead to some awesome results.

Check it out below:

hiit burn ab workout

=> “HIITBURN” 20­10 Tabata Ab Workout [VIDEO]

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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3 little tricks to Boost your T (guest article)

Hey there!

I’ve got a great guest article for you today from my friend – and long-time mentor – Craig Ballantyne.

Craig shares with us 3 cool little tricks you can use to boost your testosterone … and re-claim your manhood!

I think you’ll really enjoy this one. Let’s get right to it …


3 little tricks to Boost your T
by Craig Ballantyne, creator of “8 Minutes to Alpha

Tip #1


This is a big one. Most guys who struggle with Low-T don’t get enough zinc in their diet. Why does it matter?

Zinc helps your body naturally produce more testosterone.

And if you’re not giving your body this raw material, it won’t be able to make the testosterone you need to build muscle and lose weight.

Oysters, raw or cooked, have a ton of zinc. Grass-fed beef is another great source of zinc.

If neither of those is an option, you can always opt for a high-quality supplement.

Make sure you get your Zinc!

Okay here’s your next tip…

Tip #2

You need more (and better) sleep.

A recent study found that men who don’t get enough sleep each night have MUCH lower testosterone levels than the guys who catch all their winks. In fact, sleep deprivation can result in testosterone levels of a man who is 15 years older than you!


There are a few ways to get better sleep.

First, try to go to bed at the same time during the week. Consistency in your sleep patterns will train your body to prepare for bed so you have no trouble falling asleep.

Second, lower the temperature of your room. Drop the temperature to around 67 degrees and you’ll fall into a deeper sleep faster.

Third, invest in some “black-out” curtains. These are killer! For less than $50 you can eliminate most of the light in your bedroom at night.

All that light can disrupt your sleep so black it out!


Tip #3

Use your body’s natural “Alpha” cycle to boost your Testosterone, restore your drive and melt away stubborn fat.

Most guys don’t know this but your body goes through natural metabolic cycles throughout the day. It’s why you have a burst of energy in the morning, you get tired after lunch and why you get a little bit of energy when you get home at night.

The most import cycle for boosting T is in the morning. No doubt about it. That’s why leading researchers (and your mother) say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

So how can you take advantage of your body’s natural “Alpha” cycle in the morning?

Well I discovered a simple 8-minute routine you can do to boost T, burn fat and build muscle.

(And it’s not 8 minutes of exercise either!)

This information is so groundbreaking and exciting that I made a short video all about it. I call it “8-Minutes to Alpha” because this routine is so unique and powerful that it can change your life in just a few minutes per day. Click the link below to watch:

=> Watch Video: the Amazing 8-Minutes to Alpha Secret

To Unleashing the Alpha,

Craig Ballantyne


Thanks Craig!

If you liked today’s article, be sure to check out the 8 Minutes to Alpha course here.

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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7 Technique Tips for a Stronger Deadlift

Recently, I signed up for the SFL Barbell Instructor cert. I’m pretty pumped – here’s a video that shows you what it’s all about, if you’re interested:

There are strength tests / requirements to pass … and one of them is to deadlift two times your bodyweight.

I weigh about 245 … so the test for me is no joke! … and I will be working hard on the lift to get my strength up for the cert, which is about four months away.

Now the deadlift is one of the best lifts to build “general strength” … that is, strength with carryover to a wide range of activities.  That’s why it’s a big part of my new Invincible Body program.  And that’s why I recommend you do it, too.

But if you want to perform the exercise safely and effectively, you need to get your technique dialed in.  So today, I have 7 deadlift technique tips to share that will help you lift stronger – and safer – right away:

7 Technique Tips for a Stronger Deadlift

1 – Set up with the bar just in front of your shins, but not touching them. When you reach down to grab the bar, your shins should touch it.

2 – To find your “perfect” foot stance, do a couple of vertical jumps, and note where your feet are when you land. Then bring your stance in slightly, and point your toes out just a little.

3 – Your hands should be just outside of your feet. You can play around a bit here to find the optimal hand placement on the bar for you.

4 – A mixed grip is the “standard” way to grip the bar (one hand facing away from you, the other facing towards you). Which hand is facing which way is a matter of personal preference. You can also deadlift with both hands facing towards you.

5 – Before you lift the bar, get the muscles in your upper back tight and pulled together, your butt down, your chest up, and your shoulders over the bar.

6 – “Ease” the bar off the ground, and initiate the movement with your legs and not your back.

7 – You can either lower the bar slowly to the start position, or you can drop it.

So there are seven technqiue tips for the deadlift that will help you lift stronger – and safer – right away. These will help you if you’re just getting started with the deadlift, or even if you’ve been doing it for a while but are still perfecting your form.

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

PS - Remember, the deadlift is one of the best lifts to build “general strength” … that is, strength with carryover to a wide range of activities. And that’s why it’s a big part of my new Invincible Body program.

If you are looking to get stronger, lose fat, perform better, and feel great … all in 30 mins or day per less … then be sure to check out Invincible Body:

=> How to Get an “Invincible Body” (on sale now)

PPS - Check out the video below for another great technique tip that will get you stronger on the deadlift – and improve your form – right away:

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Interview with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet (part 2)

eat like a man

Yesterday, I shared part 1 of an interview I recently did with Chad Howse, author of the Man Diet.

Today, we’re back with part 2 – Chad hooks us up with two sample structures to how you’d eat in the run of a day with the Man Diet.


Would you be kind enough to provide maybe a sample day of eating, some nutrition tips, etc that are based around your diet – so that my readers can get an idea of what they’re in for? :)

Alright, so below are two sample structures to how you’d eat in the run of a day with the Man Diet.

Veggies are “free”, in that you can consume them as often as you like. Off days have lower calories than training days, as well as lower carbs. Within the diet we give you what proteins and fats and “low carbs” or carbs or “slow carbs” to fill into the diet.

Sample Daily Timeline for Non- Workout Days

9am – FIRST Meal Protein + Fats (low carbs)

1pm – Meal Protein + Fats (low carbs)

5pm – Meal Protein + Fats (Slow carbs)

8:30pm – LAST Meal Protein + Fats (Slow carbs)


Sample Daily Timeline for Workout Days

9am – Testosterone Meal Protein + Fats (low carbs)

2pm – Testosterone Meal #2 Protein + Fats (low carbs)

5pm – Workout

6pm – Post Workout Shake (high carbs)

6:15pm – Recovery Meal (high carbs + proteins)

7:30pm – LAST Meal


A few tips:

1 – Vitamin D3 blocks aromatase (a precursor to estrogen). It also “frees” testosterone that’s bound to a protein.

There are two kinds of testosterone: free and bound. “Free T” isn’t bound to a protein, and scientists think that it’s the only form of the hormone that truly matters as it’s free to move around the body and repair tissue.

2 – Body fat opposes testosterone. Dietary fat aids it.

This is largely why you should actually cut before you bulk. When you cut your body fat you lower your estrogen levels (body fat is highly estrogenic) and increase your insulin sensitivity. Both things lead to leaner, more successful gains in the future.

But dietary fats are actually the building blocks for testosterone. Your body converts the cholesterol we get from fats into testosterone in our testes. Without cholesterol in your diet you’re not going to produce optimal testosterone levels.

The best example is vegetarians vs carnivores…

Vegetarians can have high T levels, where they lack, though, is in “free T”, which has been shown to be 14% lower than their meat eating counterparts.

Thus, eat meat. Eat fat. In the Man Diet we show you how, why, and when to use natural, whole foods to help you produce the most powerful fat loss and muscle building hormone in your body.

It’s also the most powerful sex hormone in your body, in case a physical transformation isn’t motivation enough.


That wraps up this two part interview series with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet.

If you enjoyed this two part interview with Chad, you can learn more about Chad’s Man Diet and get your copy now by clicking HERE.

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

PS - If you missed part one of this interview series, you can check that out HERE

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Interview with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet (part 1)

Very excited to bring you an interview I recently did with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet.

Chad covers a LOT of info in this one … from what his Man Diet program is all about and how it works, to what nutrition methods / approaches / etc he has studied and they’ve influenced his work, the type of results folks have experienced with his program, what a sample day of eating on the Man Diet would actually look like and MUCH more …

The interview transcript actually turned out to be SO content-packed that we decided to split it into two parts! So enjoy part 1 today, and stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.


- Forest


Interview with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet (part 1)

1 – Chad, your “Man Diet” program is very cool – it takes a different approach to nutrition than a lot of the other info out there.  What first drove you to create the Man Diet?

A few things…

For one, a pal of mine introduced me to the whole notion that dietary fats aren’t necessarily bad for you a number of years ago, right around the time that I’d got tested and had lower than optimal testosterone levels for my age.

Both of those things spurred me on to do more research about testosterone, about the things in our diet which help produce optimal levels and the things in our diet (and environment) that hurt our testosterone levels.

I learned a lot and tested a ton on my own body. The amount of myth out there not only about dietary fats but about our greatest and most important hormone, testosterone, pissed me off, so I decided to create a diet just for guys.

After trying to find a diet that would fit the mold of what I’d learned over a span of a couple years, I saw that 80% – if not more – of the diet market was for women, and the diets that were for men were just repackaged diets for women.

It started out as something for me, and turned into something that a heck of a lot of guys ended up needing as well.

2 – What exactly is the program all about? How does it work?

When I eat a fatty meal, I want to damn well enjoy that fatty meal, not merely be given a half a slice of bacon and then have to have whole carbs in there with it.

The same with carbs. I want to enjoy them.

The thing is that both fats and carbs have their place in a diet (as does protein, obviously), but they also have their time.

We get a surge of testosterone from around 4-6am in the morning. A high fat meal helps feed that surge, giving it an added boost. So, a “testosterone meal” as they’re labeled in the diet, may be for breakfast (depending on your schedule) where you get to enjoy eating a bunch of fat and protein without feeling guilty because it works with the overall framework and macro breakdown of the diet.

We add in a bunch of carbs and lean proteins after our workout to halt the protein breakdown that occurs during training. So, again, you get to fully enjoy a meal packed with carbs without hurting your waistline or your T levels.

It’s simply structured to fit each individual’s schedule, while allowing us men to enjoy what we’re eating. This isn’t a “salad and quinoa” diet. It’s packed with steak and pasta and bacon and eggs and it’s designed to naturally increase your testosterone levels, aiding you in whatever physical quest you’re on.

Apart from the diet we have a testosterone morning and evening routine designed to feed that 4-6am surge. I bring you through the things in our environment to avoid (like plastic water bottles that are filled with chemical estrogens) and give you an alternative (like a glass water bottle).

Though it’s a diet, it’s one that men can follow and enjoy and thrive on. If you’re trying to lose weight we’ll get you eating at a caloric deficit, and if you’re trying to gain weight, we’ll get you on a surplus.

To ensure that you’re getting optimal results the manual – which is over 30 pages long – teaches you about testosterone and the multitude of methods you can use to produce it optimally.

It’s helped me in a big way, and now hundreds of guys have fortunately benefited from it as well.

** Learn more about Chad’s Man Diet and get your copy now by clicking HERE **

3 – What nutrition methods / approaches / etc have you studied, and how do they influence your work?

I’ve tried nearly everything. The Paleo approach was impossible for me to follow. Going too low carb made me, and most people, lose too much muscle. Going too high carb left me lethargic and yawning during workouts, with too much belly fat to boot.

What really drove me to make changes in my diet was research I did on testosterone. When I learned, for example, that cholesterol is a building block of testosterone, that helped me dive deeper into how our body benefits from a higher cholesterol diet, which led me to read a lot about the myth surrounding cholesterol.

Research into testosterone helped me discover that flax is actually highly estrogenic, so is soy, and things like oysters block estrogen because of their high zinc content.

As I kept reading and testing I formulated a long list of things that helped our most important and powerful hormone, and things that hurt it, and this is eventually what became the Man Diet.

4 – What type of results have individuals experienced with your program? Could you provide a few examples?

I’ve had guys from all walks of life, be they older, younger, fit or even diabetic, try the diet, and thrive on the diet.

A couple examples…

Andy is a great one. He’s been training actually pretty hard for a while, eating “right”, but unable to stick to the diets he was following. The Man Diet offered an approach that gave him the macros he needed, but in a way that he could actually follow. Here’s his transformation.

Nate’s killed it on the Man Diet. He’s an kickboxer, so cutting weight while maintaining muscle is important to him. His issue was cortisol. His cortisol levels would skyrocket when he’d diet, so the info in the Man Diet about cortisol helped a lot and the diet helped him build a much better and stronger body.

His energy levels now compared to what they were are a lot better as well. He, like myself, would get tired after consuming a bunch of carbs before a workout. The solution was a meal higher in fats and meat (slows the rise of blood sugar, helping you elevate your energy levels slowly rather than an extreme peak and crash that can come from carbs.

Here’s Nate’s transformation.

Mark had spent YEARS, I’m talking from high school to his early thirties, in a body that just didn’t suit the man he is deep down. He was weak and flabby, but now he’s leaner, and a heck of a lot stronger. The increase in dietary fats agreed with him in a big way.

He found himself with more energy, which meant better workouts and more motivation to workout more often.

Here’s Mark.

The main thing to know about these guys is that they didn’t crash diet, heck, they didn’t even really diet.

They changed the way they ate, but they did it in a sustainable way.

Each of these guys have only gotten better since they sent me their pics. Most diets have you crash, get results, take your before and afters, then you binge and bulge back up. The Man Diet simply shows you how to block your meals on training days and off days to get the best results you can possibly get, but in a way that you can follow for the rest of your life.

=> Learn more about Chad’s Man Diet and get your copy now by clicking HERE… and stay tuned for part 2!

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3 Unorthodox Ways to Accelerate Fat Loss


The research is clear.

In the article I shared with you yesterday, we covered four scientifically validated reasons why losing fat slowly is the actually the WORST thing you can do.

So now that you know WHY you should aim to lose your unwanted fat as fast as possible, here are three “unorthodox” ways to accelerate fat loss:

1 – Use “Caloric Shifting” To Maximize Fat Loss

You’ve probably tried low-carb diets in the past. And maybe you see some “ok” results, but you could never get truly lean.

That’s because the standard low-carb diet SUCKS when it comes to losing maximum fat in minimum time.

Instead, scientifically cycle (or “shift”) your calories and your carbohydrate intake.

Research shows by scientifically cycling/shifting your calories and your carbs, you can actually burn 2.6X more fat as compared to standard dieting.

In other words, you could be done with your diet in 30 days instead of 90 days!

2 – Skip the “cardio”

When it comes to burning fat, “cardio” helps a lot less than you probably think.

Did you know that running a full-marathon — 26.2 miles — burns just 2,800 calories? That’s less than one pound of fat.

Think about that for a second: If you went out a ran a full marathon — 26.2 miles — every single Saturday, you would lose LESS than 4 pounds of fat after a month!

Clearly, there’s got to be a better way.

3 – Have 3 Cheat Meals Every Week (Plus Beer & Chocolate!) 

Believe it or not, beer and chocolate can actually help you lose fat FASTER! … and there is a scientific reason behind having “cheat meals” as well. They help maintain muscle mass, increase fat burning and keep my fat-burning hormones running sky high.

The trick is eating the cheat meals at the right TIME. And I’ll show
you how to do this in just a second …

There you have three scientifically proven principles for losing fat quickly. If you found them helpful, you’ll also want to make sure to check out the complete guidebook for getting lean fast at the link below:

=> The Accellerated Fat Loss Bible

Thanks for reading, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PPC

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4 Scientifically Validated Reasons Why Losing Fat Slowly Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

I know this sounds unbelievable. I know this flies in the face of what you’ve always been told.

But the science backs it up!

Here are four scientifically validated reasons why losing fat slowly is the WORST thing you can do:

1 – It’s Murder On Your Metabolism

Scientists from Newcastle University put this common misconception to the test. They took 3 groups of over overweight men and put them on a diet.

The first group had it the toughest. They got no food – water only – for six days.

The 2nd group followed a very low calorie diet (approximately 600 calories day) for 3 weeks.

The 3rd group followed a slightly easier diet (1200 calories per day) for 6 weeks.

All groups ended up losing approximately 5% of their bodyweight. The difference is how long it took. Group 1 did it in 6 days. Group two did it in 3 weeks. Group 3 did
it in 6 weeks.

No surprise there. But what IS surprising is that resting metabolism dropped the MOST in the six week diet group. The 3 week diet group saw the 2nd biggest drop in
resting metabolism. And the 6-day fasting group saw the SMALLEST drop in resting metabolism!

So the research is clear. Losing fat slowly is HORRIBLE for your metabolism.

2 – It Kills Your Chances Of Actually Losing Pure FAT

Researchers took a group of mice and put them on a 5% caloric restricted diet. This means they ate 5% fewer calories than usual. This is the very definition of a
“slow & steady” diet. The opposite of a crash diet.

So we’d expect good results, right?


In just 3 weeks of this “slow & steady” diet, here’s what happened to these rats:

Fat Mass went UP. (They gained fat.)

Lean mass DECREASED. (They LOST lean mass.)

There was a decrease in their total energy expenditure (they became less active)

There was a decrease in their resting energy expenditure (metabolism slowed down.)

So clearly trying to lose weight with a mild (5%) caloric deficit is a recipe for disaster if you are a rat.

But humans are different right? Maybe not …

*Now that you know losing fat SLOWLY is one of the WORST things you can do … check out three “unorthodox” ways that you can ACCELERATE your fat loss HERE*

3 – It’s Horrible For Your Hormones

Ever heard the idea that you should lose fat slowly because if you lose fat too fast it will screw up your hormones? Turns that’s really an old wives tale.

Here’s the truth:

A human study examining the effects of long-term mild-caloric deficit dieting in humans found that long-term dieters suffered from 78% lower testosterone levels and
28% lower VO2Max levels!

The research is clear: Slow & steady dieting is WORSE for your hormones.

4 – Lose fat slowly and you’re MORE likely to gain it all back!

I know this is surprising because we’ve always been told that “crash” dieting leads to “yo-yo” weight gain. But science paints a different picture:

A long-term analysis of European dieters showed that dieters who lost the most weight during an initial 8-week diet phase were the most successful at KEEPING the
weight off six months later.

This principle held true even when the dieters were using a very low-calorie approach (less than 800 calories a day) during their initial weight loss phase.

Scientifically-validated research proves that if you want to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF, you should lose the weight FAST.

So now that you know WHY you should aim to lose your unwanted fat as fast as possible … exactly HOW is it done? And what is/are the best way(s) to do it?

Check out three “unorthodox” ways that you can accellerate your fat loss by clicking HERE.


- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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