(CRAZY new guest article) How He Lost 1 Inch Off His Waist in 3 Days

When my buddy Derek first told me about this, I didn’t believe him.

Derek W

Derek and me hanging out at an industry event earlier this year

One inch off your waist in 72 hours? Seems too good to be true, right?

Well, I’ll let him tell you about it. After knowing what he’s went through in the past 2 months, I wouldn’t doubt him …

How I Lost 1 Inch Off My Waist in 3 Days
Guest Article by Derek Wahler, author, 100 Rep Challenge Workouts

What I’m about to tell you is true.

All of it.

The fat loss, the emotional pain, living in hospitals, and having myself, my wife, and my 2-week old daughter all hooked up to an IV machine at one point in the past 2 months.

It’s been brutal. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But there is a silver lining, which will make you more successful in EVERYTHING that you do.

I’ll also try it make this relatively short :)

On June 5th I flew out to San Diego for a fitness conference – one that I would never make it to.

Instead, I ended up at Sharp Memorial Hospital. At the hotel the night before the conference, I had extreme stomach cramping and vomiting for 6 1⁄2 hours.

After being checked out by 6 different doctors, having multiple CAT scans, and being poked with too many needles to count, they came to this conclusion…..

Food poisoning.

Luckily they took another CAT scan 5 hours later, because I knew they were wrong. The second CAT scan revealed the truth…

Gut Mal-rotation.

Never heard of it before?

Neither had I.

I turns out I was born with my large bowel and appendix on the wrong side of my body. That was problem #1. Problem #2 was that my colon had expanded, then rotated inside my body, crushing all the organs in its path.

Now THAT started to explain the severe pain :)

It led to emergency bowel and appendix surgery, a 10-inch scar from the top of my stomach – down around my belly button – and past my waist.

I had tubes that went up my nose and back down my throat. I could barely get out of bed on my own, and had to walk with one hand on the wall – the other on my IV stand.

I lost 15 pounds in 10 days at the hospital, with 3 of those days being an “ice cube only” diet. I was fragile and weak, since my body basically ate all my hard earned muscle.

I was physically shot and instructed not to exercise for 2 months. I had to eat a low-fiber diet (I was encouraged to eat white bread, pasta, macaroni, ice cream and NOT fruits or veggies – because my body couldn’t process them) and had hit rock bottom.

That was until last week, when I got the WORST news a parent could possibly get.

“Derek, you have to take your 2-week old daughter to the emergency room….they’re waiting for you”.

You see, my daughter Elena had a bad rash that caught the pediatrician’s eye during a routine check-up.

Since she’s so young, a potential virus could spread to her brain and spinal fluid, so they wanted to take immediate action.

I almost collapsed right there in my living room.

As I write this article for you, I’m sitting in room 5422 on the 5th Children’s Hospital.

My wife and I have been here for 5 days, sleeping on what amounts to a twin bed. Thankfully all tests have come back negative, but they still have no idea what’s wrong. We could be here another day, or another week, who knows.

So what does this have to do with losing belly fat?


I was finally cleared by my doctor’s to exercise a few weeks ago. I’ll be honest, I’m weak and a former shell of myself. I’m starting back at ground zero.

I can’t use heavy weights, or any weights for that matter, so I did these short bodyweight workouts instead.

This is my comeback…and I’m tracking every single detail along the way:

=> Lose Up to 1 Inch off Your Waist in 3 Days

Whatever happens in your life, no matter how far you fall, you can NEVER give up. Everything was taken away from me in the past 2 months, but here I am, determined to make my comeback.

Don’t let anything keep you down.

- Derek Wahler
Author, 100 Rep Challenge Workouts

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Take This Simple Squat Test (details inside)

Got a fun little “squat test” for you to take today.

Don’t worry – it’ll only take a few seconds.


Okay – start by standing in front of a wall, so that your chest is about 8-12 inches away.

Now, you’re going to do five simple body weight only squats.

On the fifth and final rep, hold in the bottom position for a good 10 seconds.

Try and be highly aware of what’s happening with your feet, knees, hips, core, and chest during this little exercise.

Then, come back and read the rest of this message, to find out what to do next.

Okay ready? Go!


Here’s a quick video on how to do the drill:


You should be testing NOT reading further – DON’T CHEAT! ;)


Okay. How’d it go?

How did your squats FEEL overall? Easy? Tough?

Either way, I want you to go over the checklist below and mark off either an X or an O in the space next to it, to see how you did.


0 = NO

_____ My feet had to be wider than shoulder width in order to get low

_____ My chest kept wanting to fall forward into the wall

_____ I wasn’t able to get my butt and hips below parallel

_____ My knees collapsed in

_____ I had to really rotate my feet out in order to squat lower

_____ I felt a pinch in my lower back when I went down low

_____ My weight wanted to shift forward onto my toes off of my heels

_____ I couldn’t hold the bottom of the squat for the full 10 secs

Do you have a LOT of “X’s” marked off in the spaces above?

If so, you’ve got some squatting issues.

GOOD news is, these can be fixed.

BAD news is, if you don’t, sooner or later you’re going to run into some serious problems – and likely get injured.

If you want to get these issues taken care of for GOOD – so that you can avoid injury while building more strength and muscle – I’ve got the solution for you HERE.

It’s my buddy Travis Stoetzel’s full squatting system he calls, “The Double Your Squat System”.

If you’re having problems with any of the above issues on the squat check list – OR your squat just isn’t where you want it to be – this is your opportunity to change that for good.

Check out the DOUBLE Your Squat System today here:

=> DOUBLE Your Squat System ($7 – LIMITED TIME ONLY)

That’s it for now. Train hard, and talk soon -

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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Top 5 WORST Foods for your Joints

Many people get out of bed every day with pains in their back, knees, shoulders, or elbows.

This pain makes training that much harder, as it does many every day activities.

What most people don’t realize … even most doctors! … is that one MAJOR cause of pain is actually food.

If you’re looking to double your recovery process and get pain free MUCH faster than with just pills, here’s what you should focus on removing from your diet:
1 – Grains

Refined or not, grains are inflammatory. That’s even worse if you’re gluten-sensitive, like 10-15 % (depending on the sources) of the world’s population. The phytic
acid and lecithins in grains are a problem for most people, even without allergies or intolerance.

2 – Sugar

This one is obvious. Nothing damages the digestive track like sugar. The medical community is starting to agree on the fact that chronic inflammation often starts in
your gut, the biggest part of your immune system.

3 – Alcohol

I personally love having a craft beer or two once or twice a week … but keep in mind that beer or any other alcoholic beverage damages your gut flora and liver when
consumed in excess.

4 – Pasteurized dairy

75% of the world’s population is intolerant to lactose. That’s because the pasteurization process destroys the healthy bacteria and enzymes in raw milk, and make
this popular beverage very hard to digest. In my experience, most people feel like a million bucks when drinking less pasteurized milk or ditching it altogether.

5 – Refined vegetable oil

Canola, soy, safflower, corn, sunflower, you name it. Even though these oils are advertised as healthy and trans-fat free, turns out the heavy refining which they go
through destroy the healthy fats and turn them into highly inflammatory by-products.


These foods are just a few examples of what people are consuming on a daily basis.

HOWEVER … good news is, there are also a ton of SUPERFOODS that can actually REDUCE your pain, and help you heal your joints.

So, if YOU suffer from joint or muscle pain of any kind, be sure to check out the best resource on the subject:

=> 101 “Superfoods” that stop your joint pain and end inflammation
Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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Fix Your Push Press in 30 Seconds (new coaching vid)

The push press is a great exercise.

A favorite auxiliary lift among Olympic lifters, it uses a ‘kick start’ from the legs and hips to get the weight moving overhead.

But getting just enough hip drive to boost the bar up, and getting this in sync with all the other things that have to happen at the same time, can be a little tricky.

If you’re struggling to master your push press technique, try the simple progression I break down in this video.

And, if you find it helpful, be sure to check out my new 6 Week Barbell / Kettlebell Hybrid Training program HERE … it’s a complete plan to help you integrate barbell training with kettlebell exercises to get big, strong, lean, AND athletic – all at the same time!

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II


How to Fix Your Push Press in 30 Seconds

Video Recap

– You can start in the squat rack position if you choose to or you can deadlift it off the floor and clean it up to your shoulders
– 1st- do a military press- no knee bend, no hop, just straight up, finishing with the biceps by the ears, and back down to the rack position
–This is the 1st level. You want to make sure you have the military press down before you move on to the push press.
–The push press- You are going to use a little bit of boost from your lower body to get the weight overhead. Then back to the rack position.
- -A couple of things to practice to get that down:
1. You can do a progression- Squat, then overhead press.
2. Half-Squat, overhead press.
3. Quarter-Squat, overhead press.
4. Eighth of a squat, overhead press.
5. Sixteenth of a squat, overhead press. (A little hop is okay.)

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How to Lose 19 Pounds in 23 Days

There’s no debating that short term “quick fix” diets can sometimes be an unhealthy disaster.

Slow and painful “long term” diets can be even worse leaving you feeling deprived for months at a time. You need a better way to burn fat.

Let me introduce you to my good friend James Gaida.

james g

James is a Precision Nutrition coach and fat loss expert that has been helping clients shed body fat for over a decade. He has finally released the plan that addresses your psychological need for Rapid Fat Loss while also giving you a simple nutrition solution to keep it off without having to give up all of your favorite comfort foods. You can actually live a LEAN LIFESTYLE and be beach ready all year-round without worrying about slipping back into your old ways.

Take it away, James -

How to Lose 19 Pounds in  23 Days
By James Gaida, author, 4 Day Fat Loss

“Fat loss is an all-out war. Give it 24 days — only 24 days. Attack it with all you have. It’s not a lifestyle choice; it’s a battle. Lose fat and then get back into moderation.”

– Dan John (legendary fitness guru)

The first time I read this quote it really stuck with me. Every time I’ve read it since I get the same feeling. Long diets are painful, boring and un-motivating. In fact there’s not much worse for killing progress than the slow progress of a long diet plan. From a psychological perspective you need fast results.

I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients. They get 3-6 weeks into a “sustainable” diet plan and get frustrated by what feels like zero results. After all a “healthy” long term fat loss plan is expected to yield a 3-5 pound weight loss each month. That would be great if you could stick it out long term, but the reality is that most people can’t.

I’m sure you’d agree that you need to actually be able to see the fat coming off rapidly before you really get excited about a diet. It’s this Rapid Fat Loss that gets you excited about living with your new lean & ripped body. Rapid Fat Loss fuels your motivation to keep going and to blow past your original goal!

Wouldn’t you much rather take a quick 24 days and unleash a metabolic fury losing more fat than you’ve ever thought was possible in that short of a time?

Wouldn’t you rather get fat loss over with quickly so you can quickly transform your body and then get back into a lifestyle of moderation?

If you had the tools to lose 15-25 pounds in 24 days there’s no reason you couldn’t have the body of your dreams. Because no matter how much fat you have to lose, a plan this powerful is INSPIRING and EXCITING. It gets you fired up to melt away fat and keep it off for life!

In order to drop fat this rapidly you need to make sure of 3 things:

1.Your calories need to be ultra-low

2.Protein and amino acid intake needs to be relatively high

3.You need to occasionally and strategically re-fuel your metabolism

These 3 things also need to be done while ensuring you are getting everything your body needs in the way of fiber, monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, saturated fats, vitamins, minerals, hydration and antioxidants. You don’t want to risk your health or safety in the name of burning some fat.

In my newest program, 4 Day Fat Loss, I’ve put your 24 day Rapid Fat Loss plan together for you and taken care of all of your health needs while addressing the one thing you REALLY need: RAPID FAT LOSS.

You are only 24 days away from completely transforming your body.  Learn more about the full program here:

=> 4 Day Fat Loss

Thanks again, rock on, and talk soon -

James Gaida, author, 4 Day Fat Loss


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3 Simple Tips to Avoid STARVATION MODE

Here’s something I see pretty commonly with folks that come into the training studio, frustrated with the results they are getting from their fitness program.

They lose a bunch of weight, on some kind of diet and exercise regime … only to find themselves right back to where they started a few short months later.

Has this ever happened to you?

A big reason this happens is because the average diet shuts down your metabolism. It slows your calorie burning down and puts your body into starvation mode. A body in starvation mode, stops burning fat and looks for every opportunity to store body fat.

As soon as you stop your restrictive diet and start eating normally again, your body quickly shuttles those calories into your body fat until you end up back where you started.

Good news is, this “dieting nightmare” CAN be avoided. Make sure your diet doesn’t include any of these 3 dieting pit-falls!

1 – Prolonged Low Calories

Your body is an amazing machine that will respond to any consistent message you are giving it, by putting you in the best position to survive. The amount of calories you are eating on a daily basis will effect your metabolic rate or the amount of calories your body burns on a daily basis. Going long periods with low calories will lead to your body down-regulating your metabolism and putting the brakes on fat burning. This is all done in an effort to prevent you from starvation.

The Solution: Allow for some higher calorie days at strategic intervals during your diet phase. This will avoid the dreaded “Starvation Mode” as it sends the message that there is an abundance of calories available and there is no fear of starvation.

2 – Low Protein

Lean muscle tissue is the biggest regulator of your metabolic rate. The more muscle you have the more calories (and fat) you will burn in a day/week/month. It is critically important that you preserve muscle mass to keep your metabolic rate high.

The problem is that many diets lead to not only fat loss but also significant lean muscle tissue loss. As you come off your diet with less muscle, your metabolism has slowed and you will quickly put weight back on as you resume a normal eating plan.

The Solution: Protein is the main building block of muscle tissue. Your fat loss diet needs to have optimal levels of protein to prevent muscle loss. And when your calories are low, protein requirements are higher. A simple rule of thumb – (although probably on the high side, it keeps it simple, and still works great) is to shoot for a daily protein intake of 1 gram per pound of body weight.

3 – No Strategy to Transition from the Diet back to Real Life

No matter the diet if you immediately jump back into a higher calorie eating plan you are bound to gain weight back. Your metabolism needs some time to adjust and get used to your new levels of low body fat.

The Solution: A successful diet plan will include a strategy to slowly get you back to a normal healthy eating plan without a rebound weight gain. Beyond that your diet plan should also provide a blueprint for your new “Lean Lifestyle” etc.

To sum up, if you’re looking to lose body fat, and KEEP it off, avoid the three “dieters pitfalls” outlined in this article. These three strategies are key to your long – term success!!

Thanks, enjoy your weekend, and talk soon -

Forest Vance, MS
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

PS - More new and interesting info on maximizing your nutrition for fat loss / lean muscle gain coming your way over the next couple of days … stay tuned! ;)

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Why you’ve been LIED to about eating 5-6 small meals per day …

If you’re one of the millions of people who have bought into the idea that you have to eat 5-6 small meals per day …

You’ve been LIED to.

That’s right. Though eating small, frequent meals every 2-3 hours certainly does WORK … heck, I used that approach for YEARS, to personally lose 64 pounds in a 7 month period … and with literally HUNDREDS of in-person training clients who collectively lost THOUSANDS of pounds using the small, frequent feeding method … more and more research is showing that it is NOT necessary.

In fact, two recent studies – one in the Brittish Journal of Nutrition, another at the University of Colorado – have specifically shown that increasing meal frequency does NOT promote greater weight loss, and has no significant effect on metabolic rate.

If you LIKE the idea of eating less freqently – more specifically eating a BIG DINNER – and still getting leaner at the same time – check this out:

=> New approach to fat loss – eat big at night and get lean at the same time

At the end of the day, all successful “dieting” approaches have certain things in common. Such as:

– empasis on veggies and fruits
– adequate intake of lean protein
– include good fats
– minimize processed carbs and sugar
– avoid the chemical s#@tstorm of ingredients in the vast majority of processed foods available today

When you get these “rules” in place, then it’s all about finding an approach that works for YOU. The one we’re talking about today “checks all the boxes” … and could be perfect if you like the idea of eating a big dinner every night while getting LEANER at the same time:

=> New approach to fat loss – eat big at night and get lean at the same time

Okay, gotta run – have a great day, and talk soon -

Forest Vance, MS
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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3 steps to get as fit as Marine

Got a guest article from my buddy Jason Klein for you today.

I have gotten to know Jason over the last year or so, and he is an awesome guy. He also really knows his stuff (Jason’s got a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science) and has a background as a fitness instructor for the US Marine Corps.

Jason has some awesome insights on why your current workouts could actually be causing your cortisol levels to RISE … and what you can do about it!

Enjoy -

- Forest


3 steps to get as fit as Marine
by Jason Klein, author, the Marine Body program

You already know by now that there is much more to fat loss than just plain exercise and diet.

But did you know that your current workouts are more than likely causing your cortisol levels to rise?

Rises in cortisol cause drops in testosterone, which have a large effect on your ability to lose fat and gain lean, athletic muscle. Which is not good.

Let me explain…

If you just so happen to be functioning on anything less than 7-hours of sleep per day, your cortisol is destined to be at a higher level…

But on top of that, if you choose to workout on small amounts of rest, your cortisol will in-fact rise even more. This is really defeating the whole purpose, because long-term raises in cortisol translate to less potential for maximal fat loss and lean muscle growth (not to mention immunity).

This will cause your body to store more fat. You don’t want that.

You see it all the time. People work their butts off (figuratively that is, because at the end of the day their flabby muffin-top is still there).

They train and wonder ‘why am I not getting lean?’

Let me walk you through the 3 steps I personally used to train US Marines and their wives:

Step 1. Hyperdrive Your Metabolism

Strategically induce increased afterburn in large muscle groups.

What Marines do correctly in their training is that they focus on hitting large muscle groups in a strategically synchronized manner.

Strategically induce optimal muscle growth and fat loss by pairing large muscle area exercises such as the shoulders and back with an exercise that involves raising your body from the ground to an explosive position.

Traditional tabata circuit workouts were only designed to be 4-minutes in length, however, Turbine workouts involve two tabata circuits, which total 8-minutes.

Discover these “Turbine” workouts and nutrition plan here

Step 2. Synchronize Your Hormones

Get hormones to work together instead of constantly working against each other.

Here are the three step-by-step instructions on how to optimize insulin in order to have the most positive effect on dopamine.

A. Induce Intermittent Caloric Deficit

B. Eat the right type of nutrients at the right time to achieve optimal hormonal stimulus.

C. Eat high glycemic index foods to strategically reset insulin levels. Would you be surprised if I told you that cheat meals have the potential to accelerate fat loss.

Well, there is a certain strategy you must use in order for this to happen.

Step 3. Re-activate and Repeat

Believe it or not, the first part of step three is a mandatory 7-8 hours of sleep. And coincidently, it is the most important part of reactivation. After all, the majority of growth hormone stimulation occurs when we sleep.

The biggest benefit that re-activation has given dozens of my own clients, is that they have found that this cycle is the ultimate approach to building a lifestyle of fitness…. something practical and sustainable.

Not to mention – a huge benefit that this system has given my clients and myself is more energy and more consistent sleeping patterns. To simply, live a better life.

That’s exactly what I decided to implement during my tenure as a fitness instructor to U.S. Marines and their wives.

Other fat loss plans are too restrictive and don’t allow any flexibility. Now when you use a combination of my workouts that manipulate your hormones to promote fat loss and the simple nutrition tactics to speed up your metabolism, you’ll see rapid results, no matter your age – my clients are living proof ;)

These workouts are only 8-minutes long, which is why they work so well with Marines and busy house-wives. They promote the “good” hormones, while reducing the fat - storing hormones like cortisol because the workouts are so specific.

However, they STILL use a combination of high intensity interval training and strength training. How is this possible? It’s because we use Turbine in my workout system, which allows you to work out in only 8-minutes but still getting results as if you worked out for 60 minutes.

When you team up Fat Loss Turbine along with my special nutrition tactics, you’re in for a total body transformation.

You’ll make small manageable changes to your eating plan and you’ll use the Fat Loss Turbine method to build lean, athletic muscle and naturally increase fat burning hormones like GH and testosterone and reduce fat storing hormones like cortisol…

… in only 24-minutes per week!

It’s collegiate and professionally based and proven. And for the next 36 hours or so, you can get all of my workouts and my Marine Body tactics for a fraction of the normal cost (special “Friends of Forest” discount just for you!)

Get your 8-Minute, Fat Loss Turbine workouts here <== special “Friends of Forest” discount for the next 36 hours

- Jason Klein, author, the Marine Body program

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Why you don’t have abs :(

This is the truth …

There is a very good chance that you’re wasting your time using worthless, ineffective ab exercises.

Even worse, these exercises can inure you in the process!

I’m talking about poorly designed ab training.


You see most people don’t have any idea how to train their abs. In fact did you know that 99% of people are targeting the wrong ab muscles when they workout? Let me explain…

The muscles that everyone knows about and wants to have on the beach are what’s called the rectus abdominus muscles. Exercises like sit-ups and crunches target specifically these muscles.

The problem with traditional ab workouts isn’t that they don’t effect the rectus abdominus because they in fact do.

Many years ago when I set out on my own journey to shrink my waist and reveal my 6 pack I fell for the myth that 1,000 crunches was all you had to do, and let me tell you, the first few times I performed this routine I was sore as can be. But I didn’t see any results from it :(

As I later found out, the problem wasn’t that my muscles weren’t being worked, the problem was that I was working the wrong muscles!

Wrong Muscles? What the heck are you supposed to do about that?

There is a group of muscles buried deep within your core that surround your midsection much like a corset whose sole responsibility is to stabilize the spine and core during phases of movement.

The reason why these muscles are so important is because they are essentially the ones the give your stomach the flat appearance you desire. If these muscles aren’t active, you’ll never have the flat belly you desire no matter how many crunches you do.

Think about it like this, you probably know someone who has a relatively low body fat percentage but seems to still have that little beer gut or pouch belly even if they don’t drink beer or are constantly spending hours in the gym, right?

The reason for this is because they are NOT able to activate their deep abdominal muscles. When these muscles are turned off, you’ll be left with a protruding gut no matter how lean you get.

How can you target these deep abdominal muscles that will rapidly flatten and tone your midsection?

The best way to target these deep core muscles and quickly tone your midsection is to use exercises that cause your core to fire as a stabilizer rather than a mover.

One simple exercise that you can do is an elbow plank on a swiss ball.

swiss ball elbow plank


When you do this, you’ll instantly feel all of your deep abdominal muscles work hard to support your body in the plank and keep your spine protected.

How about another exercise?

Alternating lying leg raises when done properly with what’s called braced abs are a great way to work your deep abdominal muscles!

Just lie down on your back with your legs together and feet towards the sky. Keep your lower back glued to the ground while you lower one leg slowly toward the ground and then alternate. This exercise will help correct any unilateral imbalance in your deep core muscles.

While these are great exercises for developing your deep core muscles, I wanted to also share with you a new ab training method that’s making even these result producing exercises obsolete.

It’s an ab training technique called a Core Activation Sequence and to be honest I only recently came across these exercises when my friend Tyler introduced me to their creator Dr. James Vegher.

The reality is if you want to have the greatest chances at activating your deep core muscle while slimming your waistline and developing toned or even 6 pack abs, this is the way to go!

=> Click Here To Check Out These NEW Core Activation Sequences

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

PS - If you want a step-by-step ab training solution that walks you by the hand through several different levels that teach you how to activate your waist slimming deep core muscles, then check out these brand new Core Activation Sequences by Dr. James Vegher. Click the link below to check it out…

=> Click Here To Check Out These NEW Core Activation Sequences

PPS - If you dig the ab training solution at the link above and you decide to invest in the full program, I’m going to send you a copy of my Total Body Abdominal Annihilation program FREE as my way of saying “thanks” for picking it up on my referral (IF you grab your copy before the end of this week).


1 - Make sure any link in this message to the sales page is the LAST one you click before you order the program

2 - Send your Clickbank receipt to my assistant at fvtraininfo (at) gmail (dot) com

3 - We’ll hook you up w your free bonus!

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Toughest 10 Minute KB / DB Workout of 2014?

Got a guest post for you from my friend Kate Vidulich today.

She’s got a CRAZY workout for you today from her 1000 Calorie Accelerators program.  I would even go as far as to say that if you take this one seriously, use perfect form but at the same time push each exercise as hard as you can, it could very well be the toughest 10 minute KB / DB workout of 2014!

- Forest


5 tough exercises (you should totally do)
by Kate Vidulich, author, 1000 Calorie Accelerators

Strength training is the gift that keeps giving. You burn calories during your workout. And you also burn more of them for hours following while you rest.


So to get faster results, you should just work harder and burn more calories, right?

But there’s a catch. Your body adapts … and you have to be more creative to get the results you want, especially when training for fat loss.

I know you LOVE challenging workouts and exercises, so here are 5 moves you should totally be doing to burn more calories. Warning: these are not for the faint of heart or beginners.

Here we go …

Exercise #1: Mountain Climbers on TRX or Gliders

Let’s be honest. Regular bodyweight mountain climbers are not the toughest of moves. But add the floor gliders or TRX and you’ve got a whole different animal on your hands! Not only do my boot campers hate this move – so do I.

But hey, it will get you sexy results in no time flat.

This exercise requires solid core strength and helps to develop power in your legs. Think horizontal sprinting.

Now try 4 minutes of 20:10 intervals (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest and repeat for 8 rounds)

Did your body your body just say, “Are you bloody kidding me?”

Yeah, mine too.

Exercise #2: Walkout (with Variations)

This exercise may look easy… But no judging.

The hand walk out to plank is a totally underrated exercise. It teaches your abs and lower-back muscles to play nicely together, and also develops strength and stability in the shoulders while creating a “metabolic flush” – meaning the blood is shunted from your legs, to your upper body and back to your legs again in quick succession.

The cool thing is, you can combine the walkout and add different exercises and make it even crazier.

One of my favorite variations to love/hate is the walkout to cross body mountain climber.


Exercise #3: DB Thruster

This powerful, explosive exercise is not for the faint of heart.

You can count on this total body move to boost your power and torch calories at the same time, while targeting muscles in your legs, hips, shoulders and core.

This will boost your afterburn so you continue burning calories long after your workout.

But I catch people doing this wrong all the time. Here’s a tip when doing DB or barbell thrusters:

(i) Hold the weight in front of your shoulders, with elbows bent.

(ii) Take 2 seconds to lower your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

(iii) Push back up, press the dumbbells overhead until your arms are straight.

(iv) Lower the dumbbells shoulder height as you immediately descend into the squat for the next rep.


Exercise #4: Burpees

Sure, this one has been around for donkey’s years. But there’s good reason why it stood the test of time and you STILL find people rocking it.

You can burn over 12 calories per minute using the world’s best 3-second bodyweight exercise. And you will in amazing shape fast!

Add a push up into the equation, if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

But don’t let me catch you twerking … keep your butt down, ok?


Exercise #5: Kettlebell Swings

This move rocks – if you get the technique right.

You want to generate most of the power in your hips, and fire your glutes hard to pop the kettlebell up to eye level. Avoid going all the way overhead, or you’ll lose the muscle engagement in your lats.

And don’t be afraid to grab a heavy bell, either. You can do it champion!

What do all these exercises have in common?

You’re using more than one muscle group – actually a ton of muscle groups – so you skyrocket your heart rate, metabolism and continue burning calories long after your workout ends.

Want to seriously boost your afterburn? Put these exercises in to super circuits.

You will burn calories just looking at this… ;)

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The Plan:

Circuit 4: Fat Loss Accelerator

- Do as many reps as possible in 45 seconds with perfect form

- Rest 15 seconds between exercises

- Repeat for 2 rounds (10 minutes total)

4A) Walkout to Push Up

4B) Ski Jumps

4C) Prisoner Reverse Lunge (alternating)

4D) Squat Thrusts

4E) KB or DB Swings

This circuit is from 1,000 Calorie Accelerators System (Elite level) and designed for advanced folks only. But even if you’re not advanced, you can still rock this
program at beginner or intermediate level.

In the program, you’ll do a dynamic warm up, followed by a tough Ab Accelerator, a metabolic resistance training circuit and then do battle with this density fat loss

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Burn more!

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, Master CTT

Author of 1,000 Calorie Accelerators System

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