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Strength Standards – How Do You Stack Up?

Ever wonder just how strong you are? Recently, I was curious myself. I went to, where you can find standards based on 2,545,000 lifts collected from users of the site .. Assumed “average” age  .. And picked “advanced” (categories … Continue reading

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[new vid] 4 Technique Tips for a Bigger Bench Press

A few weeks ago, my friend Funk Roberts sent me a review copy of his new program, Pound 4 Pound Strength. I am DIGGING it. It’s all about helping you get stronger and more powerful .. without adding puffy mass … Continue reading

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thoughts on out-training a bad diet

This is an interesting question. GENERALLY speaking, I would say NO – you can NOT “out-train” a bad diet. But there ARE some exceptions. If you are prepared to work out a LOT, I think it IS actually possible. For example, … Continue reading

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Elite 10 Minute BW/KB Workout from the 1000 Calorie System

One hour of walking on the treadmill burns, on average, 238 calories. Contrast that with a Calorie Burn Accelerator like the one below, where in just 10 minutes, you can burn almost 200 calories: # Workout 2: Elite 10 Minute Workout from the … Continue reading

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BW/KB Work Capacity Session – NGNE, Week 3 / Workout 3

Since we have No Gym? No Excuse! on sale this week, I wanted to give you a sample workout from the program. The way the No Gym? No Excuse! system is structured is, the first four weeks are a “base-building” … Continue reading

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No Gym? No Excuse! Baby Sale

Hello! We are having a special sale this week on Forest’s original flagship training system – No Gym? No Excuse! – to celebrate the birth of his new baby, and to help him pay for all the expenses that come … Continue reading

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Anabolic Running Workouts [for men only]

“Anabolic running” Sounds weird, right? Well, if YOU are a man … Or if you are a fit pro, and you work with male clients … This is powerful stuff. You see – there was a recent study published by … Continue reading

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Muscle – Building Cardio? (NOT what you think)

Should you do cardio if you’re trying to build muscle and lose fat at the same time? Yes … … and no Here’s the thing. Too much “cardio” can tear down muscle, and make you smaller and weaker. But not … Continue reading

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Pre-Party Pump Routine

Got a trip coming up to Vegas with the RFE (Renegade Fitness Entrepreneurs) Mastermind group. It’s mostly business, but of course some fun will be had as well As we were going through and making plans for the weekend, for … Continue reading

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KAATSU Training – Get Bigger Lifting Lighter?

Occlusion training – originally known as KAATSU training – has been called by some the “next generation of anabolic exericse”. I have been experimenting with it in my own workouts, and with my training clients who are looking to gain … Continue reading

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