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‘Best Of’ (6/19/2011)

  I’m coming up on the three year anniversary of (!) … this was my first blog ever, and I’ve learned a heck of a lot since I started it. I now have several other websites that are more … Continue reading

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Anabolic Cooking Review

What’s the best way to lose weight and build muscle? This is a question people have been trying to answer for decades. There are countless fad diets and new super workout accessories. Everyone that you talk to will give you … Continue reading

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Pimp Your Garage Gym: 3 Awesome Equipment Ideas

You don’t need fancy exercise equipment to get great results. In the vast majority of cases, working out with your own body weight and basic pieces of equipment (like the ones I cover in the video below) will actually get … Continue reading

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Product Review: The Abs Diet

Check out this pitch for the Abs Diet on the book’s about page: “When you think of abs, you may think of Brad Pitt or Janet Jackson. You may think of magazine covers and underwear commercials. You may think of … Continue reading

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5 Great Kettlebell Books

Kettlebell training is hot … but really still in it’s infancy in terms of quality information that’s available about it.  And you can always learn more and expand upon your current knowledge level, whatever that may be. Here are five … Continue reading

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Kettlebell Cardio Fitness: Viking Warrior Conditioning

If you don’t like working hard and you’re satisfied with sub-par results from your workouts, then skip this article. If you’re looking for a ‘cardio‘ routine that actually works for shedding body fat and building the lung capacity of a … Continue reading

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Boot Camp Exercise Ideas

Whether you’re a trainer that’s looking to start an existing fitness boot camp, you already have one going and need some new ideas, or even if you’re just looking for some variety and some new exercises you can incorporate into … Continue reading

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Green Bulge Review

Looking for a killer creatine product? Green Bulge by Controlled Labs is one of my personal favorites. It’s a creatine supplement that comes in pill form and is very effective for building size and strength. According to, Green Bulge … Continue reading

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Muscle Milk Review

Having personally tried a lot of different meal replacement drinks and protein powders over the last ten years or so, Muscle Milk is my favorite of them all. It tastes great and has got a perfect balance of protein, carbs, … Continue reading

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What’s The Best Fat Burner?

I’m sure that burning fat is a priority for many of you guys. With your diet being the number one most important factor in reaching this goal, and a properly designed workout program being a close second, taking the right … Continue reading

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