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Why you’ve been LIED to about eating 5-6 small meals per day …

If you’re one of the millions of people who have bought into the idea that you have to eat 5-6 small meals per day … You’ve been LIED to. That’s right. Though eating small, frequent meals every 2-3 hours certainly … Continue reading

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3 steps to get as fit as Marine

Got a guest article from my buddy Jason Klein for you today. I have gotten to know Jason over the last year or so, and he is an awesome guy. He also really knows his stuff (Jason’s got a Master’s … Continue reading

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Why you don’t have abs :(

This is the truth … There is a very good chance that you’re wasting your time using worthless, ineffective ab exercises. Even worse, these exercises can inure you in the process! I’m talking about poorly designed ab training. You see … Continue reading

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Toughest 10 Minute KB / DB Workout of 2014?

Got a guest post for you from my friend Kate Vidulich today. She’s got a CRAZY workout for you today from her 1000 Calorie Accelerators program.  I would even go as far as to say that if you take this … Continue reading

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4 Easy Ways to Burn More Calories

There are a LOT of factors that determine your current weight, and how easy it is for you to lose fat. Your basal metabolic rate (the rate at which your body uses energy at rest), your natural body signals (your … Continue reading

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7 Laws of Functional Fitness for Older Adults

Got some tips to share with you today from my friend Dr. Dan Ritchie.  Dan owns two training centers in Indiana, and specializes in working with “older adults” in the 50-70 age range. I got to hang out and chat … Continue reading

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3 Training (and life) Lessons from Rocky Balboa

On AND off screen, Rocky really is an amazing inspiration. In real life, a virtually unknown Stallone writes the original Rocky film, stars in it himself, ends up grossing 225 times its budget at the box office, wins best picture of … Continue reading

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MY Personal Workout Plan (sample deadlift + double KB complex day)

Frequently, folks email in asking what I do for a workout on a typical day. So, thought I’d share with you my overall workout “template” – in case you have similar goals, and want to model it. My current goals … Continue reading

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Obstacle Races, Fear, and Mental Toughness

We’ve been talking about obstacle race/mud run training a bit over the last week or so. I shared with you that a short time ago, we put together a training group at the FVT studio, and took a full 12 … Continue reading

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The Paleo “Tweak” That You MUST Fix (If You Want To Burn Fat Fast)

Got a guest article for you today from a new friend of mine, Sayan Sarkar. Sayan is a “former fat guy turned fit pro” who has successfully lost 76 pounds & eliminated his chronic lower back and shoulder pain. After … Continue reading

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