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Overhead Press Mistake to AVOID (and how to fix it)

I’ve noticed that when many people overhead press, they grab the bar with too wide of a grip. Instead of being just outside shoulder width – where they should be – they get their hands much wider than that … … Continue reading

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10 Banned Chemicals Still in the U.S. Food Supply (and 6 ways to AVOID them for good)

Got a guest article for you today from my friend Sayan Sarkar. This is an EYE OPENING article to say the least. You’ll likely never look at food, much of it that you probably eat every day, the same way … Continue reading

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Joint Mobility – My Morning Routine

I used to wake up most mornings feeling like I got hit by a truck. Over a decade of football – including a couple of years at the pro level – combined with almost 20 years of lifting heavy weights … Continue reading

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[LWF2] 3 10-Minute BW/KB/BB Workouts to Try

Today we’re back with not one, not two, but THREE sample “super short” workouts from Lift Weights Faster 2. Little somethin’ for everyone today … first one is bodyweight only, second workout you’ll use a kettlebell, and in the third you’ll … Continue reading

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New Research on the “Super-Short” Workout

Last year, the New York Times’ fitness story of the year was that short, intense workouts are incredibly effective for getting leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier overall. According to the article, in one particularly useful study from May 2014, scientists found … Continue reading

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Are You Addicted to HIIT? (take this test)

During nearly the first decade of my lifting career, we only did it one way – we lifted heavy weights. Plenty of rest between sets, and the goal was simply to get as strong as possible. When you are used … Continue reading

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30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet (sample day)

My “30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet” is designed to help you lose belly fat, get WAY more energy, and build the clean eating foundation and habits you need for long-term success. It’s available now as part of the FVT Ultimate Abs … Continue reading

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Full “30 Days to Abs” Program (workouts + meal plan)

For years, the generally accepted way to train your abs was with crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, etc. A lot of folks (you?) still do some of these movements in their routine in some shape or form. I’m here to … Continue reading

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“Ultimate Athlete” Training Secret

Today I have an article for you from my friend Max Shank. The Progressive Calisthenics Cert I attended recently was actually held at Max’s gym, and I also spent some time and learned from him last year as well when he … Continue reading

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How to Use Weekend “Fun Food” to Speed Up Fat Loss (3 tricks)

If you do great during the week with your diet … but sabotage yourself every weekend … I got good news for ya. Your weekend “fun food” can actually speed up fat loss! The concept is called “diet intervals”. See, … Continue reading

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