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Why you should NEVER sleep 8 hours …

Got a guest article for you today from Tyler Bramlett, author of “27 Body Transformation Habits You Can’t Ignore”. He shares one of his lifestyle “hacks” from the book … explains why you should NEVER sleep 8 hours … and … Continue reading

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New “Lifestyle Hacking” Method – Double Your Training Results in 90 Days?

Today I’m going to teach you a simple – but VERY effective – method to change your habits, and potentially DOUBLE the results you’re getting from your training in the next 90 days. See, I get the opportunity to work … Continue reading

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REAL core work … (no crunches, no situps)

GREAT feedback on the workout I shared yesterday from the “Mad Scientist of Muscle” Nick Nilsson … So I got another one for you to try today This one is called the Inside Out Core Crusher … and you know … Continue reading

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This 3 minute circuit will CRUSH you (in a good way)

Got a three minute circuit workout to share with you today from the “Mad Scientist of Muscle” Nick Nilsson that I know you’re going to LOVE (and hate at the same time). It’s a total-body workout … done in 3 … Continue reading

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Free “Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days” Meal Plan + Coaching Registraiton Closing Soon

Well, we are gearing up for another Ultimate Challenge Workout at the FVT studio tomorrow … can’t wait! It’s going to be 3+ hours of kettlebell lifting, running, bodyweight conditioning, and more. Plus, we’ve raised over $1000 for the Sacramento … Continue reading

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Deadlift Mistake to AVOID (and how to fix it)

Happy New Year! As you plan your training for 2016, one exercise that I REALLY hope you’re including in the mix – whether you’re trying to get stronger, leaner, or even more confident – is the deadlift. I believe that … Continue reading

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The TRUTH About Rotator Cuff Problems – and How to Fix Them! (new guest article)

If you’re having problems with your rotator cuff right now … Or, if you’ve had a rotator cuff injury in the past … You’ll want to read … and RE-read! … today’s guest article from Eric Wong, S&C coach to … Continue reading

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Pre-Workout Supplements – Friend or Foe? (guest article)

Pre-workout supplements claim to increase performance in workouts, providing more energy, mental focus, and endurance … but what do they really do? How do they work?And what are the real risks and benefits of consuming them? I have a guest … Continue reading

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FVT Expert Interview – Mansal Denton of Hyperion Strength

We’re back today with another FVT Expert Interview! Today, we have joining us Mansal Denton, owner of Hyperion Strength. We dive into the topic of creatine supplementation, and cover pretty much everything you need to know about it, including: – … Continue reading

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How to Get 6.5% Stronger in 5 Days (or less)

Flash back to 2001. The week before, I had done 365 for five reps on the back squat, and it was pretty challenging. I could have done MAYBE one more rep if my life depended on it. It was a tough, … Continue reading

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