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2 “Quick Fix” Tips for Back Pain Relief

Anyone who’s ever suffered from back pain can vouch for the misery it causes. Back pain keeps you from enjoying life, and can result in costly doctor visits, and potentially dangerous pain reliving drugs. But there is good news! Although … Continue reading

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Forest Vance Off Day Moblity/Recovery/Flexibility Routine

I will not lie, my flexibility in the hips and thoracic spine areas leaves something to be desired. I might be able to DO certain movements, that but they aren’t as great looking or as good as they could be. … Continue reading

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Why Your Pills are Keeping You Sick

Every day, we are bombarded with their messages. Their ads make it seem so normal! Like everyone NEEDS some crazy blend of drugs and unknown ingredients, that someone cooked up and put into a capsule. Imagine this – You’re relaxing … Continue reading

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Stability Ball Pike Tutorial + Distance Group Coaching

My Distance Elite Coaching program is now officially FULL for the next 12 weeks. SO excited to be working closely with these new clients, and helping them work towards their fitness goals! But there were a lot of folks I … Continue reading

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Odd (but effective) 17 Minute Home Workout

“I don’t have time to work out.” “I don’t have money for a gym membership.” “I don’t have access to proper exercise equipment.” These are excuses I hear often from people that aren’t getting the results they want. Well, until … Continue reading

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[guest video] Bodyweight-Only Workout for Arms + Core

I am in Vegas for a couple of days this week, meeting with a small group of my highest-level business coaching clients. It is super, super cool to be able to see the progress these guys are making towards their … Continue reading

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Strength Standards – How Do You Stack Up?

Ever wonder just how strong you are? Recently, I was curious myself. I went to, where you can find standards based on 2,545,000 lifts collected from users of the site .. Assumed “average” age  .. And picked “advanced” (categories … Continue reading

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[new vid] 4 Technique Tips for a Bigger Bench Press

A few weeks ago, my friend Funk Roberts sent me a review copy of his new program, Pound 4 Pound Strength. I am DIGGING it. It’s all about helping you get stronger and more powerful .. without adding puffy mass … Continue reading

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thoughts on out-training a bad diet

This is an interesting question. GENERALLY speaking, I would say NO – you can NOT “out-train” a bad diet. But there ARE some exceptions. If you are prepared to work out a LOT, I think it IS actually possible. For example, … Continue reading

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Elite 10 Minute BW/KB Workout from the 1000 Calorie System

One hour of walking on the treadmill burns, on average, 238 calories. Contrast that with a Calorie Burn Accelerator like the one below, where in just 10 minutes, you can burn almost 200 calories: # Workout 2: Elite 10 Minute Workout from the … Continue reading

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