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Unusual Tip ☺ – How to Burn The MOST Fat During Your Workouts

Yesterday, I sent you a message about a new method that can help you burn up to 20% MORE fat first thing in the morning. However … I received a few messages BACK asking exactly how the whole process works. … Continue reading

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Meet Blaze :)

Today, I’d like you to meet Blaze Schwaller. She is one of more than 27,000 people who made the investment last year in The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle (2014 Edition). ** This year’s edition of The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle comes … Continue reading

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Two Ways to Maximize Muscle Growth

Muscle hypertrophy involves an increase in size of skeletal muscle through a growth in size of its component cells. But did you know that there are actually TWO different types? Knowing the difference – and how it relates to your … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Improve Your Alpha Male Status, Starting Tomorrow

Part of the appeal of lifting weights, training hard and building muscle is to look and feel more powerful than the next guy – to be the alpha male. That’s why I wanted to share today’s article with you. Because … Continue reading

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SMART Goal Setting, Free KB/BW/BB Workouts + the Half Day Diet

I did something REALLY cool with the family today that I think you can use to help you reach YOUR goals – in fitness and in life – much faster, and wanted to share it with you in today’s message. … Continue reading

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[new video] The Deadlift – Common Technique Mistake and How to Avoid It

I am just over two months out from the StrongFirst Lifter cert (I’m going through it as a participant). One of the cert requirements is a double bodyweight deadlift … I am working hard to hit this number and am … Continue reading

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Why Mike Isn’t Getting Stronger (NOT what you think)

Meet “Mike”. (I’ve changed Mike’s name for privacy purposes, but he is a client that I work with.) Mike and I have been working together for about five months. He’s an athletic guy … he played sports in high school, … Continue reading

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How I Lost 64 Pounds in 7 Months (meal plan inside)

Shortly after the end of my football career, I lost 64 pounds over a 7 month period. Eating like I was still working out four hours per day … in combination with hardly working out at ALL … and I … Continue reading

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Fighter Abs 2.0 Inside Scoop, and Your Free FVT Bonus

So you’ve probably already been hearing all about Fighter Abs 2.0 today from pretty much everyone in the fitness industry. I wanted to give you the inside scoop, so that you can know if the program is right for you. … Continue reading

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3 Gut Busting Football Conditioning Drills

I have a little secret to share with you today. We use conditioning drills from my football days in boot camp workouts at FVT quite frequently. We do this to both physically and mentally challenge our campers, and to take … Continue reading

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