Your clients/athletes are going to love AND hate you for these 3 workouts!


Got 3 more “Metabolic Monster” workouts for you today to try with your clients/athletes 🙂

Circuit #1 is a total-body workout…done in 3 minutes…using just a single dumbbell…all in about 6 square feet of floor space, so it works even in a crowded gym.

It’s called the Single Dumbbell Attack…and it’s BRUTAL:

Circuit #2 is designed to push your clients/athletes to their limit and KEEP them there, operating near peak capacity, for more than TEN minutes.

This circuit builds INHUMAN strength/endurance…and it will SHRED the fat right off them while locking down every bit of mass and strength they’ve got so that they KEEP every bit of muscle even as they get leaner.

It’s relentless and it will test them, physically AND mentally.

It’s called “Total-Body Countdown Murder”:

Circuit #3 is the Inside Out Core Crusher…and it’s called that for a reason.

The Inside Out Core Crusher is a KILLER circuit put together specifically to target the core…without using a single actual AB exercise.

They’ll work every major muscle group and movement with the circuit…while hitting just about EVERY aspect of core strength and support they’ve got.

Go check out all three of these incredible circuit workouts now…and then, even better, put your clients/athletes through them and see the reactions you get!

These workouts are designed to make your clients BETTER (leaner, stronger, more explosive) and have FUN doing it while they push themselves to the limit.

– Forest Vance, MS, CPT,

PS – Get the rest of the 72 workouts from Metabolic Monsters here:

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