try THIS next workout


I got a killer technique for you to try next workout.

This will help you pack on maximum muscle.

It also will keep your workouts short and efficient.

You see, 15 years ago, when I would go to the gym, I would stay for about 2 hours. I had the time! – I was a young, single guy, with no serious job, and few responsibilities.

Now, things are different. My time is MUCH more limited.

But I still want to get in, and STAY in, top shape.

Maybe you can relate?

In any case, that’s what has driven me to seek out solutions, and this is a great one I recently learned.

If you are still struggling to put on muscle and get into shape, yet you have limited time to train, try this technique next time you are at the gym:

1 – Pick up a weight you can get 20-25 reps with (hitting failure somewhere in that range)

2 – After performing the set, rest 35 seconds. During that time add just enough weight to the same exercise to “fail” at 8 reps. Complete the set.

3 – Wait 10 seconds. Then perform one more set to failure (you’ll probably get 2-4 reps).

That’s it. You’re done with the exercise. And you’ll have the same pump a lot of folks work 30 minutes for!

(For simplicity sake, give it a try with push ups. You can move on to other exercises once you get the hang of it, but it’s an easy way to try the technique any time, any place!)

I’ll be back tomorrow with more info on how to best incorporate this technique into a full program. Stay tuned.

Here’s to a new you in the New Year! -

- Forest Vance

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