Rocky II – Full Workout [vid + notes]

The training montage is the best part of every Rocky movie.

It’s what got many of us into training in the first place!

My friend and colleage Jeremy Murphy is doing a special release of his KO CORE program for FVT newsletter subscribers this week …

… and watching a few of his videos, reading some of his blog posts, and going through a couple of his workouts … for some reason, I got reminded of this training montage from Rocky II:

Rocky II – Full Workout [vid + notes]

– 1 arm push ups
– sledgehammer swings
– 1 arm pull ups
– Roman chair sit ups w punch at top
– speed bag work
– sparring
– medicine ball swivels
– more 1 arm push ups
– lateral DB raises
– log lunges
– overhead barbell presses
– heavy bag work
– double-unders
– 30 mile run through the streets of Philly
– chase a chicken

Check out the video here:


Now you might not be able to follow that workout line for line 🙂 …

… but like the training style …. if you want to get a KO CORE, and get ripped and conditioned like a fighter … but just using a medicine ball and a jump rope, any time, any place … check out Jeremy’s program, on special release for FVT newsletter subscribers, this week only:

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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