Minimalist Training for SERIOUS GAINZ [sample workout]

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There is a park in our neighborhood where we take our kids regularly.

I have made friends with several of the parents of the other kids who go there.

And last night, I’m chatting with one of the dads.

He knows that I am a personal trainer, and he starts asking me about what workouts he should do to lose some body fat, gain some muscle, and get into shape.

He says that 1) he has very little available time, and 2) he’s working out at home – so he wants something he can do with minimal equipment and space requirements.

I tell him that he can do workouts like the one below, three times per week:


Sample “Minimalist” Training Workout

1a) walking lunges – use KB, dumbbell, or sandbag for resistance – 8 per leg
1b) pull ups – use your doorway pull up bar, one at the park, a tree branch, etc – 1-10+ (do as many reps as you can with good form)

+ repeat for 3 rounds total +

2b) kettlebell or dumbbell press – 5
2b) SAME arm – right into – kettlebell or dumbbell front squat – 5
2c) SAME arm – right into – kettlebell or dumbbell swing – 5

- repeat sequence on other side without rest
- after you complete sequence on BOTH sides, do 10 burpees

+ repeat for 3 rounds total +


To get into awesome shape, with minimal equipment, space, and time investment.

Literally – he can probably use equipment he already has, train in his garage or back yard, spend no more than 60 minutes per WEEK – and get killer results.

Because the simple truth is that you do NOT need hours per day, lots of fancy equipment, or a gym membership.

You just need dedication, effort, consistency, and a solid plan.

So no excuses – take today’s minimalist workout, get out there, and start working towards those goals!

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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