“Minimalist Strength” Workout – Day 3

I just downloaded this “14 day sample pack” from my friend Travis Stoetzel’s Minimalist Strength program.

Loving the workouts.

And got a sample one for you to check out below!


“Minimalist Strength” – Day 3

1A) Every Minute On The Minute, for 10 Minutes:

Odd – Barbell Snatch Grip DL x 3 – HEAVY
Even – Step Broad Jump x 6 Total

REST 2 Mins

2A) 5 Rounds For Time Of:

6 KB Single Arm Power Snatch
6 KB Single Arm Thruster (Same Arm)
6 KB Single Arm Power Snatch (Opposite Arm)
6 KB Single Arm Thruster (Same Arm)

*15 Min Time Cap

3A) MOBILITY Finisher

2 Min KB “Rock Bottom” Goblet Squat Hold


Nice one, eh?

If you liked that workout, you’ll LOVE the 14 day sample pack.

The BEST news is .. Travis has it up right now, 100% FREE! ..

Click the link below to claim your copy:

=> “Minimalist Strength” – FREE 14 Day Sample Pack

Keep training hard, and talk soon! –

– Forest Vance

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