Strength Standards – How Do You Stack Up?

jj watt back squat

Ever wonder just how strong you are?

Recently, I was curious myself.

I went to, where you can find standards based on 2,545,000 lifts collected from users of the site ..

Assumed “average” age  ..

And picked “advanced” (categories are beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, and elite).

Here’s what I found, in terms of strength numbers to aim for, or surpass:



Bench = bodyweight x 1.5

Squat = bodyweight x 1.75

Deadlift = bodyweight x 2

Pull ups = 20

Dips = 29



Bench = bodyweight x 1

Squat = bodyweight x 1.25

Deadlift = bodyweight x 1.5

Pull ups = 10

Dips = 16


So – how do you stack up?

Personally, I am right there when it comes to bench, squat, deadlift, and dips ..

.. but I need to work on my pull ups.

How about you?

Based on 21 years of personal lifting experience … training with some of the strongest athletes in the world during my time in the NFL … and working with thousands of personal training clients since 2004 … I think these are big, but also VERY do-able, strength training goals.

It’s all about training regularly, and having a solid plan to get there.

Hope that these strength standards give some new insight into your training, and some new goals to work towards!

- Forest Vance

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