BW/KB Work Capacity Session – NGNE, Week 3 / Workout 3

Since we have No Gym? No Excuse! on sale this week, I wanted to give you a sample workout from the program.

The way the No Gym? No Excuse! system is structured is, the first four weeks are a “base-building” phase, where you work on developing strength, conditioning, and all-around fitness ..

Then in the last nine weeks, you pick up the intensity, take your fitness to the next level, and rotate thru workouts like this one.

PLEASE keep this in mind – because a workout like this is much more effective in this context, rather than a one-off effort.

But, this sample workout will hopefully give you an idea and feel for No Gym? No Excuse!


BW/KB Work Capacity Session – NGNE, Week 3 / Workout 3

- Run 1/4 Mile (OR – bike / jump rope / jumping jacks for equivilent time – approx 90 secs)
- 10 Burpee
- 15 Squat to Overhead Press

Do as many cycles of this sequence of exercises as you can in 15 minutes.


Work capacity is, quite simply, the ability to perform work.

This determines your level of fitness.

Which will, in turn, determine your level of preparedness – when it comes to sport, physical activity, and performance in every day life.

This simple workout is a tremedous way to both test and improve this quality.

As you’ll see when you get your copy of and start going through No Gym? No Excuse! – looking good AND performing great is a core tenant of the system.

We are having a special sale on the program this week to celebrate the birth of my new daughter, and to help pay for all the expenses that come with a new addition to the family.

So try today’s sample workout, and see how it goes.

I think you will be surpised at how hard it is!

Then, use the link below to get the full No Gym? No Excuse! system:

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Train hard, talk soon -

- Forest Vance

PS - My lifetime mission is to help 5 million people around the world achieve good health and live a better life.

Making high quality programs like No Gym? No Excuse! available at a low cost is one of the ways I’m getting started on making this happen.

This $10 sale makes No Gym? No Excuse! accessible to almost everyone:

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PPS - Here are some highlights of what you’ll discover in the 96 page No Gym? No Excuse! manual:

– WHY we train, and how you can get the VERY most out of your workouts
– Why RECOVERY is so key to consistent progress
– How to make sure you NEVER hit a training plateau again
– What “functional” training is, and why YOU should be doing it
– The five essential components of a training program
– Two exercises you can use to test your OWN flexibility and core strength, quickly and easily
– Flexibility and mobility basics
– My top four core exercises to get a shredded six pack
– How to use jump training for explosive power and superhuman conditioning
– The “big six” strength moves that everyone needs to learn
– A two-phase, twelve week program to build a strong, flexible, and conditioned fitness base … and to take your strength and conditioning to the next level!
– How to get optimum results in minimum time with your cardio programming
– A full rapid fat loss meal plan to cover ALL your fitness bases and help you reach your ultimate training goals

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