No Gym? No Excuse! Baby Sale


We are having a special sale this week on Forest’s original flagship training system – No Gym? No Excuse! – to celebrate the birth of his new baby, and to help him pay for all the expenses that come with a new addition to the family:

=> No Gym? No Excuse! Baby Sale

Forest has been talking a lot lately about his mission to help as many people as possible to achieve good health and live a better life.

So we thought, what better way to do that than to make this program available at a super low price for a limited time!

As you likely know, most of Forest’s training programs are sold at a considerably higher cost. But this $10 sale makes No Gym? No Excuse! accessible to almost everyone.

Plus, at this price point, it makes our goal of selling 200 copies of the program – and raising $2000 to help pay for Forest’s medical expenses and other costs – very obtainable.

This is a full 12 week training system that you can use to get an incredible workout anywhere, with or without the gym.

Here are some highlights of what you’ll discover inside (in Forest’s words, from the main sales page):

- WHY we train, and how you can get the VERY most out of your workouts
- Why RECOVERY is so key to consistent progress
- How to make sure you NEVER hit a training plateau again
- What “functional” training is, and why YOU should be doing it
- The five essential components of a training program
- Two exercises you can use to test your OWN flexibility and core strength, quickly and easily
- Flexibility and mobility basics
- My top four core exercises to get a shredded six pack
- How to use jump training for explosive power and superhuman conditioning
- The “big six” strength moves that everyone needs to learn
- A two-phase, twelve week program to build a strong, flexible, and conditioned fitness base … and to take your strength and conditioning to the next level!
- How to get optimum results in minimum time with your cardio programming
- A full rapid fat loss meal plan to cover ALL your fitness bases and help you reach your ultimate training goals

If you are a fan of Forest’s workouts, we highly recommend that you take advantage of this special. You are getting full 12 week training system, and reference manual you can use for years to come, for just $10.

=> No Gym? No Excuse! Baby Sale ($10, this week only)


- The FVT Team

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