Muscle – Building Cardio? (NOT what you think)

Should you do cardio if you’re trying to build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Yes …

… and no :)

Here’s the thing.

Too much “cardio” can tear down muscle, and make you smaller and weaker.

But not doing ANY will lead to accumulating extra fat.

It all comes down to taking the right approach to lose fat and build muscle at the same time.

It’s explained in detail in this article:

=> How to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle with 16 Minutes Per Week of Running

Joe LoGalbo – testosterone hacker, former “low-T” victim, and obstacle racing performance specialist – has come up with this body transforming “Cardio Solution”.

His ideas are SO powerful, because the truth is, the way most people run or jog is not a great long-term exercise solution.

But Joe’s program is VERY different.

You see – we do sprints – the way Joe does them in this program – at FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training.  And I can confidently say that this is the missing ingredient that when added into the program took our client’s body transformation results to the next level.

Read more and check it out for yourself:

=> Muscle – Building Cardio? (NOT what you think)

One last thing.  If due to injury or any other reason, you think running is not for you -

“Sprinting” can be done in many ways.  It can be done on a bike. It can be done indoors. It can be done by sprinting in place.  It can even be done on an upper – body ergometer.

Joe breaks down the details of these “alternate” sprinting methods in his article – so I encourage you to check it out for yourself:

=> How to Burn Fat and Gain Muscle with 16 Minutes Per Week of Running

But the bottom line is, keep an open mind :)

Have a great day, train hard, and talk soon! -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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