Best Stretch for Tight Hips

Hard training can lead to tight hips.

Spend the day sitting, and the problem quickly becomes worse.

Enter the “Couch Stretch”.

Dr. Kelly Starrett invented – or at least recently popularized – this awesome move.

It’s one of the best stretches for tight hips.

And maybe the best part – you can get it done while you’re watching your favorite TV show! 🙂


– Start by standing in front of a couch
– Put your back knee on the couch and keep your front leg on the ground
– Put your back foot up against the back of the couch
– Point the back toe
– Squeeze your glutes, and the glute of the up leg in particular, to stabilize your lower back and correctly position the hip joint
– With the butt squeezed, dril the front of the hip towards the ground
– Work on this daily for at least 2 minutes per side

Try doing the Couch Stretch daily for a week – two minutes each leg, each day – and pay attention to the change you can create.

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

PS – For tight hips, I also recommend you check out this routine:

=> How to “unlock” your hip flexors

It outlines a complete program you can incorporate into your fitness plan to loosen up your hips, reduce pain, and get you moving better.

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