5 Technique Tips for a Bigger Deadlift

Congrats to Team FVT on a job well done at the 11.13.16 Sacramento Spartan Sprint!

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We trained together for eight weeks leading up to the event, and I think it really paid off.

The course distance was about five miles, but there were 20 or so obstacles … which means there was as much picking up heavy objects, climbing over walls, and swinging from monkey bars … as there was running.

And this is why the STRENGTH portion of our training program was just as, if not MORE, important than the conditioning.

We did a lot of different things in the training … one that was new though, and that I think helped a LOT … was deadlifting everyone for the first 1/2 of the two month program.

Several folks commented on how they felt it helped get them stronger and increased their confidence on event day.

Deadlifts are a GREAT lift.  They are one of the best, if not THE best, exercise(s) you can do to build total body strength.  And they have a lot of application to MANY different training goals.

That’s also why they are also a staple of HOLIDAY GAINZ (I am extending the intake period for this pilot program – details and how to inquire copied at the bottom of this message).

But they are also HIGHLY technical … and you need to make sure your form is solid before jacking up the weight and really going for it on the lift.

So check out the tips below, and implement them today for safer AND stronger deadlifts!

- Forest


5 Technique Tips for a Bigger Deadlift

1 – Get your back flat.

Your shoulders should be down and back, your back flat, and your upper back tight and positioned right over the bar on your set up.

2 – Set up with the bar right above the middle of your feet.

When you reach down to grab it with your hands, your shins should end up touching it.

3 – Take the slack out of the bar when you set up and get ready to lift.

This will feel a bit like you’re pulling up on the bar and driving your feet into the ground at the same time. Another way to think about it is like you’re wedging yourself between the bar and the ground.

4 – Stick with the double overhand grip for as long as possible.

At some point, when the weight gets higher, you’ll have to switch to the mixed grip. But the double overhand grip is most symmetrical and easiest on your body.

5 – The bar path should be straight up and down.

NOT around your knees, out in front of your body, etc.



The Holidays are the BEST time of year to switch your training goal from fat loss to muscle building. You’ll effectively utilize those extra calories, and feel less stressed about having a few bites of pie!

So I’m starting a “Holiday Gainz” pilot program, and I’m looking for a few specific people who want to build muscle during the Holidays.

This will be a six week, small group coaching program where I work with you closely to help you gain strength and lean muscle through the Holiday season. I’ll give you the exact workout plan to follow, and I’ll give you personal coaching / attention / tips to help you make the fastest progress possible.

So if you:

— Are looking to gain strength and/or muscle mass
— Can commit to training 3x per week for the next 6 weeks
— Have access to (or can get access to) a basic barbell set up, a couple of kettlebells, and a pull up bar
— Are friendly and coachable

Reply to this message and let me know.

** I am extending the intake period through this week – lots of inquiries still coming in, and in fairness I want to make sure to consider everyone who is interested in the program. **

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