4 Technique Tips for a Bigger Bench

Holiday GAINZZZ is in full effect!

We are kicking off this 6 week pilot program on Monday, and I am SUPER pumped.

(If YOU are interested in getting in on the fun, we still have spots left – more info HERE)

One of the lifts that we will be focusing on is the bench press.

Now a lot of people bench … but they don’t realize the just how important technique is when it comes to lifting more weight.

Take my client Sarai for example:

FullSizeRender (10)

6 months ago, she was barely hitting 95 pounds (a 25 pound plate on each side) for sets of three …

Working on the lift consistently, getting stronger overall, and just as importantly, refining her technique … she hit 135 for two sets of three this last week.

Great stuff Sarai – keep it up!

Okay – here are 4 technique tips to for a bigger bench:

1 – Make sure your feet are in a stable and solid postion. Exact placement is up to you … but you want to be able to put all of your energy from the legs and hips into driving the bar up.

2 – Hop down into a push up position … don’t even think about it … and make a note of where your hands are. This is a good rule of thumb for your grip / hand width while benching. Also, be sure to use the rings on the bar as “land marks” – so that you can be consistent with the same grip width every time.

3 – Your back should be arched and kept that way during the entire lift. The arch should come from your thorasic spine, NOT your lower back. Also very important though – your butt must stay ON THE BENCH the whole time.

4 – The bar should touch at the bottom of the rib cage. And the path should be more or less straight up and down. A lot of people bring the bar way too high as it comes down to the chest – but again, think bottom of the rib cage as a rule of thumb.

A lot of people bench press. But they don’t realize the just how important technique is when it comes to lifting more weight. These 4 training tips will help you bench more, AND do it safely.

Put them into practice at your next workout!

And if you are interested in getting my help with building muscle over the next 6 weeks, check out the Holiday Gainz pilot program HERE.

Keep training hard, talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Barbell Instructor

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