More Pull Ups in 30 Days – Your Complete Plan

We’ve been talking about Obstacle Course / Mud Run Training for the last few days.


A CRITICAL part of doing well in these events is being able to do things like jump over walls, swing from monkey bars, and climb ropes …

And in addition to actually practicing the activities listed above, doing a variety of different types of pull ups – and getting good at them! – is HUGE in getting you in top shape for race day.

Now I know that pull ups are something a lot of folks struggle with.

So I’ve put together a 30 day plan to help you get better at them.

This is important – you must follow it EXACTLY as outlined. It may seem simple … but if you don’t follow it to a “T”, it won’t work.

It is NOT just “doing lots of pull ups”, as some have commented on skimming it, and not actually doing it :)

It is a specific schedule that you must follow for best results.

All that being said – check it out:


More Pull Ups in 30 Days – Your Complete Plan

1 – On day one, do one all-out set with perfect form, and see how many pull ups you can do.

It’s very important to do this and establish a baseline number for yourself, so we can test at the end and see how you’ve improved.

2 – For 30 days, “practice” your pull ups frequently (3-5 times per week, do a couple sets of chin ups or pull ups).

You can do these any time – at the beginning of your current workout routine, between sets of other exercises, at the end … if you have a pull up bar set up at your house, you can even just hop up and crank em out at any point during the day.

3 – Do NOT go to failure! Always leave a rep or two “in the tank”.

This is important. A lot of folks, in an effort to do more pull ups, get to the point where they are going to failure at EVERY session and are always trying to beat their personal best. DO NOT do this. We are training the nervous system with this method, and part of the idea is to train your body NOT to fail and to do reps with perfect form. IF you go to failure, this method will not work.

4- Mix it up from day to day.

Some days do standard pull ups. Some days use band assistance / a slight jump assist w your feet on a box / etc and go to higher reps. If you are strong enough, some days do weighted pull ups and work in a lower rep range. Mix up your grip – pull up, chin up, parallel grip, etc.

A good idea would be to keep a log of exactly what you did on each day, so that you can make sure to switch it up each time you do your pull ups and keep things balanced out.

5- At day 27 or 28, REST and STOP doing pull ups completely for two or three days.

6- Re-test at day 30 and see how many more pull ups you can do in one all-out set!


Whether you have an Obstacle Course Race or Mud Run coming up … or you just want to get better at doing pull ups … this is a solid plan to follow for the next 30 days.

Would love to hear how it goes for you if you try it!

If you DO have an OCR or Mud Run event you’re prepping for, be sure to also check out Mud Run Domination:

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And have a great one -

- Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

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