OCR Training – Where to Start (2 simple HIIT workouts inside)

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At the end of the day, fat loss, increased strength, and improved overall health are likely the primary fitness goals you’re after.

And we can accomplish these goals with consistent, intelligently designed workouts and clean eating.

Simple. Not EASY .. but simple :)

That being said – having something to train FOR – like an Obstacle Course Race (OCR), for example – can be a GREAT motivator for a lot of folks.

What we find is that in the PROCESS of training for an event like this, you end up being more consistent with your workouts, eating cleaner to fuel your training, and taking better care of your body in general. And by doing all these things, you end up losing fat, getting stronger, and improving your overall fitness level.

So if YOU are considering doing an Obstacle Course Race or Mud Run of some kind, I have a simple plan for you to get started.

If you are already doing full-body, high-intensity, kettlebell / bodyweight – based workouts, you are on the right track. You probably have a nice base of fitness built up already.

But one thing that may or may not be a part of your workouts now is running. And this is something you’ll need to do at least a little of if you’re looking to do an obstacle course race.

It’s also a great way to get in better shape and burn some extra fat at the same time – even if an obstacle course race or mud run isn’t in your plans for the near furture.

So – let’s say you are doing three boot camp – style workouts per week right now, on Monday / Wednesday / Friday.

A SUPER simple – and super effective! – way to add running into the mix, and get started on your obstacle course race training, is to do a short, 20-30 minute interval run on Tues / Thurs – like this:


(run/walk interval workout 1)

– 5 min walk to warm up warm up
– 2 mins jog/run (as fast a pace as you can maintain for 2 mins)
– 1 min walk (recovery)
– repeat interval 5 times total
– 5 min walk to cool down


(run/walk interval workout 2)

– 5 min walk to warm up warm up
– 30 seconds run (shorter interval, so faster pace than the example workout above!)
– 30 seconds walk (recovery)
– repeat interval 10 times total
– 5 min walk to cool down


Losing fat, gaining strength, and improved overall fitness is probably what you’re after.

But having an event to train FOR – like an obstacle course race – is a great driver to bring you to your goals.

Try incorporating some interval runs into your workouts, like the ones outlined in today’s article, if you’d like to get started on your training.

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

PS - Later this week, I will be putting up the training plan we used at FVT to prep for the recent Obstacle Course Race we did as a team.  Stay tuned!

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