Boost Your Test by 20% With This Simple Movement? (takes 2 mins)

Here’s something I think about every day – when I get up in the morning, when I get ready to lead a group through a workout, before I start my own training session …

If you act strong and think strong, you will most likely feel strong. 

This dude agrees:

Seriously though – when it comes to improved posture, there is real science proving a positive chemical reaction in the body.  A study by graduate students at Harvard and Columbia University concluded that displaying a power-pose absolutely had effects on how the body functions.  It was found that high-power posers experienced elevations in their testosterone levels (about 20% on average) with decreases in cortisol levels. This also increased their feelings of power and tolerance for risk, while low - power posers exhibited the opposite pattern.

In other words, if you’re slouching with your head down and arms closed off, chances are your feelings of self-confidence and power are at rock bottom.  You don’t feel like a winner, and therefore you won’t be a winner.

Holding a power-pose will boost muscle building testosterone levels, lower your stress causing and fat storing cortisol levels, and increase your feelings of power and risk.  All of those traits are vital to achieving peak physical and mental performance.

This is why if you’re an athlete looking to perform at a high level, you always maintain a strong posture showing your opponent or onlookers that you’re ready and up to the challenge.

This is not just for show, there are real hormonal implications involved.

So how do you carry yourself?

When you walk into a room, into the gym or on the field, do you stand tall and confident with your head held high, shoulders back and chest forward?  Or do you look down at the ground with your neck bent forward, back rounded and arms crossed?

Maybe you never gave it much thought before … but now that you know how critical this “power pose” is, it’s time to act.

The study found that by holding a strong, powerful posture for just 2 minutes, that it had tremendous impact on the subject’s physiological, psychological and behavioral state.

Here’s How to do the Movement and Quickly Get Yourself into a Position of Power:

NOTE: You can do this movement from a standing or seated position.  Example below based on seated.

– From a seated position, first tilt the pelvis forward creating a slight arch in the lower back which immediately helps to raise the chest.
– Then pull the shoulders down and back with your arms at your side.
– Next, lift the head and slightly tuck the chin making yourself as tall as possible.
– From this position you should now feel your back, glute and abdominal muscles working to hold you in this strong alignment.
– Begin by just holding this position for 5-10 seconds at a time and progress to holding it up to 2 minutes.

To sum up, holding yourself in a position of power is not only great to increase your feelings of self confidence and strength … it can actually help you boost muscle – building testosterone levels as well.

So start acting strong and being strong – and you most likely will BE strong.

Want to increase your testosterone even more? Use this morning routine of 10 exercises to boost confidence, improve breathing and increase your energy & T levels.

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Certified Personal Trainer
Master of Science, Human Movement

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