Unusual Tip ☺ – How to Burn The MOST Fat During Your Workouts

Yesterday, I sent you a message about a new method that can help you burn up to 20% MORE fat first thing in the morning.

However …

I received a few messages BACK asking exactly how the whole process works.

I wanted to break it down for you and explain further today!

So, when you sleep every night your body produces growth hormone, which is one of your TOP fat-burning hormones…

It flows throughout your body, attaches to your fat cells, and basically “shrinks” them.

Production of growth hormone rises a bit while you’re sleeping, and continues when you wake up.

However, when you eat, production of this fat-burning hormone comes to a halt, and your body starts producing insulin instead.

Your body can only produce one of these at a time.  It’s either growth hormone or insulin, not both.

Now, when you do short total body workouts, your body produces even MORE growth hormone, which is why you can get amazing results in only a few minutes.

When you do these short workouts, your body is FLOODED with fat-burning hormones …

And it RAPIDLY boosts your metabolism, so you keep burning fat for up to 24-36 hours AFTER your workout is over.

So if you combine the overflow of growth hormone that’s produced while you sleep, then add in an extra boost from the short burst workout, your body starts melting away fat at an extremely fast rate, and …

Since your body already burned up all the carbs and sugars from dinner the night before, all you have left to burn is …


Now, if you eat breakfast before your workout, you can still get good results.

However, if you want the BEST and FASTEST results possible, you’ll take advantage of this fat loss loophole and start using pure fat for fuel instead of carbs or even
worse, your lean muscle tissue.

The best part is, it only takes a few minutes in the morning and you’re set for the rest of the day!

And if you’re already following a workout program, stick with it and you can add in a Morning Burn before work to get DOUBLE the results WITHOUT adding an extra
hour or more to your workouts.

Use This Fat Loss Loophole to Burn PURE FAT First Thing in the Morning

Hopefully that sheds some light on how this whole process works.

And no … jogging, using the elliptical, or going for a walk will not produce the same incredible results. They don’t engage your entire body, and they don’t ignite your fat-burning hormones at the rate that these short-burst exercises do.

That’s it for now – have an awesome day, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance

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