How I Lost 64 Pounds in 7 Months (meal plan inside)

Shortly after the end of my football career, I lost 64 pounds over a 7 month period.

fv before and after

Eating like I was still working out four hours per day … in combination with hardly working out at ALL ;) … and I had ballooned up to 310 pounds.

I saw a picture of myself, and was completely disgusted.

Plus, I was just SO tired of lugging around all that extra body weight, and feeling generally like crap.

So I set out a plan for myself … I worked out 6 days per week without fail … and my diet was DAILED.

I planned my food for the week meticulously … I logged my food (and actually had to write it down and look everything up – things were harder in the days before
smart phones and nutrition apps!) … and stuck to the plan until I hit my goal weight.

I more or less put the plan I used to do this into my Performance Nutrition Diet course … but in case you don’t have that, I thought I would share with you a sample
day of eating, and what I actually did to lose the weight.

FYI – now my diet is similar but I have a bit more leeway because I’m just trying to MAINTAIN, rather than get into a DEFICIT and lose. I pretty much do the same
thing, but allow myself a couple more “cheat” meals per week. And that’s actually worked great to KEEP the weight off over the last 11 years.


7AM -

spinach or other greens
apple or banana
splash of whole milk

10AM -

protein powder (I prefer a plant-based one these days, like hemp or pea)
coconut oil
assorted frozen fruit

1PM -

salad w lots of assorted veggies
black / kidney / garbonzo beans
olive oil and vinegar dressing

4PM -

baby carrots

7PM -

assorted veggies
yam or brown rice


Not too bad, right?

I think this plan is very do-able … and most importantly, if you get the portions right and you stick to it, it WORKS.

If you want the full outline of my 30 Day Performance Nutrition meal plan, 7 days of sample meals, and much more, you can get my Performance Nutrition Diet plan FREE
for the next couple of days. Here’s how:

Just grab your copy of Fighter Abs 2.0 through THIS link, email my assistant at, and she’ll send you your free copy of the Performance Nutrition

I wanted to include the program as a bonus to Fighter Abs 2.0 because, well, I feel that diet is SO, SO key when it comes to getting the lean, toned midsection you’re

That’s it for today – train hard, and talk soon!

- Forest Vance
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

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