Interview with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet (part 2)

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Yesterday, I shared part 1 of an interview I recently did with Chad Howse, author of the Man Diet.

Today, we’re back with part 2 – Chad hooks us up with two sample structures to how you’d eat in the run of a day with the Man Diet.


Would you be kind enough to provide maybe a sample day of eating, some nutrition tips, etc that are based around your diet – so that my readers can get an idea of what they’re in for? 🙂

Alright, so below are two sample structures to how you’d eat in the run of a day with the Man Diet.

Veggies are “free”, in that you can consume them as often as you like. Off days have lower calories than training days, as well as lower carbs. Within the diet we give you what proteins and fats and “low carbs” or carbs or “slow carbs” to fill into the diet.

Sample Daily Timeline for Non- Workout Days

9am – FIRST Meal Protein + Fats (low carbs)

1pm – Meal Protein + Fats (low carbs)

5pm – Meal Protein + Fats (Slow carbs)

8:30pm – LAST Meal Protein + Fats (Slow carbs)


Sample Daily Timeline for Workout Days

9am – Testosterone Meal Protein + Fats (low carbs)

2pm – Testosterone Meal #2 Protein + Fats (low carbs)

5pm – Workout

6pm – Post Workout Shake (high carbs)

6:15pm – Recovery Meal (high carbs + proteins)

7:30pm – LAST Meal


A few tips:

1 – Vitamin D3 blocks aromatase (a precursor to estrogen). It also “frees” testosterone that’s bound to a protein.

There are two kinds of testosterone: free and bound. “Free T” isn’t bound to a protein, and scientists think that it’s the only form of the hormone that truly matters as it’s free to move around the body and repair tissue.

2 – Body fat opposes testosterone. Dietary fat aids it.

This is largely why you should actually cut before you bulk. When you cut your body fat you lower your estrogen levels (body fat is highly estrogenic) and increase your insulin sensitivity. Both things lead to leaner, more successful gains in the future.

But dietary fats are actually the building blocks for testosterone. Your body converts the cholesterol we get from fats into testosterone in our testes. Without cholesterol in your diet you’re not going to produce optimal testosterone levels.

The best example is vegetarians vs carnivores…

Vegetarians can have high T levels, where they lack, though, is in “free T”, which has been shown to be 14% lower than their meat eating counterparts.

Thus, eat meat. Eat fat. In the Man Diet we show you how, why, and when to use natural, whole foods to help you produce the most powerful fat loss and muscle building hormone in your body.

It’s also the most powerful sex hormone in your body, in case a physical transformation isn’t motivation enough.


That wraps up this two part interview series with Chad Howse, author of The Man Diet.

If you enjoyed this two part interview with Chad, you can learn more about Chad’s Man Diet and get your copy now by clicking HERE.

Train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

PS – If you missed part one of this interview series, you can check that out HERE

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