“Ideal” Arm / Waist Measurement Formula

This is kind of cool.

Matt Marshall – author of How To Build A Classic Physique – has a section in his book that actually shows you EXACTLY what stats and measurements you need to achieve
in order to get a “classic physique.”

What is a “classic physique?”

Well, if you check out this info page you’ll see plenty of examples.

But basically it’s a lean, muscular and athletic physique like the athletes and bodybuilders of long ago. NOT like today’s bloated bodybuilders who can barely get up
a flight of stairs without hacking up a lung.

Anyway, if you want to get a classic physique Matt has a formula for figuring out how much muscle you need to gain or how much fat you need to lose to achieve the
classic ideal.

Here it is:

Step #1) Measure your wrist.
Step #2) Add 10 inches to your wrist measurement to get your ideal arm size.
Step #3) Double the result from step #2, and then subtract 2 inches to get your ideal waist size.

So… if your wrist measures 7 inches around in Step #1, then your ideal arm size will be 17 inches. (7 +10= 17).

If we double that (17×2 = 34) and then subtract 2 inches (34-2) we get 32 inches.

So if your wrist measures 7 inches around, you need to strive for a 17 inch arm paired with a 32 inch waist to achieve what’s known as a “classic physique.”

Pretty cool, eh? Definitely gives you a “hard target” to work for.

If you’re interested in Matt’s system for building a classic physique, check it out right away HERE, as the special discount price is set to expire shortly. I give it my highest recommendation! ;)

- Forest Vance

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PPS - If you are interested in discovering how to build a lean, muscular and athletic physique WITHOUT drugs, then you’ll def want to give this a look:

=> How To Build A Classic Physique By Matt Marshall

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