How to Build a “Classic” Physique

I got a review copy of a book from a new friend of mine, Matt Marshall, called “How to Build a Classic Physique.”

This book is innovative, surprising, groundbreaking, even a bit radical!

Matt talks about diet and training techniques used by old-time strongmen to build muscle … WAY before the invention of steroids … that got them physiques like the one pictured above.

He speaks of things like:

– Eating late and skipping meals, on PURPOSE
– How drinking alcohol, eating fatty foods and red meat can actually HELP you reach your goals
– NOT wearing sunscreen when you go out in the sun

And many other controversial ideas and concepts.

I wanted to share a short section of the book with you that resonated with me – let me know what you think:


Excerpt from:
How to Build a Classic Physique
by Matt Marshall

” … if research tells us that pre-historic man lived long, healthy lives – free of modern diseases – and if our genetic foundation is still nearly identical to these
early day humans … then doesn’t it make perfect sense that we should do our best to imitate their diet and lifestyle?

Using the “day in the life” example from above, here are few characteristics of modern man that we can strive to imitate:

1 – They got plenty of sleep

With no artificial light or technological distractions, early man slept when it was dark and probably napped frequently as well.

2 – They did plenty of walking

While we spend much of our time slumped at a desk or glued to the couch, early man walked to get around.

3 – They sprinted daily

Sprinting is one the single best activities you can do for health and fitness. And clearly early man spent plenty of time sprinting.

4 – They lifted heavy things

Put a big rock in the middle of a group of young men and in just a few seconds an impromptu weightlifting competition will break out. So it’s easy to see how
prehistoric man would find ways to lift heavy things during the day.

5 – They push/pulled/dragged heavy things

This is another great conditioning exercise and clearly early man did his share of pushing, pulling and dragging.

6 – They ate a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet

They had little stress. Sure, there were tiger attacks, food shortages and wars with other tribes. But they didn’t have the kind of day-in day-out round-the-clock
gnawing stress we deal with today.”


Great stuff. I agree with what Matt is saying here 100%.

In his book, “How to Build a Classic Physique”, he lays out his somewhat controversial, but VERY effective, training, nutrition, and lifestyle plan, based on the principles above.

=> Learn How to Build a Classic Physique here

At least check out what Matt has to say at the link above – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

That’s it for today.  Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance

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pop over grab your copy now if you want the best deal! ;)

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