Barbell Back Squat Technique Tips

Barbell back squats ROCK for getting big and strong.

For putting on RAPID mass – not just in the lower body, but on your ENTIRE frame – they are hard to beat.

They were a staple of my personal training program for years. I did a set of 15 with 405, and over 600 pounds for a single in my prime.

I say this not to brag, but to qualify myself for giving you training advice on the movement ;)

Nowadays I blend basic barbell lifts with KBs and body weight training for the best of ALL worlds … but I feel that folks who have the mobility and strength to┬áhandle back squats, and whose goals include strength and mass, should include back squats in their programming at least some of the time.

In today’s video I share some basic technique tips that will help you keep the exercise safe, while at the same time allowing you to handle maximum weight, and get the┬ámost training effect from it that you possibly can:

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Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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