Must-Try Barbell Complex Workout

kb body weight hybrid workout
Complex training is hard. It will make you very tired.

Once you’ve experienced a very tough complex – based workout, you might even cringe just at the thought of doing another one.

BUT – if you’re looking to:

– lose fat
– gain lean muscle
– get into great condition
– do it in a short amount of time

This training style is tough to beat.

So are you up for the challenge?

The concept is stringing together several different exercises without resting betwetween them. They are a very fast and time-efficient way to get a workout. You get a TON of work done in a short amount of time.

Take the workout below as an example from Challenge Complexes. You’re going to end up doing 36 reps WITHOUT SETTING THE BAR DOWN … which takes probably 90 – 120 seconds … it’s some serious hard work! BUT – that’s a big part of also what makes it so effective.

Also – the workout below is done with a BARBELL … complexes can also be done with both dumbbells and kettlebells. (Click HERE for lots more complex workout ideas.)

Challenge Complex Workout 2 – Six by Six

- Choose a weight that you can use for ALL exercises
- Try not to put the bar down throughout the set
- Rest up to one minute between
- Do 6 reps of each
- Do 4 to 6 rounds total

– Bent over row (hinge at the hips, keep that back flat!!)
– RDL (stands for Romanian Deadlift – back flat again, drive the butt back and load up those hamstrings)
– High pull (same hip hinge motion but make sure to keep the bar close to the body and snap the hips to get it up)
– Front squat (elbows up!!)
– Push press (hip drive to get that bar off the collar bone – you shouldn’t have to start pressing ’till the bar is past your eyes!)
– Burpee with push up (hands on OR off the bar for this one)

A workout like the one above could be used in a few different ways. The way I like to use complexes primarily is as “finisher” at the end of a workout. So you would do your general warm up, do the strength portion of your training, and then finish off with a complex like the one above (or any of the 34 other BB/DB/KB complexes you’ll find in the Challenge Complex program).

You could also use a complex like this one in place of your cardio training, if you’re recovering well between workouts and feel like you can tolerate it.

To sum up, complex training – where you string together several different exercises without resting betwetween them – is a great tool for rapid fat loss, lean muscle gain, and getting into great cardio condition. You can do them with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. And you can use them both as tough ways to finish off your workouts, or even in place of your current cardio routine.

Start incorporating complexes into your workouts today and start seeing the benefits right away!

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

PS - For 34 more barbell / dumbbell / kettlebell workouts like the one in this article … plus a complete framework for incorporating them into your training for rapid fat loss and lean muscle gain … check out the full Challenge Complexes program HERE!

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