Toughest 10 Minute KB / DB Workout of 2014?

Got a guest post for you from my friend Kate Vidulich today.

She’s got a CRAZY workout for you today from her 1000 Calorie Accelerators program.  I would even go as far as to say that if you take this one seriously, use perfect form but at the same time push each exercise as hard as you can, it could very well be the toughest 10 minute KB / DB workout of 2014!

- Forest


5 tough exercises (you should totally do)
by Kate Vidulich, author, 1000 Calorie Accelerators

Strength training is the gift that keeps giving. You burn calories during your workout. And you also burn more of them for hours following while you rest.


So to get faster results, you should just work harder and burn more calories, right?

But there’s a catch. Your body adapts … and you have to be more creative to get the results you want, especially when training for fat loss.

I know you LOVE challenging workouts and exercises, so here are 5 moves you should totally be doing to burn more calories. Warning: these are not for the faint of heart or beginners.

Here we go …

Exercise #1: Mountain Climbers on TRX or Gliders

Let’s be honest. Regular bodyweight mountain climbers are not the toughest of moves. But add the floor gliders or TRX and you’ve got a whole different animal on your hands! Not only do my boot campers hate this move – so do I.

But hey, it will get you sexy results in no time flat.

This exercise requires solid core strength and helps to develop power in your legs. Think horizontal sprinting.

Now try 4 minutes of 20:10 intervals (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest and repeat for 8 rounds)

Did your body your body just say, “Are you bloody kidding me?”

Yeah, mine too.

Exercise #2: Walkout (with Variations)

This exercise may look easy… But no judging.

The hand walk out to plank is a totally underrated exercise. It teaches your abs and lower-back muscles to play nicely together, and also develops strength and stability in the shoulders while creating a “metabolic flush” – meaning the blood is shunted from your legs, to your upper body and back to your legs again in quick succession.

The cool thing is, you can combine the walkout and add different exercises and make it even crazier.

One of my favorite variations to love/hate is the walkout to cross body mountain climber.


Exercise #3: DB Thruster

This powerful, explosive exercise is not for the faint of heart.

You can count on this total body move to boost your power and torch calories at the same time, while targeting muscles in your legs, hips, shoulders and core.

This will boost your afterburn so you continue burning calories long after your workout.

But I catch people doing this wrong all the time. Here’s a tip when doing DB or barbell thrusters:

(i) Hold the weight in front of your shoulders, with elbows bent.

(ii) Take 2 seconds to lower your hips until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

(iii) Push back up, press the dumbbells overhead until your arms are straight.

(iv) Lower the dumbbells shoulder height as you immediately descend into the squat for the next rep.


Exercise #4: Burpees

Sure, this one has been around for donkey’s years. But there’s good reason why it stood the test of time and you STILL find people rocking it.

You can burn over 12 calories per minute using the world’s best 3-second bodyweight exercise. And you will in amazing shape fast!

Add a push up into the equation, if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

But don’t let me catch you twerking … keep your butt down, ok?


Exercise #5: Kettlebell Swings

This move rocks – if you get the technique right.

You want to generate most of the power in your hips, and fire your glutes hard to pop the kettlebell up to eye level. Avoid going all the way overhead, or you’ll lose the muscle engagement in your lats.

And don’t be afraid to grab a heavy bell, either. You can do it champion!

What do all these exercises have in common?

You’re using more than one muscle group – actually a ton of muscle groups – so you skyrocket your heart rate, metabolism and continue burning calories long after your workout ends.

Want to seriously boost your afterburn? Put these exercises in to super circuits.

You will burn calories just looking at this… ;)

=> See the Toughest 10 Minute KB / DB Workout of 2014? video demo here

Get 1,000 Calorie Accelerators here

The Plan:

Circuit 4: Fat Loss Accelerator

- Do as many reps as possible in 45 seconds with perfect form

- Rest 15 seconds between exercises

- Repeat for 2 rounds (10 minutes total)

4A) Walkout to Push Up

4B) Ski Jumps

4C) Prisoner Reverse Lunge (alternating)

4D) Squat Thrusts

4E) KB or DB Swings

This circuit is from 1,000 Calorie Accelerators System (Elite level) and designed for advanced folks only. But even if you’re not advanced, you can still rock this
program at beginner or intermediate level.

In the program, you’ll do a dynamic warm up, followed by a tough Ab Accelerator, a metabolic resistance training circuit and then do battle with this density fat loss

Get the entire 1,000 Calorie Accelerators System here

Burn more!

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, Master CTT

Author of 1,000 Calorie Accelerators System

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