5 Tips to Crush Your Next Mud Run

We recently put together a team to train for a mud run at my Sacramento training facility. The event was a physical and mental challenge for our team but it turned out to be really fun too. Part of the reason our team was successful was because we had been training consistently with a program I put together.

The program included six days a week of mud run specific workouts. We did everything from heavy lifting and carrying odd objects around the block to running and interval training. There were a lot of great takeaways from the training program but once we actually completed the mud run I realized there were many other tips that I could share with other aspiring mud runners. So here are 5 tips to help you crush your next mud run. I hope you enjoy them.

* I put together a “Mud Runner’s Manual” program based on the training we did for this event … and you can get it free this week … keep reading for details at the bottom of this post

1 – Take Preparation Seriously

Folks do get injured at these events – there’s no doubt about it. But if you prepare correctly, you’re way ahead of the game …

DON’T be the guy who signs up with his buddies, plans on training but really doesn’t (aside from running a couple of miles a day two weeks before the event) – and ends up breaking an ankle or dislocating a shoulder in the first obstacle. If you’re not in decent shape already and prepared to train hard, don’t sign up. It’s just not worth it.

2 – Get Mentally Tough

These mud runs are often more mental than physical. For example, in one of the recent events we were at, we saw a women trying to get over a 15 foot quarter pipe again and again unsuccessfully. She might not have been in the best physical shape, but she was determined to get over this obstacle. On about her 10th attempt she finally made it over with the help of her whole team pulling her up. The whole crowd was cheering for her persistence when she finally made it. That was just a good example of mental toughness and someone who was determined to be successful.

You might come across obstacles in a mud run like freezing water, electrical shock, or other elements you might not have ever been exposed to before. Sometimes people face a mental barrier in these new situation but you
have to get tough and push yourself to a level you may not have pushed yourself to before. So how do you do this? By training hard, exposing yourself to different uncomfortable elements, and pushing yourself to a new level. Train with a group or a partner for motivation, get a personal trainer, or do whatever you need to do to get mentally tough before the event.

3 – Strategize Ahead Of Time With Your Teammates

Most events will tell you what obstacles are included or at least give you an idea of the types of obstacles you may face. It’s important to strategize ahead of time with your team for each obstacle. This is most important if you have a teammate that might have difficulty with an obstacle so you can figure out how to get through it. For example, if you have someone who is claustrophobic and one of the obstacles is crawling through narrow pipes, you should assign a partner with that person who can help coach them through on event day. Or if someone isn’t comfortable in the water and there is an obstacle that requires swimming, make sure a teammate who is a good swimmer can partner with them and help them through.

Strategizing also helps when you have obstacles that require teamwork like climbing over high walls. Figure out who might need a boost over, so that person can climb over the wall first. Or if the event requires someone at the top of the wall or quarter pipe to help others up, you obviously want your strongest person helping the others so they would go first in that case.

If you aren’t on a team and you are doing the event by yourself, it’s still a good idea to strategize. Visualizing yourself making it through each obstacle will mentally prepare you and set you up for success.

* I put together a “Mud Runner’s Manual” program based on the training we did for this event … and you can get it free this week … keep reading for details at the bottom of this post

4 – Train For The Elements

If you do all of your workouts inside the comforts of a gym, you won’t be prepared for adverse weather conditions come event day. So as mentioned before, train in the water, train outside in the heat and the cold, run in the rain, etc. Try to forecast what the conditions might be like based on the time of year and location where you’re doing your mud run and try to train in those conditions if possible.

Also, think about what the terrain might be like. If there will be hills, train for them. If you live in a flat area, set the treadmill on a steep incline at the gym. If there will be rocky conditions, it’s important to train in that type of terrain versus only doing road running.

5 – Run!

Mud runs these days range anywhere from three miles to over ten miles. So your running should certainly be specific to the event you’re training for.

Just make sure you’re conditioning yourself and working up to longer runs with some type of program. Don’t just show up on race day and expect to run 10 miles if you haven’t been training. Even though the events are broken up with obstacles and it’s not usually continuous running, your body still needs to be conditioned to the impact and the distance.

Okay, hope those tips help in your mud run preparations. Got a mud run coming up? What are YOU doing to prepare?

Train hard, and talk soon -



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