FULL “Lean Body” BB/DB/BW Workout (upper/lower split)

I am getting ready to head out to San Diego for the RKC II this weekend.  Been training hard on my weighted pull ups, presses, pistol squats, snatches and a lot more … and I feel prepared. It should be a lot of work, but also a great learning experience, and a lot fun at the same time.I have been both a participant and assistant at various RKC events in the past (I am actually going back for re-certification for the RKC II this time around).

Besides the rigorous testing standards (100 snatches w a 24k KB in 5 mins, weighted pull ups, 88 lb strict one arm KB Military press, among other things), it is quite the beat down, physically. It’s something like 25 hours of training crammed into a three day stretch. They don’t call it the “black belt” of kettlebell certifications for nothin’ ;)

SO, my body will need a break come Sunday afternoon. I will be taking it easy on the workouts next week for sure.

But then, I plan on getting “back to basics”, and actually working in some more traditional barbell/dumbell training. I’ve been hitting the KB and body weight training hard for the last six or eight weeks, and it will be good to change it up.

Thought it would be cool to share with you a sample of the kind of workouts I will be doing. Something for you to model, if you are looking to incorporate this type of training into your routine.

“Lean Body” BB/DB/BW Workout for Lean Muscle (upper/lower split)
from Jason Klein, author, the Lean Body Guide

Upper Body

Bench Press 4×10
paired with
Low Row 4×10

Glute Bridge Floor Press 4×10
paired with
Strict Pull-Up 4×10

BB Press 3×10
paired with
Prone Iso-Ab (plank) :30 hold
Lower Body

Front Squat 4×10,8,8,8

Deadlift 4×10
paired with
Forward DB Lunge 4×10

DB Single Leg Squat 3×10 (each leg)

Prone Iso-Ab (plank) – hold as long as possible!
- do upper body workout on day 1, lower body workout on day 2, rest, repeat cycle starting day 4
– do some HIIT cardio training two or three times per week (like the workout I take you through in THIS video)
Alright. That’s it. Basic, simple – but deadly effective. I’m off to get ready for my trip.

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

Forest Vance


PS - IF you have any questions about this plan.  Like exactly what some of the exercises are.  How to perform them perfectly, so you get the most benefit, and stay injury-free. How your nutrition should be structured for maximum results.  Etc.

Your best bet would be to check out the full program the workout above came from – the Lean Body Guide -HERE.  Thanks!

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