“Myofibril Zone” Bicep Curls (new video)

Some “gurus” will tell you to NOT train arms directly, that they get plenty of work from things like pressing, pull ups, etc.

This is fine in theory. But in the real world, for most folks, if getting bigger and/or more defined arms is a goal, you need some direct work.

I’ve tried laying off the direct arm work myself, and frankly did not like the results. I want to be in great shape and feel great and feel healthy and all of that, of course.  But I also want to look like I work out.  And part of that, for me, is having arms that are relatively lean and muscular.

I think you should be doing a bit of direct arm work, too.  So I put together a video for you that shows how to do “Myofibril Zone” bicep curls.

These will HURT – just a fair warning – but they are awesome for creating some serious muscle damage and sparking new growth.

Check out the video here:


If you like the video, make sure to take a peek at the full 14-Day Muscle Mass program. The technique I use in the video above is actually directly from one of the workouts.

The full program is based around a little-known method for gaining LOADS of mass in a 14 day period. I did this program myself actually about 15 years ago and it rocked – I think I gained 6 pounds in 14 days. It was crazy.

It includes the workout, meal plan, supplement guide and everything else you need to get “huge in a hurry” ;)

Check out 14-Day Muscle Mass here (1/2 off discount expires tonight)

That’s it for now. Train hard, and talk soon -

Forest Vance

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