Lean Body Revolution Sample Workout

2014 is just hours away – or maybe it’s already here, depending on where you are in the world :)

I have a great 15 minute body workout for you today that you can knock out before you get on with tonight’s festivities.

This workout is from my friend Jason Klein’s Lean Body Revolution program … he’s got some interesting exercises for you to try, like:

- Lumberjacks
- Mountain Ab Climbers
- Sticky Squats

And more.

Best part, this workout is 100% equipment free … so you can do it literally anywhere. No excuses! :)

See the workout below:

Lean Body Revolution Sample Workout


Train hard, and Happy New Year!

- Forest

PS - Jason has his Lean Body Revolution program on sale until midnight tonight – if you enjoy the workout above, you can learn more about the full program here

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