Single KB 12 Minute Circuit Workout

Got a “guest” workout for you today from a new friend of mine, Ashley Drummonds.

I recently met Ashley at a business meeting in Las Vegas. The thing about Ashley is that she’s all about intense and heavy lifting – but she also maintains a lean and toned physique. She’s NOT big and bulky.

This is the messge I drill into my own female clients on a regular basis – that intense and heavy lifting is the way to make REAL body comp changes, and that you WON’T get big and bulky because of it.

So when Ashley offered to share a sample workout with FVT readers, I took her up on the offer right away – because I knew that we shared many similar training philosiphies. Enjoy today’s workout -

- Forest


Single KB 12 Minute Circuit Workout
by Ashley Drummonds, author, Bikini Body Fat Burn

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Forest at our event last week in Las Vegas with lots of other health and fitness professionals who our all experts in their niche.

I am a firm believer in strength training and incorporating weights into a regular routine for fat loss and after hearing about Forest’s kettlebell program I was pretty intrigued and ecstatic when he mentioned putting together a kettlebell circuit as a guest post!

Kettlebell workouts are one of the best ways to get a total body workout that activates your core in every single exercise! You can combine strength, cardio, and abs with the right routine that allows you to put some compound movements into one fat burning circuit.

The awesome thing is with the workout I put together for you guys (you’ll get to see it in just a sec) both beginners and advanced fitness levels can modify the circuit so that everyone will get a fast and effective workout.

Another awesome benefit about the kettlebell training is that it can also be used at the end of ANY one of my Bikini Body Fat Burn workouts in place of cardio on a piece of equipment! As a matter of fact, I actually finished up my lifting routine by performing the circuit in this video for you guys in place of other types of cardio and I definitely felt it all over!

If you do not own kettlebells or do not have access to them at a gym, you can substitute the kettlebell with a dumbbell or really anything that’s fairly heavy like a water or milk jug (you laugh, but it still works and I have had to improvise with some workouts). Ok, enough talking – let’s get to it.

The workout consists of 4 kettlebell exercises that are to be performed back to back with no rest in between like a circuit. If you are a beginner you will perform 12 reps of each exercise for a total of 3 rounds through the entire circuit. If you are intermediate to advance you will perform 20 reps of each exercise for a total of 5 rounds through the entire circuit. Here is the circuit:

Kettlebell Swing – 12 reps beginners/ 20 reps advance

Kettlebell Squat- 12 reps beginners/ 20 reps advance

KB 1 Arm Row- 12 reps beginners/ 20 reps advance

KB Sumo Squat to High Pull or (SDHP)- 12 reps beginners/ 20 reps advance

Choose a weight that you are most comfortable with, but will still challenge you to push out those last few repetitions in the set. Perform that circuit 4x through as I demonstrated in the video!

See the great thing for you guys is that any friend of Forest’s is a friend of mine and what do friends do? They help each other out! So right now, any of Forest’s friends will receive Bikini Body Fat Burn at a ridiculous price that is too low for me to offer normally, but I have no doubt you will benefit from it and I trust that you would enjoy incorporating it into your kettle bell routines!

=> Grab Ashley’s Bikini Body Fat Burn program at your special “friends of Forest” price here

Try out the workout and let me know what ya think! Trust me it isn’t easy and if it is then you are slacking and you need to up the weight of your kettlebell ;) Have fun guys!


Awesome! Thanks again for sharing Ashley.

Train hard, and talk soon -

Forest Vance, MS, RKC

=> Grab Ashley’s Bikini Body Fat Burn program at your special “friends of Forest” price here

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