Workout Finishers 2.0 Sample Workout

I just shot a quick video walk-thru for you of one of my favorite workouts from my friend Mike Whitfield’s new Workouts Finishers 2.0 program.  Enjoy!

- Forest


Workout Finishers 2.0 Sample Workout

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(video recap)

Today I have one of my favorite workout finishers for you. I’m going to run you through how to do it. This is a great one that I use myself at the end of my personal workouts and I also use it at my kettlebell bootcamp classes all the time. All of our campers love it!

We’ve got four different exercises. We’re going to start off with seven shuttle sprints. We’ll go from those sprints to 11 decline triple stop push ups. I’ll demonstrate how to do these exercises in just a second.

Third, you’re going to do seven goblet step ups and then you’re going to do eleven squat thrusts to finish off. So this called the 7-11 Finisher.

The first exercise is your shuttle sprints. These will be a pretty short shuttle sprint, usually I’d go a lot longer. This is at least ten yards. So that’s seven shuttle sprints to start off with.

Then you’re going to do eleven decline triple stop push ups. So the feet are going to be up and your body is in a nice straight line. Do eleven of those!

Seven goblet step ups. The kettlebell is in the goblet position like you are sipping your favorite drink. Step up, stabilize at the top and bring it back down. Seven of those on each leg.

Then we’ve got eleven squat thrusts which is a burpee without the push up or jump.

So there you go. The 7-11 Finisher. Like I said, it is one of my favorites.

If you like this workout, it is from my friend, Mike Whitfield’s full workout finishers program. There is a link below this video where you can check it out and you can actually get a special deal on it. PLUS – a free awesome bonus from me if you grab it this week.

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