Free DB Complex Workout

Got another free workout for you today -

This one is from the No Gym? No Excuse! DB Complexes for Fat Loss program.

DB complexes are a great compliment your existing training. They are:

- TOUGH – and I know you like a challenge :)
- Metabolically demanding – a short 20-30 minute DB complex workout will rev up your “fat burning furnace” for the rest of the day
- Just different and fun – which is SUPER important to keep you motivated and consistent with your workouts!!

Here we go:

Intermediate Dumbbell Complex #3

8 DB Squats
8 DB RDL’s
8 DB Squat to Presses
8 DB Renegade Rows

Do three to five rounds total.

- important note #1 – you would BEST use a workout like this in the context of a progressive, 12 week system – like you’ll find in the full No Gym? No Excuse! Dumbbell Complexes for Fat Loss program

- important note #2 – if you’d like to see a video demo of the workout above, here is a video walk-thru for ‘ya:

That’s it for today! Hope you’re having a great weekend, train hard, and talk soon -

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

PS - Only one more day to get your special deal on the full No Gym? No Excuse! Dumbbell Complexes for Fat Loss program – click HERE to grab it now

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