Morning Metabolic Motivator

I want to share something with you really quick today. I’ve been incorporating this “thing” into my personal routine for the last couple months, and it’s making a HUGE difference in my energy level and mental focus throughout the day.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that if I DON’T do it now, my day just isn’t the same.

It’s basically a whole routine I go through that incorporates some mental motivation exercises and a host of other things … but also a big part of it is doing a short burst of activity first thing in the morning.

Watch the video below for a full breakdown of the routine, and a “morning metabolic motivator” sequence you can try out for yourself:

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Video Recap

I’m going to share a “morning metabolic motivator” with you today in this recent program that I just tried out called Metabolic Mayhem. It’s from my friend Ben Teal. He’s actually got this program on sale this week so click the link below and check out the full program after this is over if you want.

So basically with this particular one, you do what we call a “reverse ladder”.  You are going to do five pull ups. Then you do five mountain climbers. Then you’re going to go with four pull ups and four mountain climbers, then three pull ups and three mountain climbers. Then two of each and one of each.

It’s probably going to take you three to five minutes. If you also worked in some joint mobility and static stretching afterwards, and especially if you work in some motivational reading and even some visualization it’s going to be a great, well rounded routine for you to start off the day.

I’ve been doing something much like this for the last couple months. It has given me so much mental focus and so much energy and I think a spike in metabolism … and I’m doing this in addition to my regular workout.

Try this morning metabolic motivator. If you liked the idea and you want to check out the full metabolic mayhem program, click the link below this video and learn all about it:

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