Full-body Circuit Fat-Destruction Home Workout (works with kettlebells or without)

Got a guest article for you today from Canadian friend Jackie Burgmann.

This workout is cool because it works both with AND without kettlebells. Plus, she’s got some unique and fun exercises in this one that I think you’ll really like.


- Forest


Killer Home Workout Circuit (works with kettlebells or without)
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of the “Hot at Home” Transformation Solution

One of the greatest things about working out at home is that you save tons of time in your busy schedule that you otherwise would have had to spend on commuting, waiting for equipment or suffering through boring conversations with other gym members that are only there to be social.

I’m a huge fan of the home workout and have been keeping myself in tip top shape in the privacy of my tiny city apartment livingroom for years now. It’s efficient, effective and fun … but best of all, there’s no curious eyeballs on me watching me screw up when I’m trying to learn a new technique or exercise I just discovered (or invented! LOL).

I’m honored that Forest has invited me to share one of my newest ‘no gym’ workouts with you (and because Forest is a very good friend of mine, I’ve got a special surprise for you at the end of this article).

If you’re also a fan of getting it done at home away from prying eyes and time-sucking commutes and other hassles, here’s a workout you can do that will help you burn some fat and build some muscle without ever leaving the house … no matter how small your workout space is.

The cool thing about this workout and the rest of the “Hot at Home” workouts is that they are very versatile. They’re designed to be used with dumbbells but there are so many exercises in each workout that also work with kettlebells that you can incorporate your kettlebells into them any time you want if you so choose.

If you have kettlebells and want to use them, GO FOR IT. If you don’t own any kettlebells yet, don’t worry because dumbbells will work just fine. The substitutions are explained in detail at the end of the workout. So, choose your weapons of fat destruction and let’s get to work!

Depending on how much time you have or how intense you want to get, choose to go around this circuit 3 – 4 times around this circuit, no rest between exercises, rest 1-2 minutes only between each round.

To make it even more intense, skip the rest between rounds and just keep cranking until you’re all the way through. As a matter of fact, I double dawg dare ya to get it done without stopping once!


Full-body Circuit Fat-Destruction Home Workout

Warm-up by doing this exact circuit at HALF the weight you would otherwise choose for your main workout. For push-ups, perform them from your knees or with hands on a bench or ledge and for inverted body rows, pull from seated position rather than resting on your heels).

Warmed Up and Ready? Good! Let’s Rumble!


Traditional Push-ups – 10 reps

One Arm Snatches – 10 reps each side (do all reps on one side first, then switch sides)

Triceps Plank Push-ups – 10 reps

High Pulls – 10 reps

Inverted Body Rows – 10 reps

Side Plank Snatches – 10 reps right side

Lunge Curls – 10 reps each side (alternating sides)

Side Plank Snatches – 10 reps left side

Jump Squats – 10 reps (sub weighted goblet jump squats if you’re very advanced)

Front Plank Spiderman Crunches – 10 reps each side

One Arm Swings – 10 reps each side (do all reps on one side first, then switch sides)


You can sub kettlebells for One Arm Snatches, or One Arm Swings or even High Pulls. And depending on what size kettlebells you have available you may even be able to sub during Lunge Curls.

You can even sub kettlebells or dumbbells in for the Inverted Body Rows if you don’t have a bar or suitable ledge from which to perform body rows.

In fact, if you’re a huge fan of kettlebells and want to sub them in for as much as possible go ahead and sub in Turkish Get Ups for the Side Plank Snatches if you’d like (x 2 reps per side, not 10… I’m not THAT sadistic! lol).

Whichever way you choose to work it, this full body circuit will hit every muscle group in your body and give your cardiovascular system a run for its money at the same time. Scorch fat and build muscle and get it done fast.

The cool thing about my “Hot at Home” workouts is that you can sub out tons of the exercises for KB exercises, just like you did in this workout if you want. You’ll never let your kettlebells collect dust with these workouts. Or, if you don’t have kettlebells, just go ahead and use your dumbbells. As long as it’s heavy and you’re working hard you’re going to get a killer workout, every time.

Since Forest and I are good friends he’s convinced me to slice the price of “Hot at Home” in half just for a limited time. I don’t do this as a general rule, but of course I couldn’t say no to Forest (how do you say ’no’ to a friend?).

Unfortunately, I’m not able to leave this offer up forever and I am only offering this to Forest’s tribe for this limited time. So, if you’re looking for some fat-destroying workouts that you can do in the privacy of your own home and that you can choose whether you want to use kettlebells or dumbbells (or both) then head over to THIS page to find out more about what you get in the “Hot at Home” program.

Enjoy the workout. I won’t be offended if you swear at me a few times during the 3rd or 4th time around the circuit, I promise!! LOL


The cool thing is that all of Jackie’s Hot at Home workouts are versatile like this, so whether you’re a KB enthusiast or not, these workouts will help you burn fat and get fit fast.

Don’t forget: right now Jackie is offering “Hot at Home” at 50% off JUST for MY friends ONLY, just because I asked and because we’re friends. It’s a major deal and isn’t being offered to anyone else.

Check out the special page she put up for us to grab it at this super-special price here:

=> “Friends of Forest” Hot at Home 50% off special

Don’t delay, because I’m pretty sure she can’t afford to leave this deal up for long (in case others hear about it and she has to offer it to everyone). So, get in there now before she has to take it down.

Okay! That’s it for today. Thanks for reading, train hard, and talk soon -


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