10 Minute Time-Volume Metabolic Shred Circuit

This is Metabolic Shred Circuit C from the Metabolic Mahem program – done “time-volume” style.

It might look easy on paper, but try it exactly as described. It’s probably a little different than workouts you’ve done before – and also probably harder than expected :)

I personally LOVE this time-volume approach to programming … but to be honest, I just often forget about it when putting workouts together.



10 Minute Time-Volume Metabolic Shred Circuit

DB goblet squat
DB bench press
DB chest supported row

Do 10 reps each of the DB goblet squat, DB bench press and DB CS row “on the two minutes”.

This means that if you start on minute 0, and it takes you 1 minute to do all 30 reps (10 or each exercise), then you have 1 minute to rest before minute 2 triggers the next round.

If the exercises were to take you 90 seconds, you’d have only 30 seconds of rest before the next bout.

Complete 5 rounds.


Again, this is a GREAT way to set up a workout, and I highly recommend it … especially for igniting the metabolism, burning fat, and getting a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

Thanks, have a great day, and talk soon -


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