Memorial Day KB/BW Workout

Enjoy your Memorial Day party, BBQ, or whatever else you may have going on – but don’t forget to take a moment and thank a veteran for his or her service.  We don’t do it enough – and that’s what today is really all about.

Now, you very well be enjoying some cheat foods today, or other stuff that’s off of your normal eating plan.  That’s why I’ve “cooked up” a special Memorial Day workout for you.  Hit it up before the party starts to burn a few extra calories …


Memorial Day KB/BW Workout

  • Start with two exercises – kettlebell swings and push ups.  Do 25 reps of each, 20 reps of each, 15 reps of each, and 10 reps of each, alternating back and forth between exercises.  Take as little rest as possible.
  • Next, move on to pull ups or inverted rows and KB goblet squats.  Do these two exercises in the same fashion as you did the two exercises in the last set.
  • Now you’re going to need two kettlebells of the same size – you should be able to press them over your head comfortably about ten to twelve times.  Start with a 20 yard farmer’s walk with the weights at your sides.  Without setting them down, do 10 bent over rows.  Again, without setting them down, walk with them another 20 yards.  Clean the KB’s up to shoulder height.  Do 10 double front squats.  Walk another 20 yards.  Do 10 double KB presses.  Walk another 20 yards.  NOW you can set them down ;)  Repeat one to two more times for a total of two to three rounds.
  • Finish with some high intensity intervals.  Run, bike, etc. for ten rounds of 30 seconds of all-out intensity alternated with 30 seconds of recovery.

That’s it for today.  Don’t forget to thank a veteran for his or her service.  Enjoy the day’s festivities, and hit up this workout to help you burn a few extra kcals before the big party.

Train hard and talk soon -

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

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One Response to Memorial Day KB/BW Workout

  1. James says:

    I feel guilty now because I always take the day off when it’s a national holiday, and usually end up stuffing my face. Great workout though.

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