20 Minute Home-Based KB/BW Workout


Yep, that’s me.  Three over from the right.  I walked a full mile in those bad boys yesterday.

The picture above is of me and my Walk a Mile in Her Shoes team members.  Walk A Mile in Her Shoes is an international event in which men embrace the opportunity to raise awareness about the serious causes and effects of sexualized violence. I joined over 500 other Sacramento, CA business leaders, elected officials, students and more to run, walk, and/or limp a full mile in high heels shoes.

The event was a great success.  We raised a total of over $200,000 as a group.  I also have a new found respect for women who walk in high heels shoes on a regular basis! :)

Moral of the story, and why I am even sharing this with you … I expected to be super sore today. I walked around in those crazy things for maybe 30 mins before the event, led our team through a warm up in the heels (which included squats, burpees and jumping jacks – see below) – and even participated in a push up contest afterwards at the bar where we were celebrating a job well done (THAT‘s a story for another day … )


Interestingly however, today, I am really not sore at all. And I’m convinced that the biggest reason for this, is the difference in my approach to training now, vs. how I used to.

Back in my high school and college days, I took a much more “traditional”, bodybuilding-style approach to my workouts. I would train with both free weights and machines, and largely focus on training specific body parts. I DID get strong, and better at the specific moves I was doing … but looking back, there wasn’t a ton of real-life carry over. In other words, I never felt like my strength in the gym helped much in the real world.

This has totally changed in recent years. Now I train all of my muscle groups at once, and focus on athletic-based movement patterns, rather than isolating specific muscle groups.

I feel prepared for whatever life throws at me nowadays. I am strong, and in great condition, at the same time. And the end result is, I can do things like play a pick up game of basketball, or run a 5k, or walk/jog a mile in high heels, or whatever else I like to do – and be in great shape to do it!!

To be a little more specific about how I program my workouts these days, and to show you what I am talking about here, I thought I would break down the training session I did for you this morning.

(This workout, BTW, is from my friend Shawna Kaminski … she has a new program coming out this week that takes you through short, intense, home-based workouts like this one … and the program is in FOLOW ALONG VIDEO format.  Very cool. I’ll have more details on that coming for you very soon.  Stay tuned.)

20 Minute Home-Based KB/BW Workout

  • KB swing (35 seconds)
  • spiderman push ups (35 seconds)
  • goblet switch lunges (35 seconds)
  • pull ups (35 seconds)
  • sit outs (35 seconds)
  • plank hold (35 seconds)

Repeat circuit five times, with seven seconds of transition time between exercises.

So, that’s all I got for ‘ya today. Training like this is THE way to go, if you’re looking to change your body, get into great overall shape, and be ready for whatever life throws at you. Hope you enjoyed today’s post, and talk soon -

Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

PS - If you enjoyed the workout in today’s post, stay tuned for a new program coming later this week with workouts like these in follow-along video format. And if you’d like first news of when it’s available, make sure to sign up for my email newsletter by dropping your name and best email address into the box at the upper right of the page!

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