Burpee Modifications

Last time, we covered some “unique twists” on the kettlebell swing.

(If you missed that post/video, be sure to check it out here.)

To continue with the same theme, today, I have another video for you – with some unique twists on the burpee.

Check it out:

Video Recap

Hey, Forest Vance from FVT Boot Camp in Sacramento, California here. I’ve got a few burpee variations for you today. This exercise is kind of tricky for a lot of my clients … so you obviously want to work up to where you are doing a full on burpee as smoothly as possible with no breaks, no getting your feet stuck on the way back and the way forward on the push-up. It takes a little while to work up to that full burpee especially if you are still kind of building up your fitness level so I’m going to show you a couple different progressions.

The first most basic progression of the burpee. You can put your hands on the floor or you can even elevate them on something. You are going to go hands down, take a step back, hold in your push-up position for a second, step forward and stand up. One of the tricky parts is when you get to putting your hands on the floor. When you put your hands on the floor it takes a little bit of flexibility and takes some core strength. When you elevate your hands that can make it even a little bit easier. That’s step one of your progression.

Step two you add a little jump to it. You can jump the feet back, jump them forward and stand up. Make sure you tighten up the abs and land in a good plank position. Jump them back, jump them forward and stand up.

Step three, add a little jump at the top. That’s your step three.

Once you have kind of mastered that with the hands elevated and I want you build up your core strength and your flexibility, go to the ground. Add your jump to the top. Then if you want to take it to the next level there are all different variations but the most basic variation that we use is adding a push-up to it. So the full burpee with a push-up ideally you just want to kind of jump onto the ground, lower down to the floor and then spring up and go up overhead.


Bonus 10 Minute Swing + Burpee Workout

Thought I’d throw this one in for fun – it’s one of my favorite 10 minute “do-anywhere” workouts – and it happens to consists of the two moves we’ve covered over the last couple of days, the swing and the burpee!

Have a quick look, try the workout, and let me know how ‘ya do:

(FYI – this workout is in the “style” of those you’ll find in the full 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge Home Study program)

Okay!  That’s all I got.  Incorporate these “burpee mods” into your programming today for increased results.  And keep training hard -

- Forest

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