3 Minute Kettlebell Workout?

Sometimes, you have the best of intentions to get your workout in …

But you oversleep, or something else comes up during your designated workout time, and your normal 30 or 45 minutes to work out is cut down to 15 or 20.

At this point, some folks will just give up. Do nothing. The workout does not happen, at all.

This, in my opinion, is a BIG mistake.

I think that it is very important to keep in mind, that SOMETHING is ALWAYS better than nothing, when it comes to your fitness program.

Even if you can only work out for a few minutes, if you have a short, intense workout on hand, you will still burn a few kcals, rev up your metabolism, and make some progress towards your ultimate fitness goals.

And that’s what the workout I have for you today is all about. It is perfect for these types of situations. It is SUPER short – but quite intense.

Without further ado – the 3 minute kettlebell workout:

1 - Do a quick warm up. Something like two rounds of the following exercise circuit, each move done for 20 seconds each:

body weight squat
plank hold
wall slide

2 - Do a few low-intensity sets of kettlebell swings, to get yourself in the “grove”.

3 - Set a timer for three minutes. Do as many kettlebell snatches as you can. You can switch arms as often as you like – and put the kettlebell down as often as you like – but the goal is to get as many as possible in three minutes. Use whatever strategy is best for you.

4 - Take about three minutes to stretch tight muscle groups to finish off.

Take this workout seriously, pick a proper weight, honestly go for max snatch reps in three minutes – and you WILL be smoked. Enjoy! ;)

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That’s it for today! Have a great one -

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, RKC II

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