#1 Habit of Highly Effective Dieters?

About twice a year, we do a rapid fat loss challenge at my Sacramento, CA personal trainer gym/fitness studio. It’s an individual and team – based event that’s about losing as much fat as humanly possible in 30 days … we provide a special meal plan, take participants through a series of rapid fat loss boot camp workouts, give away awesome prizes (we’ve got over $500 in cash for the winners this time around), and have a lot of fun in the process!

During these challenges, we learn a LOT of first-hand lessions about what works and what doesn’t for rapid fat loss.

One of the absolute biggest things we learned in the very first challenge – and that continues to  be a huge factor every single time – is that the most successful fat loss challengers almost always keep a detailed food log.  Today’s article explores this topic in lots of detail – I hope it helps you reach your ultimate fat loss goals faster and more efficiently:

3 Reasons You Need To Be Keeping A Diet Journal

If you’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle, or improve performance, you need to be keeping a diet journal. It’s one of the hands-down best ways to reach your fitness goals fast.

I personally try to measure and log my food for at least a few days out of every month to make sure I’m on track; in fact, I’m in the process of this monthly ritual right now … and it’s inspired this list of three reasons why you should do the same:

1. You’re probably underestimating portion sizes

There’s simply no way you know what ‘correct’ portion sizes are unless you measure them periodically. For example:

•Do you know what one tbsp of cream and/or sugar looks like?
•Do you actually know by ‘eyeballing it’ how much is three oz of deli turkey is?
•How much wine do you pour yourself when you have a glass?

Over the course of the days, weeks, and months, bigger-than-necessary portion sizes can add up … and keep you from reaching your fat loss goals.

2. You’re probably not eating as ‘good’ as you think you are

There’s no better exercise than keeping a diet journal to expose your eating habits for what they actually are. For example, you could easily:

•Be eating more processed carbs than you think you are
•Not drinking as much water as you think you are
•Eating out more than you think you are
•Eating less fruits and veggies than you think you are

Write down what you’re eating for a few days and, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know exactly where you’re at.

3. You’ll get a ‘bird’s eye’ view of your true eating patterns – and can more easily identify obstacles in reaching your goals

A lot of folks have just a handful of obstacles that keep them from reaching their goals. Maybe you sabotage yourself at night by snacking on crap. Maybe you have trouble eating much of anything early in the day – and end up making bad choices later in the day. Maybe it’s a convenience issue – you have a busy schedule, and planning ahead is your big challenge. By writing everything down, you can identify what the specific obstacles are in reaching your fitness goals – and more easily come up with some solutions.

In summary, whether you’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle, increase energy, or improve performance, it’s your diet that’ll make or break you in the end. Keeping a diet journal is one of the best things you can do to fine-tune your diet and make sure you’re on track. Get started with your diet journal today!

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5 Responses to #1 Habit of Highly Effective Dieters?

  1. Dennis white says:

    Sounds just like what I do with Weight Watchers. What ever you want to call it; it works!

    • admin says:

      Nice! That is right – and congrats on your success Dennis!


    • Joben says:

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