Learn the Kettlebell Basics

New to kettlebell training?

Intrigued by the dynamic, often ballistic KB movements that work the entire body and include elements of both strength and cardio – but not quite sure where to start?

This new article is for you.  It may seem simple on first read – but don’t let that fool you. Follow the simple plan I’ve outlined and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your ultimate fitness goals with kettlebell training.  Click the link below to see it now:


And one more thing –

If you like hard copy (vs. digital) books and DVD’s, I have a great limited-time offer for you … we’re holding a special at my Sacramento training studio, and have decided to pass the opportunity for savings online.  It’s a somewhat unique chance to get in-hand, PHYSICAL copies of a few different products of mine at a great price … check it out here:


That’s it for today – thanks for reading and talk soon –

Forest Vance, RKC II

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