5 Quick ‘n’ Easy Fat Loss Meals and Snacks

It’s Sunday night.  It’s been a great, fun-filled weekend – but your healthy eating efforts have gotten a little off track …

So you decide to start fresh and get back with the program on Monday.  Maybe you even do a little planning, grocery shopping and food prep for the week ahead.

Monday goes great!  You make solid food choices and feel awesome at the end of the day. But as the week goes on and it’s time for office cupcakes/happy hour/drive thru after work/etc., all your best intentions go out the window, you cave in, and you’re once again two steps forward and two steps back …

There are a whole bunch of reasons why your fat loss eating routine can get de-railed.  But I can tell you from both personal experience and observation of hundreds, if not thousands, of successful personal training clients, that lack of time is one of the biggest fat loss diet killers.  As in, you just don’t have the time to plan ahead/make healthy meals/whatever.

This is a very valid concern and obstacle.  But it doesn’t have to be!  Healthy eating can be quick, easy, and effective.  Here are five meal/snack ideas to get you thinking and prove my point:

1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 apple
~ 10 almonds

1 egg
1 corn tortilla
2 tbsp. avocado

3 oz. chicken breast
(unlimited portion) mixed greens salad
2 tbsp. olive oil & vinegar dressing

3 oz. deli turkey
1 apple
3 macadamia nuts

3 oz. canned tuna
(unlimited portion) mixed greens salad
2 tbsp. light ranch dressing

These meal and snack ideas were intended to get you started and thinking about easy ways to prepare healthy meals.  But, as you well know, there’s a lot more that goes into effective fat loss dieting.  Why not leave all the hard work to me and get started with a done-for-you meal plan you can begin today?  Click here to learn more:

=== >> 5 Minute Fat Loss ‘lite’

Thanks, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach


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