Super Basic Dynamic Warm Up

Maybe you’re running short on time … or maybe you’re just feeling lazy …

Whatever the reason, a warm up that takes 10 minutes or more, that includes SMR, joint mobility, and a dynamic stretch, while it may be ideal, may just not happen 100% of the time.

So – for those days when you can’t do your standard pre-workout prep for whatever reason – but still know you need to do something – I have for you a super basic dynamic warm up.  It’ll take you less than three minutes, hit all of your major muscle groups and have you feeling physically and mentally ready for the workout ahead.

Super Basic Dynamic Warm Up

Here’s exactly what to do:

  • box squat (with or without KB) – 12
  • ham/hip flexor stretch combo – 2 rotations
  • perform each of these exercises three times

And here’s exactly how to do it:

Thanks, and talk soon –

– Forest

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