Battle The Holiday Belly Bulge (black Friday special)

Do you accept your annual fat gain (‘winter layer’) as a fact of life – and just plan on un-doing the damage come the new year?

If you answered yes to this question, you’re not alone.

According to, the average person puts on one pound during the holiday season.  Sensational claims of five to tens pounds of fat gain turn out to be greatly exaggerated …

However, this is still bad news.  Here’s why:  according to another report in the New England Journal of Medicine, most people never lose that pound … which means the holiday season is a major contributor to midlife weight gain.

So what to do?  Over-indulgent meals, parties, office temptations and more abound.  And a busier-than-normal schedule typically leads to inconsistent workouts this time of year.

The solution is simple – a meal plan and workout schedule that’s designed to help you stop that winter layer in its tracks … one that can even help you lose some fat over the winter months.

This is where my Low Carb Holiday Fat Zapper Package comes in.  It’ll give you a complete low carb diet plan – along with a short and effective workout routine – to help you ‘flip the script’ this holiday season and make some serious progress towards your fitness goals.  And I’m offering it at a special introductory price this black Friday weekend … click the link below to check it out:



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