Strength/ Cardio Hybrid Workout Circuit

Imagine this:

You stroll into the gym.  It’s Monday around 6 pm … and the free weight section is swamped with meatheads.  You had your standard Monday bench press workout planned, but all the benches seem to be taken.  Instead of getting frustrated and walking out the door, you just chuckle to yourself and make a quick change of plans …

The reason you can inwardly laugh – instead of shrieking out in frustration – is because you’ve got a whole arsenal of workout programs in your brain available ‘on demand’ for situations like these … all thanks to 🙂

Here’s a new strength/cardio hybrid workout circuit for you … I actually busted this puppy out the other day at the gym when conditions were very similar to the little senario I outlined above.  You’ll end up hitting all your major muscle groups, get a little cardio effect and lift some heavy-ish weights at the same time.  Enjoy –

Strength/Cardio Hybrid Circuit Workout

begin with:

then move to:

  • reverse prisoner lunge
  • incline bench press
  • pull up
  • squat to overhead press
  • seated row

do 10 reps of all exercises, rest as little as possible between each move, rest about 1 min at end of circuit, repeat the entire thing three times

This workout is perfect for next time you need a quick full-body strength and cardio workout.  I hope you find it useful – and keep training hard


P.S. If you liked this circuit, I think you’ll be interested in the new kettlebell workout system that I’ve got in the works and is coming very soon … it’s based around a unique twist on kettlebell training that you’ve probably never even heard of.  Keep an eye on your email inbox for more details … and make sure to sign up for newsletter by dropping your name and best email in the box at the top right of the page to stay updated!

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  1. donna says:

    that’s the feeling I get every day but I’ve had enough coaching to get amazing workouts in any situation any facility. I’m going to try this workout Saturday! Thanks.

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