Inspirational Kettlebell Workout Videos

One great thing about kettlebell training is that you can do it almost anywhere …

One potential downside to this, though, is that a lot of folks working out at home, etc., end up going at it alone most of the time.  No training partner there to give that extra push, no up-beat gym environment to fire you up … so in this scenario, it’s easy to get stuck in a training rut.

Whenever this happens to me, one of the best ways to get myself motivated is to check out some cool training videos.

So I dug up some kettlebell training vids to get you fired up and inspired … just remember, these are for inspiration and motivation only.  In other words, don’t attempt any of this stuff at home :)

Kettlebell 1992 video 70lb kid Jerking two 35lb Kettlebells

Sergey Rudnev Performs Several Feats of Strength

Steve Cotter – 116 Repetitions In The Jerk At The Arnold Sports Festival

Keep training hard -


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2 Responses to Inspirational Kettlebell Workout Videos

  1. Sonya says:

    Sergey Rudnev Performs Several Feats of StrengthSickest video ever! Is this guy human?

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