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Lose Belly Fat, Tone Up, Be Healthy in 4 Simple Steps

Reaching your fitness goals isn’t complicated – in fact, it’s actually quite formulaic.  Whether you’re trying to lose belly fat, tone up, or just get healthy and improve your quality of life, your ultimate success boils down to 4 simple … Continue reading

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Strength/ Cardio Hybrid Workout Circuit

Imagine this: You stroll into the gym.  It’s Monday around 6 pm … and the free weight section is swamped with meatheads.  You had your standard Monday bench press workout planned, but all the benches seem to be taken.  Instead … Continue reading

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Inspirational Kettlebell Workout Videos

One great thing about kettlebell training is that you can do it almost anywhere … One potential downside to this, though, is that a lot of folks working out at home, etc., end up going at it alone most of … Continue reading

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Top 10 Kettlebell and Body Weight Exercises

Are you looking for short, effective workouts you can do anywhere? Do you need a workout that hits all of your major muscle groups, that combines all the elements you need (resistance, cardio, core, flexibility) into one? If you answered … Continue reading

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‘Weekend Special’ 8 Minute Arm Blaster

Functional training is great.  And in this context, ‘functional’ meaning training to improve endurance, strengthen your core, enhance general health and quality of life.  Most folks should be training this way almost all of the time. But there’s also something … Continue reading

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