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No Equipment Body Weight – Only Hotel Room Workout

I just got back from an awesome vacation … it’s easy to forget how important it is, when you work hard, to play hard! I always keep working out when I’m on a break – because I truly enjoy it! … Continue reading

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The ‘Golden Rule’ of Kettlebell Workout Design

Most folks seem to make one of two common mistakes when designing their kettlebell workouts: 1. They change their workouts up too much On a quest to fight boredom, keep workouts ‘fresh’, and because they think it’s the right thing … Continue reading

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Attack Injuries, Chronic Pain At The Root With ‘PreHab’

Imagine this: You tweak your back or pull a muscle.  You’re in pain, your normal everyday life is affected, maybe you even miss a day or two of work … So you treat the site of the injury.  You ice … Continue reading

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26 Tips For Optimum Health, Energy and Vitality

There are so many little details of workout programming and dieting that folks argue over – for example: Is low fat eating best for fat loss? Or is fat in fact good for you and even helpful for dropping weight? … Continue reading

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